To the city to find a "steward", the pilot district west coast of Qingdao "Property Management City" a new model

Appearance of the city a new look won praise "on the sidewalk commercial street, floor tiles appeared damaged, can not continue to be used, needs to be replaced." Recently, the property management staff Dickson property found during inspections in the Area, as the pavement tiles damaged to the past pedestrian causing safety problems, immediately through "wisdom platform" reported, the property company promptly arranged for staff replacement.

From the discovery of the problem to solve the problem, the whole process takes only a weekday.

Yuan Hao-ming, said property by increasing the cleaning staff, the number of security, an additional administrator, regular inspections and other measures, timely removal of various types of production and living garbage, keep the roads open, to further improve the environment and order maintenance.

It is understood that Yinzhu streets and property companies run by R & D intelligence platform for grid management, the use of "work order system + housekeeper verification" problem processing mode, to achieve a work order report, delivery, feedback and evaluation process of the operation, 80 % reporting date of issue can be gone through, long-term problem of declining stocks, city management to boost performance.

And such property management staff in the implementation of the "property management mode" there are hundreds of pilot chip area. As a resident shopping, leisure and entertainment integrated commercial area, Mall Area there are many problems on the previous administration. To this end, the establishment of the hidden pearl street mall Area Management Committee, a joint police, comprehensive law enforcement, community, surrounding Murai, shopping malls and other management side, research to develop management programs, the problem is disassembled, the responsibility clearly.

"We insist on leading the planning, landscaping to enhance the project in the mall area, custom flower plants, the production in front of three cards, delineation of motor and non-motor vehicle parking lines, standard parking management, production characteristics of the landscape, refreshing, Mall Area to enhance the new grade. "hidden Pearl street Party working Committee, the Director of the Office Wangquan Fang said recently invented innovations developed stainless steel floor drain odor, try out at the mall, with good results.

In Wang Quanfang view, people get a sense of the new model is the best criteria. "In the past here is the norm dirty and messy, way to go no law, you see, the environment is now much better." In the Mall Street lived for 25 years, residents have recently also very pleased, not only to keep up with the management, but also to continue diminished, the overall environment greatly improved, so that everyone would feel very comfortable.

Changes in the environment but also to benefit more businesses nearby.

Merchant Cui Li lamented, sanitation and order now getting better and better, they not only convenient, customers also looked comfortable. "Our introduction of market competition mechanism, management experience to the community, a qualified professional property management companies bidding, the sanitation, urban management and afforestation all business" unified contract "to a professional property management company, at present, the municipal , Dickson, Wan moving three city-owned property business success ‘finalists’, on the streets of urban public space and public resources, public project to implement full-process management services and operations to achieve ‘butler’ fine service.

"Wangquan Fang said," Under the new governance model, residents, businesses, corporations and governments have tasted the sweetness, one stroke win. ".