Risk "big gift package" to help the manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises warm "winter"

People’s Network Zibo November 18th "" Successfully paying the tax next year, better than our company has received an interest-free bank loan! Whenever we close the end of the season, we will always worry about the company’s funds, this time The delay policy is really mitigating our funding pressure! "Shandong Xinjing Machinery Co., Ltd. Finance, Meng Yinping said happy.

Recently, with the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance delayed the implementation of some tax and fees in the fourth quarter of the manufacturing industry, in order to ensure the precision of the staged bure policy, the State Administration of Taxation Zibo City Taxation Bureau first Establish mechanisms, strengthen publicity, classes, supervise and follow up, continue to strengthen the interpretation and counseling of slowdrop policy, and help the manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve difficulties. After the "point-to-point" precision push policy, the Zibo City Taxation Bureau increased publicity, deepening big data analysis and application, and took the initiative to identify taxpayers who enjoy preferential policy conditions, and timely accurately push policy information, issue policy guidelines. Ensure that the preferential policy "should know".

"We receive the telephone department’s call, remind us to enjoy the preferential policy of delaying tax payment in the declaration period in November, but also received the detailed operation guidance of tax workers, with the help of tax workers, we successfully apply The taxes and fees of nearly 700,000 yuan have played a small role for the company’s capital turnover, and the expansion of expansion has played a small role. "Meng Yinping, the financial person in charge of Shandong Xinjing Machinery Co., Ltd., said.

In the work, the State Administration of Taxation Zhoucun District Taxation Bureau took the initiative to attack, on the pre-service, in-depth interpretation of the preferential policy content, produce the list of policy enterprises, reminding and guiding business that meets the standards. Enterprises should enjoy. "Face-to-face" precision counseling around the policy enjoyment, difficult problem Counseling to ensure that the taxpayer "should enjoy enjoy".

"Since October, the price of building materials has risen sharply, and the construction period is tight. Thanks to the rendering policies issued by the state. This month is more than 200,000 yuan in this month." The finance manager of Zibo Xinjiayuan Building Technology Co., Ltd. said.

Huantai County is a nationally famous building, recent cement, sand, etc. The price increase has increased greatly, so that the building industry has been greatly affected. In the first time, the State Administration of Taxation, the Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, issued the payment of tax documents, and the listing of the payment of the customer’s consultation team, on the one hand, the tax expert consultant team, to enjoy taxes Extension payment policy, on the other hand, through tax enterprises, WeChat group, Rum Tailong, mobile phone text messages, etc., to help companies solve the urgent need.

"One-to-one" precision verification In the process of policy implementation, the Zibo City Taxation Bureau established accounts in the jurisdiction, close track of the implementation of policy implementation, screening "should enjoy" doubt data, Conditions, but not enjoyed the preferential taxpayer carefully carried out review, ensuring that the taxpayer "should enjoy". "High-tech Taxation Bureau reminds you: Your company can enjoy the tax-paying policy of manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises, please return to pay for the whole, we will provide full counseling." On November 2, Zibo Botte planetary reducer limited The company’s Law Amway Army’s mobile phone suddenly received the reminder SMS of the Taxation Bureau. He is guilty of the financial personnel to contact the Tax Office immediately to consult and smoothly handle the tax.

"Staged bure policy has been replenished for the company in the short term, which is a major advantage for our technology-type small and medium-sized for manufacturing enterprises, so that we are more firm to invest in scientific research, do product confidence, just like winter Like the spring breeze, bringing our businesses. "Amwayjun said happily.

Next, the Zibo tax department will further increase the accurate counseling efforts, fully solve the problem in the process of policy implementation, further alleviate the difficulties and operational pressure of manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises, and better play the macro-regulating role of tax service, and help economic and social and healthy developing. (Zhang Chengcheng) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.