CITIC Bank became the first national financial industry grassroots party construction unit for the first national financial industry grassroots party construction unit

On November 20th, the Chinese Journal and CITIC Banks reached a joint cooperation on the grassroots party building, and the billing ceremony was held in Beijing Zhongxin Building. Half Month Talk Talking about the general chief editor of the magazine, Wang Yufei, half a month, Zhang Jianbin, director of the Public Welfare Affairs Department of the Cultural Media Center, deputy director of the Party Committee of CITIC Bank, Zhu Lun, executive deputy general manager of the party group, participated in the card.

The leadership assignment and departmental arrangements, before the event, Zhu Qun accompanied the monthly talks of the magazine and the "Corporate Culture Festival" agency, and she introduced the correct leadership of the party committee and head office in recent years. And the overall situation of poverty alleviation work.

At the ceremony, both sides join hands to do a good job in party construction, play their respective advantages, and create a special financial party building 上海上课喝茶群 to explore new ideas and new methods. Wang Yufei is fully affirmed by the effectiveness of CITIC Bank’s party building, party building culture, etc.

Through the early investigation and evaluation, the CITIC Bank Party Committee adheres to the comprehensive from stricting the party, strictly gifting the strict treatment, paying attention to combining the requirements of the superior party committee and the actual 闵行区剑川路kb situation of banking, combining the politicalness and service of party building work, will participate The combination of seriousness and method is combined, combining the party construction and online party building, exploring the convergence of party construction and business development, the party construction work has achieved good results, showing the mission of state-owned financial enterprises and party members and cadres "For the party is the people" spiritual style, it has certain representations in the financial sector, and is the first financial unit that has chosen to reach the grassroots party construction.