Strictly resolutely defending and controlling the results

  From October 25th to 26th, Meng Xiandong, member of the Party Committee of the Autonomous Region, and General Tongliao Municipal Party Committee, Meng Xiandong, have been deeply invested in Holinol City, Zaruti, the main urban area, and inspects the prevention and control of epidemic prevention and control, and visits the first-line medical worker and prevention and control personnel. He emphasized the implementation of the deployment requirements of the central and autonomous regional party committees, profoundly understand the seriousness of the current epidemic situation and the arduous heavy weight of the prevention and control task, always tighten the epidemic prevention and control, from strict from strict from fine Implementing the prevention and control measures, resolutely hold the difficult control results, and earnestly protect the lives of the people and the health of the people.

  In Holinol City, Zaruti Flag Fats Control Concentration Point, Meng Xiandong understands the case of isolation point accommodation capacity, supporting conditions, and isolation, listen to relevant person in charge of the relevant person in charge of the relevant personnel to receive process management, disinfection and sterilization, logistics protection, etc. . He emphasized that it is necessary to scientifically select the central isolation site, strictly implement the relevant provisions, and ensure the standardization of standardization, standardize operation, standardized management.

It is necessary to strengthen the medical monitoring and psychological counseling, transposition of the first-line staff, and work hard to ensure the physical and mental health of the quarantine and the first-line staff.

  Direct relationship between the work of the work of the disease control department directly related to the overall situation. Meng Grand East came to Holland Gol City CDC, Zarutu Flag CDC, in detail the situation of nucleic acid detection processes and testing.

He pointed out that the cadres of the Diseases should be prohibited, the order is allowed to move, play the professional specialty, strict technical standards, ensure the quality of testing, and really admit early, early report, early isolation, early treatment. To carry out regional all-in-one nucleic acid detection drills, improve practical ability, improve the emergency plan, and make up the works, ensure that the emergency response can be quickly responded, and efficiently dispose. The hospital is the first defense line of epidemic prevention and control.

In Holland Gol City People’s Hospital, Zapuqi People’s Hospital, Tongliao Infectious Disease Hospital, etc. To strengthen your own safety protection, reasonably perform it, do a good job, in good mental state, put it into your work. Medical institutions must strictly implement the pre-examination process, fully implement the "sentry" role and first responsibility system, and resolutely prevent cross-infection in the hospital.

  Meng Graduate is very concerned about the prevention and control measures of key parts such as intensive places and communities.

In Holland River Civil Aviation Airport, Holingol City Shuangli Supermarket, Zeqiang Pharmaceutical Trading Co., Ltd. Fully, fully affirm the effective practices of the relevant regional streaming work.

He emphasized that it is necessary to strengthen the management of "two one stop", school, business super-class, strengthen the community prevention and control grid management, effectively prevent the risk of epidemic.

It is necessary to scientifically reserve all kinds of epidemic prevention materials, measures to ensure the stability of living materials and prices. To quickly accurately and efficiently do a good job in tracing source, make sure that the bottom number is clear, the situation is clear, and the data is required, and the phenomenon of disturbance leakage is never allowed. The epidemic command dispatched is essential. Meng Grand East came to the city’s epidemic prevention and control headquarters, listened to the medical prevention and control of the city’s epidemic prevention and control command, and reported on the establishment and work development of the comprehensive coordination team.

He emphasized that the headquarters should strengthen unified command dispatching, overtield integration of resources, strengthen communication, strengthen supervision and inspection, all sectors of various departments should resolutely obey the instructions, listen to the arrangement, form a combined force, to ensure the rapid operation of the epidemic prevention and control work, accurate Implementation, serious consequences of serious consequences for unbearable work, and prevent control. After the inspection and supervision, Meng Xiandong also presided over the meeting of the meeting of the topic research to deploy epidemic prevention and control. City leaders Guo Yufeng, Zhang Hongfu, Wang Ling, Mo Nigenba, Wang Yong, Cao Jinshan and related municipalities, the responsible comrades of the flag city, participate in the topic registration meeting or accompany the inspection supervision. (Reporter Xu Jian) ??(Editor: Zhang Xue Dong, Liu Ze) Sharing let more people see recommendation reading.