Copper beam: Farmhouse adds a cultural taste and the wind of the United States

Hualong Net – New Chongqing Client November 19th 6th (Special Correspondent Zhao Wuqiang correspondent Li Lara) Recently, Chongqing Tongliang District Pu Lu Street and cultural revenue have attracted many villagers. . The author saw that on the side of the village road, the red "and" word code carved on a landscape stone is particularly eye-catching.

On a 上海水磨娱乐会所论坛 sidewalk in the landscape stone, it is exquisite to place four ancient antique cultural walls. Each graphic wall is printed on the civil wall. Street lights, stone table stone bench, flowerbed, garbage classification box bucket in order to place, and a thick cultural atmosphere comes.

The landscape is surrounded by stone, and there is a pelvis of the farmhouse in the farmhouse of dozens of white wall gray tiles.

The new scene of mountain village. Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang took more than 700 meters above sea level to the village, and the mountains were surrounded by Qingshan, and the Creek Road passed through the village. "We have known as a hundred years of history and the ancient people in the mountains.

"The village cadres Chen Cheng pointed to the roadside ‘100-year-old and’ landscape stone introduction, this year, under the support of the street, the 6th, 7 social nodes of the village on the side of the road, built in ‘and cultural’ The theme of the park, every day, there are many villages to come to taste.

"In the garden, the four-white fan-shaped cultural walls are" ecological and beautiful, neighborhood, people and good, social harmony, "the above picture and Mao", the praise of the "and cultural" poetry, ecological civilization, society The content of core values ??and rural civilization. Villagers watch and cultural content.

Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photo in the garden, some villagers sat together and chatted together, some along the walking road for a walk, and some of the stories of "seven-foot Lane", some cheering flowers, villagers and friendship It is happy. "People and Village are rural revitalization demonstration villages.

In recent years, the streets in the revitalization of rural areas, while the development of the human living environment is launched.

In front of this 6th social and seven-social node culture is a project of beautiful rural construction. Through the creation of culture, the cultural atmosphere of the mountain village is added, and the villagers’ soul is also allowed to be inflated in the subtlety. In the farmhouse covered by the tree bamboo, the family is clean and tidy, and the household is placed in the house.

"All households have cleared the house in front of the house, so that when the clearest household is proud. The village is engaged in the graft of grass planting labor. Everyone is competing, reflecting the spirit of village group friends.

"Chen Cheng said that people and villagers are simple, farmholds are watching help, they have to live, courtesy, do not have a case of social security cases in decades.

A family has difficulties, everyone is coming.

Clean farmhouse is accompanied by a clean 上海浦东桑拿按摩水磨 flower.

Special correspondent Zhao Wuqiang photo on both sides of the people and the village road, clean and beautiful cultural columns, ancient antique archway, views of the horizontal view, the shaped landscape stone, the meaning of profound "and culture", and add together Cultural atmosphere, so that mountain villages are full of cultural atmospheres, making it a look.

"’And culture’ is one of the traditional culture of the Chinese nation, ‘and’ include harmony, good, harmony, and beauty, and gas and so on.

In order to better inherit this precious country, the streets support the construction of the country to build and cultural themes in the village in deepening the construction of rural civilized civilization, so that more people are subjected to slimming.

Tang Jian, 上海品茶论坛低端 Secretary of the Street Party Work Committee.

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