Strive to go | My family lives in the Yellow River, here is a concentrated heating, natural gas enters the house …

The Yang Temple Community after the relocation of November, the reporter came to the Yang Temple community, and a clean and tidy building was reflected in the city, and the old people took the winter warm sun in the square, like a peaceful and peaceful painting.

But before, the Yang Temple community is not what is now seen.

After the Yellow River flows into Dongying, it has entered a long section "narrow alley", encountering flood or Ling Zhen extremely difficult to say.

In September 1971, the State Planning Commission officially approved the construction of Huanghe South exhibition project to fundamentally eliminate the threat of Linghong in the downstream of the Yellow River, guaranteeing the development and construction of life and property of the people along the Huang People. For flood control, it is a large-organizer, and the Kenli Nanzhan District is a storage area, the masses need to move newly built water-saving room.

In 1976, a big relocation of 80 natural villages, 76 brigade 48976 people were launched, including 11 villages that form the current Yang Temple community. In the relocation, the secretary of each village party branch plays a leading geese, the first-year-old, the first, the vast majority of the masses in the exhibition area, Guant, make a huge contribution to flood safety and national construction. With the development of the times, the old house gradually adapt to the growing life demand of the people, so local planning has built a new number of rural communities.

In 2013, the Yangmiao community in total investment billion officially started construction, and 11 villages, 1765 households, 5,306 were concentrated. At the end of 2016, the project was completed, and the Yang Temple ushered in the second big relief.

This time, it is a relocation from the happiness life.

Today, Yang Temple communities have implemented centralized heating, natural gas homes, sewage centralized treatment, supporting public service facilities such as people’s service center, the elderly restaurant, the youth home, divided 6 service management grids, establish a contradiction dispute Refuement the center of adjustment. Feng Jingjing, the fourth network of Yang Temple Community, told reporters that the current fourth grid contains 16 buildings, with a total of 252 households, her job is whether there is a security hidden danger every day, to the old man and the legs and feet are inconvenient. The masses, listen to their needs and talk about the good policies of the party and the country.

Yang Temple Community has always adhered to the party construction as a leading, established a community party support, and the original 11 villages resettled. The respective characteristics are all characterized. While working on various affairs of the community, they will overtield industrial development, community governance, resident services. Work.

Among them, for the people’s service center, the civil service station, grid center, and community party total support, the masses can handle relevant business, enjoy convenience services.

In order to enable the old age life of the community to enjoy healthy and happy, the Yangmiao community has also built a senior restaurant and the elderly activities, mainly for the 60-year-old elderly.

"Most of their children are in the city, no one cares at home during the day.

The elderly restaurant and the old age activity center solve the worries of their children.

Our recipes are developed in Week, taking into account the health of the elderly, equilibrium, rich nutrient, all the dishes are less oil.

Zhang Mai Rong, the Secretary of the Temple Community Party Community, said that here, "the old, the old, the old," is not an empty talk.