Haidian two "Shuang Olympics" venue completed the test competition

Original title: Haidian two "Shuang Ou" venues completed the test competition task on the 11th, "Meet the Beijing" series of winter sports events Beijing Division (Haidian) press conference held at Zhongguancun National 上海水磨会所 Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Exhibition Center. In the past three months, 2022 Winter Olympics and Winter Disapproving the Olympics entered a centralized test stage. During the test competition, Haidian District involved two venues in the Capital Gymnasium and Wukesong Sports Center, with more foreign personnel, wide test range, The epidemic prevention standard is characterized, and after the baptism of the event, the two Haidian "Shuangyao" venues have completed the last actual combat training before the winter Orance game, which also proves that all venues are completely under the conditions of the epidemic prevention and control. Ability to make a comprehensive competition.

  Reviewing the competition in the first body and Wukesun is not difficult to find that the two "Shuang Oly" venues 上海浦东新区品茶群 bear a very important event homing task, which includes "ice ice conversion" completed during the day of the Capital Gymnasium Test. "Ice Basket Conversion" completed for 6 hours.

  During this period, Haidian District supervisor and the operation department of the two venues were based on the Winter Orthodox standards, and the test were prepared by the test. In terms of accommodation services, accommodation security, high-quality personalized services during the competition; the field of catering services is strengthened to ensure food safety, guaranteed food safety each meal; to the reception, more measures, realize, Dressing, transporting each link, all-in-one orderly, prevention and control is in place. It is precisely because these work have been carried out in a timely and accurate, and the 上海快餐微信 event has achieved a complete success, and has received positive feedback from many parties.

  During the competition, Beijing Youth Daily also felt that high-tech has changed the change of high-tech experience in these two venues. The multi-dimensional obstacle experience and VR live broadcast technology led by Haidian jurisdiction can experience the 180 degree freedom. Lanted racing and immersive live broadcast.

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