Tongliao City is "planning" for college students’ employment entrepreneurship "

"We have just held the exhibition of college graduates ‘entrepreneurial training results exhibition and college students’ entrepreneurial experience, and the next activity is more colorful.

From June 19th to 21st, Tongliao Entrepreneurship Project Information Exhibition will be held on June 24th, 25th to lead special events and entrepreneurial lectors. On July 3, 2021 graduates were held two selection, late July. Joint Flag County Employment Center Synchronize the recruitment activities, as well as the ‘grant of you in mid-August, and you will come to employment to work 2021 hundred thousand million online recruitment’ activities. From August to September, it mainly focuses on the graduates of 2021 and the previous departure unidentified college graduates, and special actions for graduates in college graduates.

From November to December, the graduates of 2022 college graduates, the unidentified college graduates such as employment, and the ‘three-piece and one support’ and other grassroots service projects expire non-employed personnel as the key object, carry out college graduates employment Service Week. In addition, the city will continue to organize more than 20 special recruitment activities of college graduates, providing long-line employment position services for job-seeking needs, and promoting university graduates to achieve full employment. Xu Xiaolei introduced.

Qiao Crown, the Qiao Zhen, a professional college, Tongliao Vocational College, is internship in kindergarten these days. She is from the Xilin Gol League, I want to go home to start a business after graduating. "I want to do a kindergarten, but now I am inadequate! The teaching is okay, enrollment, management, I am a bad thing." I wanted to conduct the choice of entrepreneurial project according to my own professional, but I thought of investment, management, and benefits. The content that has been exposed, it starts all kinds of worry.

Qiao Crown’s entrepreneurial passion and concerns are the common problems faced by most college students. "I heard that there are college students’ entrepreneurship training, I also want to try it.

"Qiao Crown is out of date.

"College students are entrepreneurial, we can say that it is a full service. For students who don’t have practicable experience, there are special business training courses specializing in them, there are online lines, and they can also enjoy entrepreneurial training subsidies. Classmates without entrepreneurship Provide small secured loans, up to 200,000 yuan, up to 3 years.

For students who have no venture locations, providing entrepreneurial parks or incubation bases, enjoys policy support for rent reduction, tax reduction, and entrepreneurial guidance.

In addition, there is also an excellent college entrepreneurial project subsidy for 5-100,000 yuan.

Through these policies, the whole world is entrepreneurship. "Xu Xiaolei said. Tongliao City integrates into the society in order to help college graduates get out of school, and achieve full employment, it also provides extension service, specializing in college graduates, file management, professional guidance, occupation, employment Entrepreneurial policy consultation, vocational skills training and other services. It is understood that as of the end of May, Tongliao college graduates achieve employment entrepreneurship or implementation of employment to 4771 people, completing 52% of the annual target tasks of the Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region, which year is better than last year. Same period.

Organize 1878 graduates from college graduates, and have completed the annual target tasks issued by Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region. (王海霞) (Editor: Zhao Meng Moon, Liu Ze).