US warships trespass sensitive time I Xisha territorial waters of Defense: a serious infringement of China’s sovereignty

May 28, said foreign media reports, two US officials said the US Navy warships sailing in the South China Sea near the island on the 27th. US President Trump hopes to continue to seek Chinese cooperation on North Korea on the occasion of the move is likely to anger Beijing. Reuters reported May 27, although the US military a few months ago began planning the operation, but the current point in time is very sensitive.

Just a few days ago the Pentagon canceled the invitation to China to participate in an important naval exercises hosted by the United States of. Reported that the two officials said on condition of anonymity, the US Navy guided missile destroyer Higgins and Antietam missile cruiser into the Xisha Islands in a series of Chinese sovereignty dispute with other neighboring islands, reefs and shoals within 12 nautical miles. One official said the two ships were exercises in action near Tree Island, South China Sea, East Island, Triton Island and Yongxing Island. It reported that the US military did not immediately comment on the action to be 27, but rather the US military daily operations in the region.

According to Australian news network reported on May 27, US officials told Reuters, two US Navy warships sailing in the South China Sea near the island on the 27th. Both ships seem to leave shortly before their deployment in the Arabian Sea, they are apparently the way back to its home port in the United States implemented a so-called freedom of navigation action. Reuters May 27 also reported that the Chinese Ministry of National Defense on the 27th expressed strong opposition to provocations two US warships, two ships traveling to the nearby South China Sea islands.