Bailu Duu: Tourists in Tianma, Huanhuan Finger Fusion Spectrum New Articles

Tourists in Tianma hoses farmers integration spectrum.

"Tourists who come to Bailu Duu Summer to taste Tianma food in our store, watching the Tianma Meng Show, showing great interest in the Tianma growth environment, should have their requirements, we will take the tourists to the base, Let everyone go into the Tianma growth environment, experience the fun of harmony, they personally, gain themselves. "Bailu Dufu Flower Flower Mori 上海足浴发廊论坛Massa Dongshen Experience the shop Ownership Base of Tianma Planting Base ushered in a wave A wave of summer tourists.

In recent years, Bailu Du Duu is in depth, "Green Water Qingshan is the development concept of Jinshan Yinshan", and the "eight elements" around the industry will give full play to the advantages of forest resources and vigorously develop 上海水磨外卖工作室 the economy. Today, Bailuu’s ecological agriculture is continuously enriched with the "Windmill", agricultural research tourism, picking experience, agricultural sightseeing, and other tourism experiences, and agricultural sightseeing, ecological development, and promotion of tourism, agriculture. , Common development, farm bracing, and forest brigade are getting wider.