Science leads, butterfly speeds up! 50 key projects in Shenzhen Guangming District

  [Profile 1] Project construction unit representative, Guangming District Construction Worker Services Department Li Zhi: Strive to create a batch of sample projects and boutique projects in the provinces and cities, Tong Zi, since July this year, urban two levels "big The project, the big grasp ", the" Guangming District Construction Works ", the Guangming District Construction, the construction of the government, and the deep consensus of" catching the project is the development "in the whole department, according to the government Increase the implementation of solid investment work and accelerate the requirements of several measures to advance the pretension of the pretension of the district-level government investment project, "tighten the data, solve the problem", in the premise of ensuring "strict safety, steady and disease, strong quality", strengthen Project management formalization, projectization, digitization, responsibility, speed up the early work, speed up the bidding work, pay close attention to the progress of the project, and fully accelerate the progress of fixed asset investment. As of the end of August, the District Construction Work Department has reported to the account billion, complete the% of the full year billion. Beyond the target task billion, beyond a percentage point.

  There are 19 new construction projects in the third quarter of Guangming District, including 14 municipal transportation projects such as science parks, Root Yutu and other municipal transportation projects. School of Shenzhen Safe Housing Piece, New District People’s Hospital, Public Health Service Center, District 5 housing construction projects such as Party Schools and District Archives Service Center, the total investment of 19 projects was 8.1 billion yuan, and 2021 consolidated mission is about 100 million yuan. Up to now, 19 projects scheduled to start construction in the third quarter, 12 projects have been completed, and 7 construction tenders are under construction. At the same time, the Ministry of Welfare also actively planned 26 new starting projects in the fourth quarter, including 17 municipal roads, 6 schools, 3 public projects, total investment billions. Li Zhi said that the new task is unconflexible, and the new achievements have to be created. In order to ensure that the new start-up projects have a solid investment as soon as possible, the Building Works will be tightly launched, causing difficulties, maintaining force, challenging extreme spelling, and planning the solid investment situation, strengthen dispatching, refining initiatives, and refers to bright culture Art Central Project and Building Route Demonstration Section Construction Standard, adhere to the construction of "design lead, the first-class, conspicuous implementation", establish a "pre-planning, post evaluation" system, urge the participation unit to improve the quality management system to ensure high project The color design and high quality landing are hard to create a batch of template engineering and boutique projects in the provinces and cities.