66 days, the EMU "Autumn", started!

  On August 27th, with the CRH3A-3085 EMU slowly entered the China Railway Chengdu Group Co., Ltd. Chengdu Motorcycle EMU inspection bank, this group of EMUs run more than 60,000 kilometers in the summer vacation ushered in it. In-depth maintenance – renovation in the fall, which also marks the "autumn and autumn" of the 2021 train group.

    In order to quickly restore the quality and technical state of the EMU equipment after the high-intensity operation during the summer vacation, prevention and control of seasonal fault hidden dangers, prepare for the Spring Festival, 爱上海同城对对碰 combined with the current passenger flow situation and EMU maintenance and application plan, Chengdu dynamic segment set up autumn The renovation leadership group formulates the refinement of the autumn renovation plan and organizes the implementation. The autumn of the EMU will be renovated from the 148-year-old car group of this paragraph, including 23 second-level completion projects, including 23 second-level repair projects, 9 phases of the second-level repair project, 9 phases Renewal project, 2 seasonal and key components renovation items and 3 inertial quality problems renovation projects, focusing on the external door, superior service facilities, water supply and drainage and health systems, air conditioning, driving facilities, etc. The residual failure of the EMU has done a good job in the fire prevention, anti-loose 贵族宝贝419 preparation of the EMU, eliminating the hidden dangers of equipment, ensuring good in the status of the EMU. In response to the upcoming winter, the paragraph started to carry out renovation of the EMUs from the two aspects of cold and anti-hunt. In terms of cold and cold, focus on equipment facilities such as air-conditioning and brake tubes, car bodies, and testing air conditioning heating performance, ensuring satisfying winter demand; anti-fogging, focus on roof The insulator of the high pressure component performs deep cleaning and spraying anti-fouling materials, avoiding the smog to cause the high-pressure component flashing, and climb the EMU equipment failure. Before the start of the EMU, the paragraph is organized in advance to carry out the autumn and finishing work standards, process training, and ensure that the employees of the work workers have mastered, everyone will pass. In the renovation operation, the staff will guide the staff to firmly establish the first responsible person awareness, strictly follow the standard operation. The operators and quality inspectors have implemented the "registration inspection, midware repair", segment and workshop two quality inspectors layered, conduct "one-volume acceptance, one-by-basis", ensure that all maintenance items of the EMU have no miss, Quality is significantly improved. On this basis, the safety production scheduling command center reversing the renovation plan, daily planning, key fault disposal, dynamic optimization production organization arrangements, ensure that the autumn renovation of the EMU is complete, more Good to meet the travel needs of passengers.

(Wu Xiao, Xiong You, Yuan Yu, Ni Yuhao) [Editor: Xu Meifan].