Baoding Technology Exhibition Center officially runs "Innovation City" and add new business cards

Among them, the third floor on the ground is "the future visible" exhibition hall.

In addition to the popularity of basic disciplines, the layer also exhibited rocket model, aerospace service, "龙 号" manned submersible model, "Snow Dragon" Polar Trunge Vegetable Board and Many my country Front Circle Science and Technology Achievements.

On-site students queued, and tried to feel the progress of my country’s science and 上海贵族宝贝花千坊419 technology, and better understand the trend of technology development in my country.

"Today, the Science and Technology Exhibition Center puts into operation, adding a bright color to Baoding ‘Innovation 上海闵行小妹 City’ business card, but also fills the city’s scientific and technological innovation achievements, enriched a gap in the life of the citizens. Wang Jianfeng, deputy mayor of Baoding, said, In the future, follow the pace of Baoding economic and social development and the level of scientific and technological progress, continuous improvement of the functional facilities of the venue, refine service initiatives, can build the scientific exhibition center into regional landmarks, scientific and technological business cards, and help quality life.

It is reported that Baoding Technology Exhibition Center plans to build "children’s friendly city construction area", the building area is 3,000 square meters, proposed 88.2 million yuan, focusing on the construction of the earthquake hut, survival, 上海松江水磨实体店 self-rescue and first aid, avoiding lightning and other 15 spots Block, popularize children’s scientific knowledge, and promote comprehensive development of children. (Editor: Fang Tong, Zhu Dragon Super) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.