Taiyuan Yingze District multi-initiative promotes environmental quality improvement

  Original title: Yingze District multi-initiative promoted environmental quality improvement, the number of excellent days of the sixth city area, the second day of the sixth city, the reporter learned from the Yingze District, this year, Yingze District has adhered to the improvement of environmental quality, taking A number of initiatives actively promote the comprehensive management of air pollution, and the regional environmental quality is steadily improved.

As of 29 October, the number of excellent days in the whole area of ??184 days, and the number of excellent days ranked second in the sixth city.

  Solidly promoting the special rectification of volatile organic matter, the 19 enterprise units take high temperature period emission reduction measures, investigate 10 environmental illegal activities, and sweep the pollution source supervision dead angle and blind spot.

In-depth promotion of the construction site dust, establish accounts within 96 sites within the jurisdiction, list the questions rectification list, and correct time-by-one.

Strengthen the pollution management of live source, invest more than 280 million yuan in financial funds, and complete the high-efficiency smoke purification unit of 172 catering enterprises near the old military camp. Control the road dust pollution, the surrounding the demonstration street and one or two types of roads and demolition areas 4 hours to 8 hours spray, sprinkler dusting operations, and specializes in the key area to implement specials of sprinkling, effective control of urban road dust pollution , A low nitrogen transformation of gas boiler.

Accelerate the reform of the remaining 7 gas boilers in the regional mission and the transformation of 3 270 steam tons of coal-fired boilers in the provincial heating branch. Increase mobile sources and non-road mobile mechanical control, concentrate on rectifying construction waste, slag, and chaos and other violations. Turning around 1689 in the medium-sized truck, it is 2087 other illegal activities such as 202 in violation of the ban.

  At present, Yingze District will transfer the work in the prevention and treatment of gas pollution in autumn and winter, combined with the characteristics of the central city, carry out the "scattered" enterprises and coal-fired governance attack hard, close attention to the marginal area of ??the urban area, and the city villages and other key areas to ensure "scattered pollution "Enterprise and coal-fired stoves are realized. At the same time, ink manufacturing, packaging printing, gas station, automobile 4S shop, etc. are included in key control range, for continuous supervision of volatile organic matter, special governance, and strive to improve the environment with higher standards, more strict requirements, and more initiatives The overall level of the air quality. (Ding Jie Wang Chunyu).