Blue-green intertwined "letter"

Original title: Blue-green intertwined "letter" Jinnan (Figure) Green screen green screen · Xinzhuang Bay Zhang Yuanrui photo gold autumn season, Tianjin Jinnan green ecological barrier, green onion, flowers, rice fragrance, flying bird gathered, It is presented in a full of vitality.

In the past three years, the high-rise, high standards and high quality of Jinnan District have implemented green ecological barrier construction. The newly adding forest greening area is 10,000 mu of economic benefits, social benefits and ecological 上海按摩店推荐 benefits, showing "blue green intertwined". The ecological picture has become a new promotion of the general public to nature. The monitoring data shows that the green ecological barrier construction affects the climate change in the district and even the city. In 2020, the environmental control quality of the Jinnan District is 244 days, the year-on-year increase is 30 days; the temperature drop in the southeast of Tianjin City is – ° C, humidity increases by 2-3%. Effectively block the formation of the double city "super large heat island" and "ultra-large dry island". At the same time, big green water, lush, full of wild natural environment, attracting more than 40 wild birds such as swan, egret, gray magpie here, enriching the biological varieties, enhances water quality water.

In addition, compared with 2018, the 2020 green ecological barrier carbon discharge capacity increased, providing powerful support for the "double carbon" first demonstration zone and Tianjin city to create a "double carbon" target in Jinnan Province. While improving the ecological environment, the integrity, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept in Jinnan Province is to build a green ecological barrier as an opportunity to promote the transformation of production methods. A group of industrial leaders and benchmark companies have injected strong power into the green high quality development.

The Jinnan District also enhanced the concession and action consciousness of the whole district, and consciously and consciously of the whole district support, "I have a good ideology, and consciousness of" I have a good ideology and consciousness and consciousness of "I have to participate in the green high-quality development" theme and "I have contributed to the contribution of the contribution to the South". The development atmosphere improves the urban civilization quality.

  In addition, the Jinnan District also actively promotes the joint interaction between the green ecological barrier construction and the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) exhibition. During this year, during the "11" period, to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) exhibited and to Jinnan green ecological barrier, tourist scenic spots, beautiful villages, etc. The number of tourists has accumulated by 1.6 million, and the popularity of the region has gathered, and it has played a good promotion effect. Next, the Jinnan District will unswervingly advance the green ecological demonstration zone, innovate and develop gathering districts, the exhibition economic functional area, 黄浦区419娱乐会所 and the "double carbon" work in the first demonstration zone construction, so that more people share development results.

(Reporter Li Guozheng) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.