Tianjin Hexi District School receives an automatic exemptation vibrator guardian teacher and student life safety

In order to in depth, "Healthy Tianjin Action Implementation Plan", recently, from the Tianjin Red Cross, "Handsome Chinese Intelligence, Saving, Saving, Significance"City experimental middle school was held.Automatic exemplary fibrillation (AED) is a portable, can be used by non-professional personnel, medical equipment for rescue sudden death patients, can effectively improve first aid success rate.

The Zhongke Smart Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. donated 10 automated exemplary vials for 5 schools in the Hexi District, will improve the treatment rate of campus sudden illness and ensure the safety of teachers and students.

Next, the Hexi District Red Cross will continue to do a good job in the use training and emergency rescue of the automatic body exemption, and promote the "Red Cross Saving" in the health of the health of the people. "The dedicated contribution.(Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Wang Hao) Share more people to see.