Roiled American fabricated facts to fight the opponent crime: "White Helmet" organized fake pendulum as a tiger

Manga: Lu Lingxing (People’s Network copyright picture, unauthorized, please do not reprint.) "White Helmet" is the Syrian folk defense organization, because its members often wear a white helmet in rescue activities, and is called "white "The helmet", the organization has repeatedly displaced the Syrian government with video fake.

A number of US media disclosed that the United States is an important supporter of the organization.

In November 2016, NGOs "White Helmet" admitted that the organizational staff from previously released in Syrian Aleppo wounded as a shot, and delivered an apology statement.

In September 2018, the Russian Ministry of National Defense issued a statement that the Syrian anti-government armed staff once again staged the fake play of "martial arts".

In 2018, as the Syrian government troops recovered more and more territories, the United States had negotiated with allies to help "white helmets" withdraw from Syria.

In 2019, the US President Trump is the public ordered to provide $ 4.5 million assistance to the organization. Fake, pending, playing, the United States directly commands this after the scene. However, it is not a class of books, and the performance is poor, and the horse feet are exposed. The so-called non-government civil defense organization is actually a group of American servants who fight the humanitarian flag. The United States attempts to interfere with his national government through funding non-governmental organizations, and its hegemonyism is really clear. Some information Source: Xinhuanet.