Shanxi Culture Travel Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips

  Original title: New Year [warm place in the side] Wenxian trip Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips Chinese New Year approaching, getting stronger in flavor, epidemic prevention and control can not be ignored.

To protect the tourists enjoy a safe, healthy, civilized and peaceful Spring Festival, February 1, Sheng Wen Brigade Department released 2021 Spring Festival holiday travel tips.

  Jin leave non-essential, non-essential not to leave.

Advocate-place New Year, Chinese New Year small family home, online get-together, network New Year, the nearest feelings Shanxi Traditional Folk Culture, reduce unnecessary travel.

Non-essential not arrange overseas travel, do not go to high-risk areas, to reduce staff travel during the holiday season and liquidity risk.

  Spare protection, health travel. Before traveling, pay close attention to the risk of epidemic disease prevention and control department released information across, good self-protection, adhere to wear masks, wash hands, wash disinfection; when the tour, and consciously maintain a safe distance from other tourists, to develop "one meter line" good habits ; at dinner, opened the spacing of tables and chairs, Gongbiao use chopsticks; discomfort, high body temperature or other abnormal situations during travel, immediately suspended tourism activities, contact the nearest medical institution, and report to the district epidemic prevention departments. Avoid crowding together, travel peak load shifting.

Before traveling, to understand the latest destination epidemic prevention and control policies and return policies through authoritative sources, open inquiry scenic spots, limiting measures, in particular to understand the ticket reservation, discount tickets, tours and other sub-period policy. Rational consumption, to avoid the trap of low-cost travel. When Offered tourism, travel agencies select qualified; not rely on the streets, railway stations and other places of movement of persons distribute small ads, small card, so as not to fall into the trap of low-cost travel. Strengthen prevention, safe travel. When entering the scenic spots, hotels, museums, cultural relics protection units and other places, to strictly abide by safety regulations forest fire prevention, fire protection, security and so on.

When involved in high-risk projects, according to their own health status and capabilities, and obey safety scenic tour guides and staff reminder. Comply with the order, civilized travel.

Consciously abide by tourist destinations and along the high-speed, airports, railway stations, catering, accommodation, shopping and attractions epidemic prevention and control system, and accept measuring body temperature, check the health code, sub-demand timing streams.

Hygiene, denial game, implementation of the "CD action" to eliminate "wasted tongue" consciously reduce the use of disposable items.

  Properly respond to emergencies, according to the law rational rights.

Once the brigade involved in emergency occurs, be calm, self-help and mutual aid and actively take measures to quickly evacuate dangerous areas, for police assistance if necessary. In case of road travel service quality disputes, tours can dial phone. (Reporter Zhang Ting).