"Party Construction leads together" is the fundamental guarantee of high-quality development in the new district

Original title: "Party Construction leads together" is the fundamental guarantee of high-quality development in the new district. In recent years, in the new era of high-quality development process, Binhai New Area has continuously improved the up and down, implementation of a strong organizational system, actively exploring practical decision-making, developing a total construction, Bin City co-management, the results of the party building leading to the achievements. Creating a work system, fully implementing the "three focuses", give full play to the first test advantage, providing strong protection for high-quality construction, "Bin City", condense the strength, serving the "Shuangcheng" development pattern, promoting Beijing Tianjin Cooperative development shows the Binfucheng.

  "Party ‘s leading joint creation" is a solid guarantee for high quality development.

Binhai New Area adheres to the "party construction leads to jointly create", strengthen the ideology, strengthen the political function of the party organization, give full play to the "leading sheep" of the party members, and the main leaders of all departments, leading to the front command, strengthen cooperation The powerful organization mobilization advantage promotes the depth participation of the broad masses of the people and society, and gives full play to the "binders" role in the party building.

Looking for breakthroughs from the masses, enterprises, and grassroots demand, I have gone out of the city with the characteristics of Bincheng, for the enterprise, for the grassroots, and carry forward the spirit of "secondary entrepreneurship", immediately do, nail, dare to take, If you don’t want to do it, you don’t wait until you are on your own hoof. If you don’t reach your purpose, you will be able to build a beautiful "Bin City" construction with high enthusiasm. "Party Construction Leading Communication" is the source of the power of high quality development.

Building a new pattern of grassroots social governance of "Five Causes and Renained", promoting the modernization of governance systems and governance, is a major strategic task of the whole party.

There is no foundation, which is more solid ratio of the people; no power, more powerful than the masses. The new district is widely condensed together, stimulating the whole society, the people ‘s matters discuss, everyone’s things are involved, and the co-creation concept is deep into each corner. Decision-making, people’s livelihood problem village residence, governance problem block seek, development topical parking park; development, forming a joint construction, organizational department attacking, social strength, coordination, residential group, residents City co-management, build full-time conventional network, crack the "difficult disease" of the people’s appeal; the effect of the results, the people are happy and unhappy, satisfied as the evaluation criteria, so that the people really become a "went person"; The achievements are shared, and the "National Civilized City" is successfully selected to the masses, the enterprise, the grassroots look "" urgent expensive "is solved, and everyone will share the results of high quality development and share high quality happiness.

  Struggling new era, dreaming of new journey. In the future, the Binhai New District will continue to play the party building leads to jointly create the strength of the "Bin City" system advantage, and use your heart for the masses. For the enterprise, do practical things for the grassroots. The masses really feel the party organizations, and the party members and cadres are in the side of the people, the warm people, the ecological, wisdom, and Hong Kong-producing city. (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.