Stone House County held 2021 food safety emergencies (IV level) wisdom emergency actual emergency

In order to further strengthen the emergency response consciousness of food safety emergencies, improve emergency disposal ability, and promote the level of food safety in the county, on the morning of December 10, Shilou County, on the second floor of the CDC, launched 2021 food safety Event (grade IV) Wisdom emergency actual exercise, and successfully succeeded.

The drill was hosted by the Stone House County People’s Government, the Office of the Stone House County Food Safety Committee, and the Stone House County Market Supervision Administration.

Deputy County General, Li Haiyan, executive deputy director of the county food and security committee, deputy director of the drill, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, Chairman of the General Assembly, the vice chairman of the CPPCC, Yang Baorong, director of the Finance Bureau, attended the exercise activities. County Party Propaganda Department, County Food Safety Office, County Emergency Administration, County Municipal Supervision Bureau, County Health Bureau, County Education Bureau, County Public Security Bureau, County CDC, County Head Media Center, County Medical Group, Vocational Middle School and related A total of more than 60 people participated in the drill.

The drill takes the simulation site and video recording, according to the accident and report, start IV level emergency response, incident investigation and emergency treatment, incident on the incident and public opinion response, response termination and subsequent processing (on-site drill) and other links, Exercise Simulation "Stone House County Vocational Middle School Canteen has carried out emergency works because a chef suffers from Salmonel bacterial infection. After the incident, the relevant departments reported step by step by step, quickly started the food safety emergencies IV response, and launched emergency rescue in the first time; county municipal supervision bureau and county emergency center, county public security bureau, county health bureau, county The relevant units such as the Teaching Bureau are closely collaborated, fasten quickly, and strive to do medical treatment work, comprehensively investigate the cause of incidents, and do a good job in tracking and disposal, and hold a press conference to publicize the incident disposal to maintain social stability.

After the situation is stable, the analytical assessment of emergencies and emergency disposal, check the insufficient supervision, improve the emergency plan, and further enhance the supervision efficiency, and the bottom line of the food safety. Li Haiyan has a comprehensive summary of the drill activities. It is pointed out that this drill is the latest requirement to implement the county party committee and county government on emergency management work and the prevention and control of epidemic, and effectively improve the importance of food safety emergency treatment and level in the county. It is also inspecting stone. A major test of the actual ability of food safety emergency response in the prefecture county.

Through the drill, we must implement the "three requirements". One is highly valued, serious discipline; the second is to strengthen cooperation, do a good job; third is to combine the actual situation, summarize the improvement.

All member units should closely combine the role of food safety protection, play a functional department, and continue to sum up experience, and further improve the ability of food safety, and effectively enhance the level of food safety emergency protection in the county. Through the drill, it is necessary to enhance the "three kinds of consciousness", that is, enhance the awareness of purpose, enhance the awareness of cooperation, and enhance efficiency awareness. All relevant food safety supervision departments should use important criteria for measuring work, consciously cultivate the work style of revolution, and strive to create a rapid and fast and efficient cadres.

Through the drill, it is necessary to reach "three purposes", one is to further improve the food safety emergency system in Shilou County, and the other is to further standardize the processing process of food safety accidents, and the third is to further improve the emergency response ability of food safety accidents.

I hope that everyone should cherish this unbelievable opportunity, with this major food safety accident emergency drill, further unify thinking, exciting spirit, strengthen measures, and strive to maintain the stability of the food safety work in Shi Tower County! [Edit: Liu Na].