The strongest blizzard in this local meteorological record, they fight this! Xinhuanet Inner Mongolia Channel

  Tongliao City, Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region has recently encountered the strongest storm in the field, the maximum snow covers a depth of 68 cm.

Tongliao City’s cadres and people face the wind, 24-hour connectivity, people take a truck, play the snow block road, rescue the trapped people … fight the strongest blizzard since the local meteorological record, they are fighting! "My cowshed shed was collapsed by the snow. 30 cows ran out …" At 6 o’clock on the 9th, the Tongliao City Public Security Bureau Cole District Branch, Li Li, police station, received the phone, and then immediately police immediately.

  Due to the severe road coverage, 8 people auxiliary police divided into 4 groups, according to the position of Li, hiking to the bullion may be looking for. "The snow didn’t have a knee, less than half an hour, I am full of sweating.

"The auxiliary police Sun Lu said," There is a road to the snow to the upper body, we are like swimming, ‘Tour’ past.

"The" Bai Feng "has been turned away, Sun Lu and colleagues finally arrived at 14 o’clock in 14 o’clock. At this time, they didn’t have breakfast, and they had hiped 8 hours in the wild.

"These 30 cows are nearly 1 million yuan, thank you very much.

"I saw the lost cattle, Li was very happy.

  On the same day, a 8-hour life rescue was staged at Curenqi.

  On the morning of the 9th, the Culoren Banner Public Security Bureau received a circular call from the people on the phone and bucking the village residents of the River Zi Town.

Soon, 2 a village in the town also had uremia patients who need dialysis also called for phone calls, and the situation was very difficult.

  At that time, the rural road in the flag township, almost all of the snow covered snow covered, and the farthest help of the villagers were more than 100 kilometers from the hospital for treatment.

  Public security organs, buckle the river Town Government immediately act, urgently dispatched 2 blasts. More than 100 kilometers of roads, they took 8 hours, and finally served 3 patients at 18 o’clock on the same day. "Special thanks! It is a police car, and it is a forklift … This is saved!" Inside the ward, Liu’s wife will swear. In the Snow "General Assembly war" people, the people did not take the "Connection" silent community, a forklift is working; in the dark environment, under the shovel headlights, the pile of snow is out of eye.

  This is 23:30 on the 10th, a video of a video of the residents of the Horqin District in the WeChat friends, "I still don’t know the staff of the community in the community in the middle of the night!" Said this resident. According to the data of the Tongliao Municipal Meteorological Bureau, the temperature of this round, the highest precipitation appeared in the Cole, reached millimeters. Extraordinary Blizzard leads to urban traffic, and a clear snow "General Assembly war" will start. On the 11th, there were nearly 400 shots, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, trucks, and trucks, have been inseparable from all over the day and night. "Beginning on the afternoon of the 6th, in addition to going to the toilet, I almost didn’t have a car.

"Tsing Snow Driver Zhang Liistan said that all vehicles are open 24 hours, and people have no trucks. "The 29-year-old forklift driver Wang Nianhua joined this" General Assembly War "on the 8th.

On the 10th, the temperature is as low as zero level, but the window of his cockpit has been open. "My car has no warm air, and there is a hammer on the window glass, affecting the sight.

"He smiled and said," I wore 4 layers of clothes, I have suffered this bitter.

"The main street is mainly mainly mechanical, the sidewalk, the streets alleys can only rely on manpower." One morning in the morning, now the sweat snow is mixed together, all wet.

"On the 11th morning, the sanitation workers who are in the snow said. In order to protect residents, the Corqin District dispatched more about 5,000 artificial savings.

  Warm heart frequently frequently staged the true city’s warfare snow, the snowstorm, the moment of warm heart frequently staged. In the Cole-zone, private cars, bus frequently trapped, civil police, passengers, pedestrians, and unhealthy carts. Li Tie, a brigade of Tongliao Public Security Bureau, a brigade, said: "When the snow in the past few days, almost every day to help four or fifty vehicles, seeing the masses enthusiastically, and it feels very excited.

"In order to solve the problem of insufficient cars in the snow, Naiman flag, the construction enterprise sent a forklift, self-contained driver, cheering at their own expense, put into the main road of Qingxing; the flag Daxie Town Guangming Village, organize party members Working from your own forklift to help the snow.

"The organization’s 4 forces have been cleaned up of more than 20 kilometers of roads in the village. Now the main road in the village has been cleared, and it is clear to the snow in the small alley.

Wang Guofeng, Secretary of the Party Branch of Guangming Village.

  "Sanitation workers, forklift drivers, have passed, into the house, there is hot water, there is a free breakfast …" These days, the WeChat group of the Cullen flag, the friend circle is like this Message brush screen.

Bao Wen Lan and her husband operated a restaurant in Kurlen Town. Seeing a line of people against wind and snow, they produced the idea of ??providing hot water, free breakfast.

In order to let more people know this news, the little couple is constantly forwarding the message in WeChat group and circle circle.

  Ice outside the ice, the house is hot.

In the morning of the 11th, in the store of Balanland, eating hot meals, let the moon in the early morning, the spring car felt warm stomach and warm heart, "The pie is very delicious, the sky is eating The hot pie is very warm. "At present, Tongliao cadres and people continue to fight snow disaster." A large number of machinery equipment from Chifeng City, Xing’an League also arrived in Tongliao to help smooth traffic network. A scene of the scene of the battlefield, still continued to stage … Reporter: Liu Yide, He Shuzhen Editor: Liu Yang, Li Xiaohu.