The people’s tanguies Ma Shanxiang: the mass work of life is dedicated to the party

Original title: The people’s tangible staff Ma Shanxiang: Lifelong to the party’s work industry, in the early morning, the reporter launched the gate of "Old Ma Studios", "Horse Studio", Jiangbei District, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, "Horse" – Ma Shanxiang is buried Read a "Mao Zedong’s writings", he reads the taste of Jinjin, and it is recorded on the notebook.

Since 1988, after the transfer of the troops, the old horse came to Guanyin Bridge Street as a mediator. In the past 29 years, he has successfully medically mediated conflict and more than 1,60,000, more than 5 million words of work notes. On this basis, the "Human Working Law" formed is promoted to the country. The model of the times, the national professional dedication model, the national outstanding Communist Party member … solid work results, let the old horse become "advanced", the famous gas is getting bigger and bigger.

"There are many people who come to find him every year, some are not our jurisdiction.

"Guanyin Bridge Street Party Work Committee Organizing Committee Shengfu said.

What changes have happened after "famous"? With his own words: "The biggest change is unchanged.

"In the past 30 years, the old horse insisted on studying for more than three hours, he said:" I have been squeezed for two hours during the day, and I have been studying for more than an hour at night, and the thunder is not moving. It is my most pleasant time. "What? In 2016, the old horse saw more than ten kinds of classic books such as the" Communist Declaration ", and there were no lack of public reading such as" living Marx "." China Communist Party Charter "is what he must read every day.

"General Secretary said that ideal beliefs are the spiritual pillars of the Chinese Communists. As a model of national era, we must have greater ideas to solve ideological and growth problems, to enhance their ideological realm." At old The horse seems to read the "Party Constitution" and guide the guidance of Marxist armed brain and is an important condition that a party member cadre has become excellent.

"For example, how to learn and adhere to Marxism-Leninism, this is at least 12 times at least 12 times in the" party constitution ", party members, party grassroots organizations, and the party’s cadres have repeated 12 times, enough to prove how important Male is more important.

"The old horse’s learning must be brain, must write notes. In the past 30 years, he has accumulated nearly two meters high work learning notes, has become the" treasure of the townhouse "in the entire studio." Familiar reading "Party Constitution" for party members Cadres, just like a baby sucking the first milk, and practice the "Party Constitution" will accompany him for lifetime growth. "In the work, the old horse puts the truth, data, evidence, speaks for his own action guidelines.

In the past 30 years, the mass media is concerned, and the people are willing to accept.

"There is something to find the old horse", has become a consensus of the people of Guanyin Bridge. In the work, the old horse is especially good at summary, and his 66 people working methods have become a learning textbook for the party and government cadres in many regions. He also found that over time, the type of problem reflected in the masses is also changing.

"I used to focus on land acquisition and demolition, corporate restructuring, etc. Waiting for the report, share our work experience to more people.

In November 2016, the old horse over 60 was officially retired, but he didn’t plan to be idle. After organizing approval, he continued to return to the familiar studio "exert a waste".

Located in the first floor of Guanyin Bridge Street, the "old horse studio" has passed his powerful voice.

Last year, the old horse who didn’t go online was "fashionable", and he opened the WeChat public number to the studio and used it as an online mass work platform. Every week, the old horse will write three articles in conjunction with their own work, including social hot disputes, and propose mediation recommendations. In addition to writing articles and writing, today, the old horse will also put the main energy into the work of cultivating "Pony". "I can’t just be cleaned, I have to drive thousands of party members and the masses.

"At present, Jiangbei District, Chongqing, has set up more than 60" Pony Studios ", and Horses are often going to lect out, introduce their work experience." We must keep your true color, don’t forget the initial heart, keep pace, beyond now Some limitations, play a leading role in greater aspects. "My ideal is to give a lifelong mass work in the party, and become a base for the grassroots.

"The old horse said, as long as the physical condition is allowed, he will continue to do this. (Xinhua News Agency Chongqing August 14 TV reporter Zhou Weiden Chen Guoyu) (Editor: Cheng Hongyi, Qinhua).