Changsha green prevention and control helps agricultural products to increase the income increase in income increase

The green fruit branches and leaves are hung with red -eyed bee egg cards. The interviewed unit confessing the People’s Network Ningxiang, May 27th (Reporter Lin Luotang) "Put the red -eye bee egg card and aphid cocoon stifling in the field. The year is steadily increasing. "Walking into the orchard in the Dachengqiao Town, Dachengqiao Town, Changsha, a piece of grapes are entering the growth period at this time, and the fruit farmer Yin Jianjun is busy in the field.

Vientiane updates, spring flowers bloom. The green oil of various crops in the fields in May is full of hope and vitality.

At this time, Hunan is using green prevention and control technology to benefit large agriculture, promote early warning, monitoring and comprehensive prevention and control of harmful creatures in crops, and use pests to "natural enemies" to increase production of crops and effectively improve the local agricultural ecological environment. Green prevention and control helps agricultural products to increase production along the field. You can see nearly 20 fruit varieties such as dragon fruit, kiwi, grapes, etc., and are scattered in the 270 acres of Laoshan Village Shangguo picking garden. With red -eye bee egg cards, many red -eyed bees have successfully completed the incubation and are looking for pests in the orchard. "I took the idea of ??trying the idea of ??trying the idea in the orchard the year before. I did not expect that the effect was particularly obvious. The output increased by more than 5%in that year. More than 100 yuan.

"Yin Jianjun, head of Hunan Shangguo Agricultural Technology Development Co., Ltd. and said with a smile.

For more than 2 years, the output value increased by nearly 250,000 yuan under the same scale, all than to be widely used in large agriculture in large agricultural agriculture. Relying on the "natural enemies" of pests such as red -eyed bees, aphid cocoons, pupae, and different -colored ladybugs, the number of aphids and oblique night moths in the fields decreased sharply. Aphidal cocoon bees produced the eggs in the pest through the "abdomen" and killed it in the pest, while the 蠋蝽 uses its sharp beak into the pest and then sucks its flesh, and the heterosexual ladybug prefer multiple pests in nature. And the eggs and low -aged larvae of the pest … the local three -dimensional green prevention and control system is gradually taking shape. The Green Hunan family farm planting area, which is less than 10 minutes apart from the picking garden. Organic vegetables such as eggplant, pepper, cucumber and other organic vegetables are growing up. The vegetable farmers are busy picking. Fresh vegetables are sent directly to restaurants, hotels, hotels and hotels. Waiting for cooperative customers. Peng Long, the person in charge of the Green Hunan Family Farm, said: In the past two years, I have also tasted the "sweetness" of green prevention and control technology. With the help of natural enemies flying in the area, the time to take care of vegetable land by manually has reduced the time. The loss of vegetable diseases and insect pests has also fallen by half, which has led the farm output income to rise straight.

Not only that, the organic vegetables of the Green Hunan family farm are favored by many high -end restaurants and hotels in Changsha due to no pesticide spray. "Compared to the original selling to vegetable wholesalers, the retail price of vegetables has now been sold, and the sales volume is also guaranteed. With the annual increase of wages, people who work under my hand are full of confidence in the future.

"Peng Long introduced. With the gradual acceptance of new technologies and the improvement of consumers’ quality requirements for agricultural products, more and more rural areas in Ningxiang have used tobacco green prevention and control technology to use the help of pests" natural enemies ". To reduce the use of pesticides and realize crop pollution and pure organic green output.

The breeding of "natural enemy insects" realizes that one dragon service these pests "natural enemies" have come from artificial breeding. Now the pest "natural enemies" have long achieved the control of the whole process of preserving, expanding, packaging, release, and anti -efficiency surveys. The number of natural enemies in nature controls the harm level of pests to a reasonable threshold. Located in the Hunan Tobacco Tobacco Instead Insect Breeding Center, which is located in Yujiayu Township, Ningxiang City, the staff opened the expansion of the artificial climate box, took out the aviation pairing cup covered with gauze, and put the sticky insects and silkworm pupa for pairing At the same time, take out the egg block and hatch into nymphs. After the nymph grows adults in the raising cage, it lives in the pairing cup to match the eggs.

It is understood that more than 40 kinds of pests can be preserved, a well -deserved "natural enemy". After estimation: 30-50 heads for one acre can achieve the effect of biological control, which is more effective than insecticidal lights and traps. It is truly conducive to reducing the use of pesticides and improving the safety of agricultural products.

The breeding center conducts field surveys on the types of pests in different areas, and then considers and analyzes scientific analysis, and uses the "natural enemies" of the pests to control or kill the pests. Three harvests of benefits and social benefits. "This year, we plan to put the pests in the city of aphid cocoon bees, bare -eye bees, crickets, heterosexual ladybugs, and other pests. In other areas, the accuracy, scientificity, simplicity and practicality of crop disease and insect prevention and control.

"Hunan Tobacco Top Insert Breeding Center, a member of the expert group, He Mingjun, member of the party group and deputy manager of the Changsha Tobacco Monopoly Bureau. After the information is summarized, it is submitted to the natural enemy insect breeding center to expand on demand. After the pest "natural enemies" are put on, the harvest of pure organic and green crops will be achieved.

As early as 2014, these green prevention and control technologies were applied in Changsha. Initially, the "protective umbrella" was supported in more than 20,000 acres of tobacco fields. In the same year, actively radiating large agriculture, and the promotion area expanded year by year. With the success of the large -scale agricultural promotion demonstration area in Changsha’s many places in Changsha, the entire agricultural planting area such as rice, fruits, vegetables, and tea has benefited. Born harvest to increase production. (Responsible editor: Luo Shuai, Peng Yingbing) Share let more people see the client download.