Shanghai starts 3-5 years old people new crown virus vaccine reservation

The Office of the City Epidemic Prevention and Control Work Leading Group issued information, according to the relevant deployment of the 3-17-year-old non-contraindication mechanism in accordance with the State Council’s joint defense mechanism, in accordance with the "informed, consent, voluntary" principle, step-by-step advance Inoculate work.

Previously, the city had started the 6-17-year-old population vaccination service. Now, the new crown vaccine registration will be opened for the 3-5-year-old group of inoculation.

At present, the vaccine is a new crown virus inactivated vaccination, and the basic immunization of the new crown virus, the basic immunization of the Wuhan Biological Product Research Institute Co., Ltd.

At 20 o’clock on November 18, the city’s 3-5-year-old population was launched to register an appointment.

New crown virus vaccination is completely selected by the parents’ wishes, and parents (guardians) that have inocked intention (guardians) can be registered online through the "Healthy Cloud" app, and the child is accompanied by parents (guardians) to make an appointment Vaccination in vaccination. 3-5 years old, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan compatriots, Chinese overseas Chinese, according to the relevant deployment, arranged additional timely launching work.

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