Tibet "Two Road" spirit memorials are selected for the national employee patriotic education base

[Font:] To strengthen the protection and utilization of red work resources, unity and guide the majority of employees to better inherit the red gene, continue to have a red blood, learn from the strength, the National Federation of Trade Unions, according to the red gene, typical Representative selection criteria, from the historical sites and existing pavilions, in the existing pavilion, naming the national employee patriotic education base. Recently, on the basis of recommendation, the National Federation of Trade Unions Secretary has decided to name 27 units as the first national employee patriotic education base, of which the "two" spirit memorials of the autonomous region is selected. It is understood that in July 2018, with the support of the Ministry of Transport and the Tibet Autonomous Region People’s Government, the Party Committee of the Tibet Autonomous Region Transportation Department, "the concept of protecting red resources, inheriting the red gene, carrying red tradition" The "Two Road" spirit memorials are exhed, and the "two" spirit memorials are relying on the "two" spirit memorials, through the efforts to enrich the exhibit content, earnestly enhance the results, continue to expand the coverage, build a "red gene", create a "red brand" ", Released" red energy ", earnestly increased the publicity and education of" two "spirit.

  It is reported that since the memorial has been accomplished since the opening hall, he has received a total of 10,000 cadres and retirement. The "Two Road" Memorial Hall has become an important position in the parties of all walks of life in the community, a university university, a cadres and the masses to receive a spiritual baptism, a touching big lecture hall. In addition, the "two" spirit memorials also have a branch in Linzhi, and the "Two" Monory Memorial Hall has received more than 10,000 people since December 2019.