Bazhong 松江足浴会所 City Wine Mountain Nuke River Culture Fusion Development Demonstration Zone is set up

  On November 3, Bazhong City Wine Mountain Nuo River Wenxao Fusion Development Demonstration Zone (referred to as "Wenxin New District") The ladiered film is held in the vagus mountain, marking the official landing of Wenxin New District, Nancheng North Travel The space layout has been protothered, and the city breaks through the development of culturally supported the first industry.

  Wenxin New District is across the Nanjiang, Tongjiang 2 counties, 7 towns and towns, with a large number of people 1656 square kilometers, with a total population, and the scale is equivalent to a small county city.

The "management committee + company" leadership system under the leadership of the party’s work 松江大学城学生微信群 committee, the management system and the administrative regions are closely related to the management system. The new district focuses on the development of the cultural 上海品茶群 rearing industry, and strives to build a "two mountain" theory district, international leisure resort tourism destination and Chinese inland health blessings.

  In September this year, the International Collection Qualification Executive Executive Executive Executive Executive Examination will be held around the Wenxin District, a high standard of high-standard planning and conceptual planning and design. After 8 hours of repeated discussion, experts from 64 domestic and foreign conspired units and the consortium "five strong".

At present, the "Five" team has conducted the first site survey on the scenic spots and towns of the Wenxiong New District, and is preparing the next round of competition.

(Tan Xiaolong reporter Zhong Li) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].