Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China’s property insurance violations of consumer rights were notified by the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission

Original title: The Bank of China reported the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the China Financial Insurance Infringement Consumer Rights Case Xinhua News Agency, Beijing April 16 (Reporter Li Yanxia) China SMINFC Consumer Rights Protection Bureau 16th info Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. and China Cases of Joint Property Insurance Co., Ltd. infringes consumer rights. "Notification on the Pudong Development Bank, China Financial Insurance Infringement Consumer Rights" pointed out that in September 2018, the private equity of private equity products sold by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank had extensive exchanges, which triggered a number of consumers complaints.

After investigation, Pudong Development Bank has the following violation of consumer rights: First, the admission link is not fully analyzed, the due diligence is not in place; Second, when selling the products sold to some customers, did not follow Regulatory requirements sell a single-print product in the outlets and record video recordings, but use the on-site service mode; the three-way mobile phonology of the product contract, it is easy to make consumers mistakenly believe that the product is self-managed financial products for Pudong Development Bank; Fourth, the risk disclosure is not included in the product type, product risk rating and customer rating, customer equity instructions, etc. Bulletin pointed out that since May 2019, the China Financial Insurance guarantees an insurance complaint to explode. After investigation, the Chinese property insurance Shanghai branch in the underwriter network lending information intermediary credit loan guarantee the insurance business, there is the following behavior of the following infringement of consumer rights: First, notify consumer claims and place after receiving the consumer claims Need materials, nor did it make the approved for compensation within the contract; second, credit loans guarantee insurance business with network loan information intermediary institutions that do not meet the Internet finance; the third is not in accordance with the provisions of approval or filing insurance Terms.

  According to the report, the behavior of the two institutions infringed the fundamental rights of consumers, fair trading rights, and claims to be legally claimed, and harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Bulletin requires all bank insurance agencies to cause warnings, and conduct business activities in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations and regulatory regulations, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

(Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Xin).