The first China Minimally invasive Medical Device Industry Cluster Summit was held in Hangzhou Tonglu

  On the morning of July 17th, the first China Minimally invasive Medical Device Industry Cluster Summit and the 4th China Medical Device Innovation Entrepreneurship Competition Minimally invasive Category opened in Tonglu County, Hangzhou, with "Forum + Event + Exhibition" multi-integrated model, broadening Tonglu characteristics of minimally invasive medical equipment industry cluster development path. Zhang Hua, deputy director of the National Drug Administration Medical Device Registration Management, Director of the Provincial Market Supervision Administration, Hu Wei, deputy mayor Hu Wei delivered a speech; Jiang Feng, deputy president of the China Medical Device Industry Association, and the county party secretary Fang Yi Welcome words, county magistrate Ding Yifeng hosted.

Zhang Ze, Li Wei Soup, Zhu Shining, Li Ru New, Ye Zhen, Wu Yigan, Director of the Provincial Drug Administration, Xu Runlong, deputy director of the Municipal People’s Congress Standing Committee, Luo Weihong, Hua Jian, Wang Jincai, Maliyang, four groups of team leaders, state The person in charge of the relevant departments of the province and municipalities, experts scholars, medical equipment companies, upstream supporting enterprises, well-known industry associations, medical institutions, distributors, agents, entrepreneurial competitions, etc.

  Zhang Hua’s congratulations on the holding of activities.

He said that medical equipment is closely related to public health, is an important part of health China. It is the specific embodiment of science and technology, economic strength, manufacturing capabilities, and management level.

Tonglu has a deep traditional Chinese medicine culture, forming a unique advantage of minimally invasive medical equipment industry.

I hope that Tonglu uses this activity as an opportunity to better play the role of experts, scholars, enterprises, focus core technology, accelerate technical research, accelerated results transformation, and promote industrial innovation.

  Zhang Rongming said that Tonglu is a source of traditional Chinese medicine. Since the establishment of "China Minimally Invasive Surgery Town" Obvious results.

I hope that Tonglu adheres to innovation and development, cluster development, opening development, and continuously improve the sustainable development capacity of industries. Hu Wei said that the Tonglu medical device industry has started early, has formed a characterful industrial cluster, all over the country’s sales network. Standing in a new window, I hope that Tonglu continues to maintain its strategic power, be a strong industrial characteristic advantage, and build Tonglu power for Hangzhou to create trillion biomedicine and health industry clusters. It is necessary to take the path of innovation and development, deep-cultivation of the road, the industrial gathering road, do fine industry support, continuously improve the industrial agglomeration effect, on the basis of consolidating industrial foundation, optimizing industrial ecology, realizing the development of industrial leaps.

  Jiang Feng said that Tongluhui eye knowledge industry, uses a large health industry as a leading industry; Tongluhui eye knowledge hero, has a group of entrepreneurs in the field of medical equipment, vigorously promotes industry agglomeration, and laid the "China Minimally Invasive Surgery Town" laid Solid foundation; Tongluhui’s eye-catching talents, attracting gathers all kinds of talents in all directions, giving together strong synergy to promoting industrial development.

I hope that everyone has twisted "innovation", a good situation of leading companies, SMEs, experts scholars, etc. powerful.

  Fang Yi said that he welcomed and sincerely gratitude to everyone, and briefly introduced the development of medical equipment industry in Tonglu County.

He said that medical equipment is an important branch of a large health industry and the most active economic growth point. Tonglu has been in depth, "green water Qingshan is Jinshan Yinshan" concept, focusing on building a healthy industry in Fuchun Mountain Health City, rich The industrial ownership platform of Chunjiang Science and Technology City, the first national life and health industry, the first national life and health industry, the first national level of life and health industry, the small town of China, the talents, technology, capital, market, etc., have cultivated one Batch quality medical equipment enterprises, forming a special industrial cluster.

This event provides information sharing, product propaganda, and docked service platform, built a communication platform for communication and strengthening cooperation. Tonglu will cooperate with all parties to deepen the transformation, talent training, industry development, further extend the industry chain, expand the "friends circle", enhance the influence, and strive to create a minimally invasive medical device industry cluster development Tonglu sample.

  In the event, the establishment of China Minimally invasive Medical Device Industry Alliance; Zhang Ze, Zhonghua Medical Association Digestive Endoscopic Association Lun Enqiang The vice president of the hospital is the main point of view; "Boston Science" "Kangji Medical" issued a new product; on-site signing, China Medical Device Industry Association, Changchun University of Science and Technology signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Tonglu County.

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