Tianzhen welcomes work ready to enter the preparation state

The County Flood Control Headquarters set up four key monitoring areas and ten youth flood season rescue teams, and 24-hour tour monitoring for the county dam, reservoir, river, and road sections.At the same time, the townships of the county have set up 22 a total of more than 800 emergency rescue teams with young militia for the backbone.Since the rainfall on July 1, the fire prevention responsible person at all levels in the county has been in place. Effectively perform their duties, and the party and government of all sectors, the party and government of all departments, and the investigation of flood control work inspection, focusing on river, reservoir, dam, road inspection.At the same time, at the same time, the county flood control headquarters office re-revised the "Tianzhen County Flood Control and Drought Response Emergency Plan", and the townships according to the specific circumstances of different mortals, ensuring that the danger can be handled in time..

Formulate schemes in the development of various project projects, ensuring the safety of construction.

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