Three grass two wooden x-known peace, co-sponsored forum focused multi-dimensional skin repair

Know almost debate, focusing multidimensional repair three grass two wooden explore the natural and scientific products is always the first place, and always pay attention to the multi-dimensional performance of the product. Hold on natural science skin care brand position, so that three grass two wooden consumer trust and become well-known brand of excellent power. Recently, three grass two wooden joint know peace, dialogue 9 large coffee industry authority, covering controversy dermatology, recipes, plants and many other areas know almost, opened the first online round-table forum for skin for about science and the natural response options analysis, and strive to provide consumers with a maximum dimension, the most authoritative security sKIN Rec. Know almost has also rigorous, science quiz, known for knowledge class platform, the three grass two wooden and know almost jointly launch scientific knowledge on the skin, can be said to be from natural, scientific skincare source to guide consumers to avoid detours, refused to step on mine.

9 experts, the depth of interpretation nine leading experts in natural sciences skin participate in the dialogue, according to a topic every time expanded, in-depth analysis, and ultimately give consumers a valid conclusion.

Multidimensional repair, and scientific discussion for multi-dimensional repair whitening, anti-hwan bright skin plus program, the nine experts, without exception, expressed high praise for the three grass two wooden non-red-white combination. Red and white non name implies, is used Quartz series day, day antioxidant achieve skin lightening, and the evening with a red crystal series, repair functions of overnight aging.

Take the three grass two wooden red crystal cream, the doctors of medical science Philip, recognized red quinoa extract has anti-collagen glycation, and has a repair UV damage, soothes sensitive and reducing multiple functions, etc., which make it a hexagonal rare fighters, skin effect having a plurality of dimensions, and then by co Haematococcus, transdermal fibronectin and other ingredients, can effectively help the skin to achieve robust, antioxidant, shells run, radiance, filling five-dimensional young state.

Three grass two wooden heavy launch non-red-and-white multi-dimensional repair combination, can effectively achieve scientific whitening effect, many industry experts validated scientific skin does not step on mine.