After restarting the country, the Japanese epidemic can continue to be stable

The vaccination effect has emerged so far, Japan has experienced a 5-wave epidemic, and the 5th wave of epidemic, the number of infected people and the number of deaths have reached the peak in late July.

However, enter from mid-September, the number of new infections, the number of cases, a number of newly increasing cases, the number of new cases fell, and only 232 infected in the infected number of October 31, the new crown virus Del Tower poisonous plant is sudden " Mysterious evaporation. " There is an analysis that the Japanese epidemic has been rapidly stabilized, mainly five reasons: First, the factors that cause infection expansion disappeared, the second is that the medical crisis has changed people’s epidemic prevention countermeasures, and the third is that the number of visitors in the night is reduced, and the fourth is vaccination. The effect is displayed, and the fifth is the reason for the weather.

The above factors play different roles in the process of epidemic mitigation, but the most critical factors have achieved substantial progress.

According to Japanese media reports, Japan’s current end of the two-needle vaccination accounted for 70% of the total population, and the proportion of the elderly in 65 years old has reached approximately 90%.

Some industry experts are estimated here, from March to September this year, about 650,000 people from infection, and the number of deaths is roughly 7,200. The spread characteristics of the Japanese new crown pneumonia epidemic is a wide range of activities in the activity range, and the elderly infected the old man will make a collective infection in the pension facility.

After the vaccination, the trend of the expansion of the virus in the elderly infection was effectively controlled. At the same time, the effects of news media reported further appearing. By continuous exposure of medical infection, the sharp increase in medical resources, the medical resources have to be treated, and the best treatment of medical treatment, the best treatment time, Japanese national national national investment risk The consciousness of known attitude and vaccination has undergone fundamental changes, unauthorized access to the bustling block, unwaffined in the external drink and the people who will go out of casual entertainment.

The Japanese epidemic is improved, and there is a direct factor that cannot be ignored. That is to be late in Japan’s large-scale vaccination and other developed countries. Therefore, the current vaccine is still in the peak of protection against Japanese people.

The epidemic prevention and control stress still existed to Japan’s current epidemic prevention and control situation, and experts from the Japanese National Infectious Synthesis Institute are still cautious and optimistic.

They believe that the number of people in Japan has stopped decline, and there are slightly rebound signs; the Japanese physician president, the president of the Japanese, said that when someone thinks it has now fully released limited, even if the number of infections increases, as long as the number of deaths and severe patients No increased. At present, this idea is still too late. And Japan’s research personnel predict that as vaccine protection is reduced by time, and the relaxation of various social management measures, Japan may still experience a new wave of epidemic in mid-February next year.

In this regard, the situation in Israel, the British epidemic, is a good example.

It has been reported that Israel has been the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world. Under the fast vaccination, the epidemic tends to be gentle, from the highest daily new plus in February to two digits, and lasted for several months time. However, with the relaxation of social management measures and the decline in vaccine protection, Israel’s epidemic in June is resistant to fly, and the daily new has soared to 10,000 cases in September. This wave of epidemic regrested, thanks to the inoculation of Israeli reinforced needles. The UK will be relieved in a first step in Japan, and the recent epidemic also has a substantial rebound. BBA analyzed that in most Western European countries, the United Kingdom has released various epidemic prevention measures. Although the UK started vaccination time, the penetration of vaccines in recent months began to slow down, and the protection effectiveness of vaccines continued to subside over time. Japan’s other large epidemic prevention and control pressure is that winter people work in indoor closed space, life, etc., this is undoubtedly increased the probability and risk of infection, especially in December, with Christmas Near The resignation of the New Year’s new year, which causes the risk of viral spread due to personnel in contact.

Anti-rebound: The introduction of follow-up of follow-up should prevent the epidemic from re-emergence, the Japanese government will introduce the countermeasures.

First, inoculate the reinforcing needle. The Japanese government has decided to implement the new crown vaccine third-pin reinforced needle inoculation.

Japan’s Thickness Labor and province finalized a third-pin specific inoculation plan, and recently entered the implementation phase.

In the voluntary principle, anyone who has finished the second needle vaccine for more than 8 months, regardless of the age, gender can apply for a third needle vaccine.

Different from the first needle of vaccination, the third needle of vaccination does not preferentially face health care workers and severe patients as the first time inoculation, but considering the problem of low-illnesses and seniles, providing related physical status The certificate can be reserved as soon as possible.

The appointment of the inoculation phone can be dialed for free and make sure the line is smooth by increasing the number of calls.

At the same time, expand the size of the commutation, ensuring that people who want to vaccinate 上海会所论坛 can be inoculated.

The second is to accelerate the listing of Japanese domestic vaccines and "new crown tedings".

Japan Yanfei Pharmaceuticals will conduct clinical trials of new crown vaccines in this month, and plans to mass production in January next year.

At the same time, Japan’s "New Crown Take Pharmaceutical" will also be put into use soon.

According to Japanese media reports, new crown viruses developed by Japan Yanfei Pharmaceutical Company will be put into use in the next few months. According to this, this is a drug that can be orally in home, which has an effect on all viral strains currently appearing. The third is to expand the scope of application of new crown prevention drugs. The Japanese Housekeeping Labor Provincial Expert Team recently applied 上海黄埔品茶水磨 to expand the application of "antibody cocktail therapy" in patients with mild and moderate symptoms.

This is the first new crown prevention drug in Japan, although it is impossible to replace the vaccine, but it is primarily for patients with adaptors and invisible infections, and those who are not vaccinated or considered to be inoculated. . (Our reporter Ma Yu’an) (Editor: Zhao Wenbo, Zhang Wei).