Shenzhen 2021 fourth quarter, new construction project is concentrated

Original title: Shenzhen 2021, the new starting project is concentrated on November 3, Shenzhen City, the fourth quarter of Shenzhen, the new start-up project centralized launch event was held. Wang Weizhong, secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, attended the event and announced its work. Wang Weizhong lives in detail the planning and construction of centralized work projects, listening to regional, Dapeng New District, and Shenzhen Special Cooperation Zone. He emphasized that it is important to play a key role in effective investment and is critical to completing the overall economic development target tasks.

All relevant departments of the districts must conscientiously implement the party’s central decision-making deployment and the management of the provincial party committee, according to the work arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee, pay close attention to major project construction, further improve the speed of promotion, pay more attention to the construction of industrial projects, pay more attention to education, medical, affordable rental The housing and other people’s livelihood is guaranteed, and the coordination is in place, the previous work is in place, forming a batch of starting work, putting a batch of benign circulation, and promotes high quality investment.

It is necessary to do not to launch the epidemic prevention and control, safety production, risk prevention, adhere to scientific construction, safety construction, civilized construction, green construction, and strive to create a boutique project to consolidate the foundation for urban high quality development.

  This start-up activity has a total of 224 new start-up projects, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan, annual plan investment approximately 2.2.3 billion yuan, including the national control industrial park, and the new national display of the R & D and production base, TCL advanced semiconductor display industrial headquarters and other major projects.

  In the first three quarters of this year, Shenzhen has organized two batch of new start-up project centralized launch activities, 463 projects, total investment of 591.8 billion yuan, annual plan investment about 99.9 billion yuan, providing strong support for economic and social development.

  Shenzhen City leaders Huang Min, Tao Yongxin, Wang Youpeng participated in the event. (Reporter Dawei) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhu) Share more people see.