Calculating the development of the business (new observation of cadre status, comprehensive promotion of rural residence)

Located in the Yellow River "a few" words Bay, the Khan Yanlier City, the Hengyan Autonomous Region of the Hengkui District, and the village party organizations have just completed the renewal. "For me, the first thing to be later is to find out, see the villagers’ needs." Yang Yong, the secretary of the new party branch of Xingfu Village, Linhe District, told reporters. In order to promote the revitalization of the country, Linhe District combined with the new village "two committees", in accordance with the requirements of the "support book, walk through the village group", the time organization launched the "big visit, promoting revitalization" work, with "sieve" The way the village is visible, "a village one policy", formulates account, and effectively solve the problem, and improve the ability of grassroots governance. Take the village "Targeting the needs of the masses, things are good", is the spring plow season, in the farmland in Wolf Mountain Town, Linhe District, only one excavator is working hard, flat land, renovation Road, digging the ditch … "According to the city arrangement, our village has completed high standard farmland construction, and the income of the villagers increased a lot." Looking at the scene in front of you, Yang Yong said. 1389 people in Xingfu Village, 69 party members, Yang Yong used 40 days, and I walked by home, and I asked in the field. In the visiting, Yang Yong found the problem of party members from the small things of "water-saving fees".

"In order to protect everyone can use water on time, even if there is a few people in the village to pay for water, the village group will also pay for it." Yang Yong told reporters.

He found that the party members of the village Han have arrears more than 10,000 yuan for 8 years, and they came to Han family, and they took a good water fee to Han. "Is there a water fee for 8 years, is it no money?" "" Nor, I feel no one, I want to take advantage of it. "" You are a party member, what to do, understand. "" I pay! "…" The water fee is the entry point, and we fully comb, solve many historical legacy issues.

Yang Yong said.

"The village garbage is not in time" "I want to make money, there is no need to go to the road" … After the entrance to the house, the party members brought back the villagers’ ideas. "From the opinions, we can find our efforts.

Yang Yong said with the village party members.

Next, rectifying a rural environment, establishing a mediation organization, and developing the village-level industry. "Aiming at the needs of the masses, things will be done." Soon, Yang Yong presided over the party membership meeting, divided the responsible area, and a party member contact a few people, and the upload of the policy. "Party members’ normalization contact service villagers, which is equivalent to the Village Branch set ‘information’ station, and there is a timely feedback, and the officer is active." Yang Yong said. Learn about the problem of the villagers, I can find someone to say "Zhang Sanming, 59 years old, has served as 20 years of cadres in Democratic Village, Danhe District, Linhe District, and after 2015, after the Secretary of the Village Party Branch, the village development Being better, this year, the village party branch changed, he was elected again.

Although I have been dried in the village for so many years, Zhang Sanming did not guarantee that every household is full. "There are more than 3,000 residents in our village, 16 village groups, 77 party members, the farthest group of two groups of 15 kilometers away, relying on me, I can’t run.

Zhang Sanming said.

In the past, in democratic villages, low-cost approvals, Hui farmers subsidies such as villagers’ application, the village-level organization was reported to the town, sometimes the public is not timely, the villagers have opinions.

In order to respond to the masses in time, the Democracy has implemented the "five-person group" work method. According to the size of the village group, a prestimated party member is the convener, absorbing several capable party members and villages join, with the village group Interpret relevant policies to the masses, introduce village transactions, collect and summarize opinions, and adjust contradiction disputes.

"When there is anything in the village needs to be negotiated, we first collect the village suggestions. After discussion, it has formed a plan, through the publicity resolution by the villager." The eight groups of "five groups" in the Democratic Village called Tang Xingtian. Tao Zhaowa, eight groups of villagers in Democratic Village told reporters: "The member of the" five-person group "lives close to us, some real cases are very clear. The problem of villagers care, I can find someone to say." Today, the democracy Development of forest fruits, tomatoes, watermelon and egg cultivation, etc., per capita annual income reached 27,500 yuan. "The work of the" five-person group ‘"has set up the party group dry group’, the ability of the grassroots governance is improved, and the working method is currently promoted in the city.

"Zhang Genshu, deputy minister of 上海新茶群 the Organization Department of Linhe District, said. Election of industries" Made in Qing Du Village "What is the lack of" What is good to make up the short board "" Our village is more than 1400 people, there is more than 4 acres of people, in the past Corn, wheat increased production without income, then I often think about where our place is poor? "The Secretary of the Party Branch of Yongsheng Village, Yongxiang Village, Baikodao Town, Linhe District has been working in the village for more than 20 years.

Today, Yongsheng Village has become a local famous green pepper village. In February this year, Qi Navy once again elected the secretary of the village party branch.

"Every stage, the development of the village is different.

To promote the development of 上海夜生活品茶 the industry, engage in the lack of the village ‘, so that the short board is completed.

"Qi Navy said. Ten years ago, Yongsheng Village trotted green pepper, lacking the lead farmer and planting technology; now the planting area continued to expand, the next step has to form a scale. Qi Navy said," Village Industry, the village branch must have a clear account, can do, bring everyone to do; do not do it, it must be completed, it is reflected to the superior, discuss solutions. "The whole village planned large-scale land concentrated on the green pepper, but there are still individual villagers who are reluctant to participate, Qi Navy leads the villagers in the day, at night and village party members go to the masses to solve the problem, absorb the village recommendations, Optimize the work plan. In October last year, the villagers He Hengxu returned to 上海水磨休闲中心 Yongsheng Village from the field and participated in the "two committees" work in the village.

"The Village Branch told me that only the loess of Yongsheng Village will only know how many chopsticks per family." He Hengxu said.

In the past six months, he walked at home, and the relationship between the villagers was closer to the villagers by carrying out a house investigation and the construction of two village groups.