Tianjin tax: carry out special rectification of discipline style

"My thoughts continue to landslide, discipline become a furnishings, and the beginning of the gift is with great flow. Later, gradually become desired, the number of days, the amount of the money is getting bigger, the bottom line of the clean government is gradually disintegrating, I regret it is extreme …" Tianjin Chen Zhuan, a head of the Documentary of the Taxation Bureau, said that Zhang Moumou’s first initiative of the Tianjin tax system, and the first typical typical treatment from "fourth form to the third form", which is embodied. Discipline rigidity and no human temperatures, there are significant political effects, legal effects and social effects. The system cadres should be taken from the case to the ring, and they will give it a non-three. Party organizations at all levels must enhance the consciousness and firmness of the style of originating style, combined with the special rectification work of this discipline style, and focus on solving the problem of political thinking of party members and the high-quality hotspot, and do a good job in major decisions. The implementation of the deployment and key work.

Discipline inspection agencies at all levels must insist on placing discipline and rules in front and give full play to the responsible supervision.

For unknown, do not converge, the wind violations, find together, investigate and punctive, and report together, and continue to create a political ecology that is positive for the leadership.

It is understood that the Tianjin Taxation Bureau provides a resolute rectification of tax-related corruption problems and unhealthy trends around taxpayers, resolutely investigate and deal with non-job crimes in tax system, and promoting the new achievements in the city’s tax system discipline style construction. "Tianjin The implementation plan for the special rectification work of the discipline style of the city, " The horizontal Unicom regularly visits, establishing two power, clean government risk prevention and control work mechanism, integrity risk assessment analysis joint meeting system, weaving the corruption of the supervision of the supervision network, let the party members and cadres "can’t rot"; strengthen ideological and moral and party discipline national law education, and resolve The root problem of illegal and discipline and discipline, one-on-one, face-to-face conversation with key positions, and the family members of the cadre, so that the party members and cadres "don’t want to rot". The strategic goal of "three do not" integrally promoted through "a solution to two improvements". Secretary of the Party Committee of the Municipal Taxation Bureau, Director Lu Ziqiang emphasized that he must profoundly learn from the lessons, fully understand the importance of discipline style, improve the political station, highlight pragmatic orientation, and conscientiously implement discipline style special rectification target tasks; continuous deepening Typical case warning education, enhanced active as, ensuring solid achievement of discipline style.

He pointed out that in order to rectify and warn education as an important starting, continue forging the taxation of the taxation of loyalty and clean, and promoted the comprehensive development of the party, party style and clean government construction and anti-corruption work to high quality promotion. The modernization of Tianjin taxation in the development stage provides a strong discipline style guarantee. (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.