2021 Chongqing Retired Military Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition 67 project promotion finals

  People’s Network Chongqing On October 21st, the Chongqing Retired Military Affairs Bureau, Chongqing Human Resources and Social Security Bureau, Chongqing Guard Political Work Bureau, Communist Youth League Chongqing Municipal Committee jointly hosted, and all districts and demanded military affairs bureaus In 2021, the Chongqing Retired Military Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition "completed, 67 retired military entrepreneurship innovation quality projects stand out, and advanced to the finals.

  Since the start of August, the counties of all districts and counties have been organized and optimized to carry out a large number of experience in the municipal contest, excavating a large number of high-quality retired military employment entrepreneurship projects.

Under the "New Industry" "Traditional Industry and Life Service" "Modern Agriculture" three tracks, the competition has covered the field of agriculture, catering, manufacturing and other social services, including medical, educational and cultural entertainment, rural residence. In addition, intelligent technology, new retail, new materials and other emerging areas, the overall premium project quality, wide coverage, strong professionalism, innovative and developments.

  This competition is to lead the entrepreneurs in innovation, driving more retired soldiers to achieve stable high-quality employment; in order to improve the quality of the event, consolidate the results of the event, this competition has a total of 720,000 yuan to attract the majority of retired military groups. Entries. In addition, the competition will be incorporated into Chongqing Retired Military Entrepreneurship Innovation Competition Project Library, long-term enjoyment of tracking services, Yingsheng project can also obtain mentor training, entrepreneurial hatching, loan credit, financing docking, settlement park, industry information and other series of support.

  At the same time, the final training will be held in the contest this week. At that time, professional entrepreneurial instructor will conduct 上海外卖工作室预约 training for the promotion of the finals of the finals, business plan upgrade, so that the players can show the project style more comprehensively, achieve ideal results, and initiate an impact to the national final quota.

(Hu Hong, Pods) ■ 2021 Chongqing Retired Military Entrepreneur Innovation Competition Finals Priority List [Emerging Industry] Finals Jin – grade Daxu Dou Based on Infection Vase Gene Detection Analysis of Female Film Early Early Warning Diagnosis Kits R & D and Application Shapingba District Large electromechanical equipment fault monitoring and diagnosis system Shapingba District new environmental protection metal processing liquid Shapingba District doctor experience third-party intelligent assessment project Kowloon Slope Niu Di Puro, China Non-metallic building materials Modified materials "Nano – silane Special Effects" High-tech 上海龙凤自荐论坛 Maternity Banzi Chongqing STEAM Children’s Scientific Literature Cultivation Project Yongchuan District Intelligent Sound Wave Fire Rider Yongchuan District Driving Emergency Bao Yongchuan District Based on Hardware & Software Based on Big Data Visual Screen Solution to the "East" East "东 智 – 如 即 即 数 管理 管理 管理 区 区 区 区 电 电 电 电 电 电 电 开 开 电 电 层 层 层 层 层 区 层 层 层 设备 设备 层 层 层 层 渣 渣 渣 渣 渣 渣 渣 渣 渣 渣 渣Fire Extinguishing UAS System Lushan Holly House – Automated Control Oil Performance Test Mountain Wireless Network Intelligent Energy Efficiency Management System Mountain Intellectual Control Expected Products – Featured Pharmaceutical Production and Work Plan Solutions Kaizhou District Swarf Lock Fresh Tunnel Tunnel Tunnel Production line Yunyang County annual output 20 million bottles of oxygen bottle water two rivers New Zone quantity shield plan [traditional industry 上海贵族宝贝交友 and life service industry] final promotion list Wanzhou District Fresh Freshly innovative ecological management system Wanzhou District primary and secondary school students social practice education Jiangbei District "and the world" "E-commerce service system project Shapingba City Meirui Internet Oral Kowloon Slope Zone Chongqing Retired Military Entrepreneurship Incubation Park Kowloon District Sports Health Center Kowloon District Linjiang Duadouku Mei Tang Jiulong Shu District Car 壹家 卫 life service platform North 碚 碚 生活 生活 生活 生活Children’s Push Passen China Martial Arts Training Changshou Zone Chongqing Shangyi Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Jiangjin District Chongqing Hunter Development Training Base Jiangjin District Longfei Ceramics Museum Nanchuan District Devil Wolf Youth Military Education Project Yunjiang District Non-legacy Inheritance · Anstruation Liu Jiazhi Street Mutton Large foot National Defense Education and Quality Expansion Examination Project Dask "Chuang Beautiful School Uniforms, Sprinkle Life" Dazu District New Environmental Engineering Large Foot Region Longshui Calculation Tool R & D and Sales Highway Zone Yu Fast Slim Fitness Studio Tongliang District Chongqing Kun Gang Logistics limited The company Xiushan County Xiushan Zisha Stone Pot [Modern Agriculture] Finals Jin – grade Wanzhou District National Luhua Chicken Southwest Breeding Center (Industrial Chain) Cultivation Project Qianjiang District Smart Agricultural Rice Wu Demonstration Base Construction Project Dadukou "Pangu Tiandi" Ancient Human Culture Village Jiangbei District Yunbai Modern Agricultural Federation Project Jiangjin District Unmanned Machine Help Jiangjin Peep Industry Sustainable Development Jiangjin District Yifang Wonderful · Sun Orange Sichuan District Intelligent Water Fog Cultivation System — Effective Implementation Agricultural Production "Three Products One Tag" Yongchuan District, the four seasons, Wansheng Ecological Park, Nanchuan District Daxin plant protection drone 綦江 区 高 鸡 公 土 綦 綦 云 大足 大足 难 难 "" 象 象 象 象 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技 技Co., Ltd. Zhenyuan Ecological Agricultural Products Supply Chain Project Yunyang County Yuki Selenium-enricant Agricultural Tourism Park Wuxi County Retired Military Officer Entrepreneurship Hometown Revitalization Fuqiang Xiushan County Biancheng Xiu Bud Green Tea Decline Project Shuyang County Green Water Mountain Pills Flower Flavor (Responsible : Qin Jie, Zhang Wei) Share let more people see.