Qianxi strives to build a regulatory constitutive volunteer team

  This newspaper (Reporter Feng Lihua correspondent Gu Dapeng Liu Yongxu Zhang Ruxue) In Dougou Village, Old Town and Towns, Qianxi County, a woman wearing red vest is particularly eye-catching.From the mediation of neighborhood disputes, family contradictions to clean street hygiene, from the help of difficult villagers to take care of their families, from epidemic prevention and control to the computational investigation & hellip; & hellip; Village can see their busy figure.

  Red horse bricks like this, all over the land of Qianxi County.

In recent years, the county has actively explored the volunteer service, through the cultivation of more village-level volunteer service organizations, focus on building standardization, regularly pre-pre-premising volunteers, and constantly constructing human-rich rural grassroots governance models, let love are targetedEach corner of the countryside.

At present, more than 70,000 volunteers in the county have extensive theoretical preaching, education guidance, cultural services, legal science, medical health, poverty alleviation, and other volunteers such as volunteer services, and serve the masses.