Dharma people’s "Deo" problem

[] From geographical attention, Dover in the southeastern British is the most recent in the European mainland. Each British schoolboy can carry out more than 21 miles from Galai, France. But in the psychology of the British, Dover may be the most UK far away from the European continent – Dover is the UK, Dover is not Europe.

  For thousands of years, Dover is always the "first defense" in the UK territory.

Here, the British can feel their own British identity. Among the 40,000 residents of the town, more than 95% were born in the UK.

  More Buddha is the boundaries of the UK and the European continent, but it is also the link between them. Standing at the seaside, I saw a seas that Dove Dove. The ferry will stop next to several terminals extending in Dover Port, and a box truck is traveling out from their belly.

It is said that the largest ferry can be equipped with more than 100 trucks.

12 meters long containers on the car, there are more than 100 cubic meters. Every year, there are 2.1 million such containers to open a ferry in Dover Port, sailing on the other side of the British Strait, 17% of the British GDP, from more than 17% of the British GDP.

These trucks are like dense linear needles, and they are tightly sewing the UK with Europe.

  In life, Dharma people will talk about which city vacation and shopping in Spain are going to Spain. I will talk about it. A French neighbor. The first balloons on the English Strait leap, the first swimming crossed, the first plane leap, is the starting point or end of the Buddha.

  It is because Dover represents the British and represents the exchange between Europe. He is seen by the British "pro" and "suspected Europe", and it is the most symbolic "Holy Land", which has become two kinds. Frontier of emotional confrontation. Every time the UK is tense with the EU relationship, Dover will have gathering and demonstration, from time to time.

Recently, it is before and after the British referendum. In the previous year, "Deep" referendum, more than 62% of "Detead" is selected, 10 percentage points higher than the total data.

It lives here for 30 years of Dover District Parliament leader Morris’s "more Buddha puzzle" is very concerned: Dharma people can enjoy the convenience of European integration, from Eastern Europe’s immigrants under truck Refugees have not stayed in Dharma, affecting the life here, but why do you want to "de-Europe" so hope? "But strangely, these 上海千花论坛品茶网 people who offer the Europe" vote, no one is willing to talk about these in public cases. "Morris said.

  Duerto Town Changner Rex was published in the "Detertaine" results. He only disclosed the reason why he supported the UK to withdraw from the EU.

"I don’t want to be jurisded by other countries, my father has gone to a separate British British, I would like to make the British once again." He said, "Brussels (the EU headquarters) is really giving us some funds, but If you look at the bigger picture, we can get everything we want from the Central Government of the UK. "The economy may be the reasons behind the choice of moreover" Deteo ", they use the ballot to express the dissatisfaction of the current situation.

Walking on the high street of Dharma, you will find a special store that is closed.上海工作室新茶

Like the most seaside towns in the UK, Dover has enjoyed the brilliance of "resort economy" in the last century. However, with the increasing routes in the UK and Europe’s mainland in the 1960s, customs clearance is increasing and more and more Many Britles choose to go to Barcelona, ??Paris is like a vacation, shopping, because there is better sunlight, and the ticket is cheaper.

The English Channel Tunnel is also quietly murdering the ship’s shipping industry.

More Buddha did not fall. "Deutum" may be the revenge of Dharma, but they did not expect that "Deo" has brought more influence to the British. After "Deast Europe", Dover Port will become a transportation hub in the EU district and non-EU district, verify that the time of customs clearance will be greatly increased.

Some people calculate that if each truck clearance time from Dharma to Europe, the truck clearance time is increased, then they will grow in more than 17 miles every day, this is less than the distance from Dover to the strait. 4 miles, car exhaust and garbage abandoned along the way will be Dover’s nightmare.

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