Taiyuan City issued a tips for candidates to candidates

  Original title: The city will issue a high school entrance examination to the candidates will be conducted from June 7th to 8th. In order to ensure the smooth participation of the majority of candidates, the Municipal Education Bureau, the Municipal Recruitment Center released the tips for candidates and parents. Do a good job in the prevention and control of all candidates must do a good job in the top 14 days of temperature measurement and health monitoring. According to the requirements of the prevention and control of the epidemic prevention and control, wear masks when entering the venue, and submit a body temperature monitoring registration form to the invigilator to ensure health refer to. At the same time, we must enhance safety protection awareness.

  After carefully checking the candidates required for the examination, the examination point name, examination room number, seat number and test time on the examination certificate should be carefully examined. Keep your ID card, admission ticket, and password, prevent inconvenience or illegal infringement due to loss or password leakage due to admission ticket. Carry the examination related documents and test stationery candidates to take the exam, must bring the second-generation effective ID card, admission ticket and 2B pencil, black signature pen, rubber, straight, transparent stationery bag and other examinations.

  Do not carry mobile phones and other illegible item candidates to participate in the test to bring mobile phones, watches with storage capabilities, such as smart products, such as watches, etc., once found, will be treated according to cheating. To be honest and trustworthy exam candidates must carefully read the "National Education Examination Violation Measures" and other regulations, consciously perform the integrity examination commitment, obey the examination room discipline and examination rules, obey the examination staff, honest and trustworthy to participate.

  Keep in mind the examination time candidate to master the examination time of various subjects, 30 minutes before the test (language, foreign language test 40 minutes) began to enter the examination room; after 15 minutes of test, the candidates must not enter the examination room (foreign language exam: June 8 At 2:20 pm, I can’t enter the examination room at 2:45. 30 minutes before the end of the exam, the candidates can pay the examination room. After leaving the examination room, they must not enter the examination room again, and they must not leave the test center. Pay attention to the weather change, candidates must be familiar with the test center before the exam, planning travel routes and time, pay attention to safety, pay attention to weather changes, and make precautions in advance to ensure on time. During the motor vehicle limited number, the city’s motor vehicle implements a single-double number limit. The vehicle that picks up candidates is not subject to this limit, but the candidate should be submitted to the A4 paper specification, placed in front of the front windshield of the vehicle, so as not to violate the rules fine.

Reporter Zhang Xiaoli).