This man made the green camp tragic? The latest online voice volume is released from Taiwan netizens’ messages "very pessimistic"

Taiwanese artist Guo Yanjun issued a post on May 25, saying that he was chatting with medical friends and mentioned that "seeing this (?) Children, just walk like this". Su Zhenchang, the head of the second desk, said that he would investigate the rumors of epidemic, which caused anger from all walks of life.

A survey of the latest network sound volume shows that the vocal volume gap between the blue and green parties is from 50 % to 31 % within one month. This news was discussed, but some netizens bluntly said: "Rest assured, when the Taiwanese people are forgetful at the end of the year, the DPP will definitely win again!" It caused many people to resonate and expressed pessimism. TPOC Taiwan Topic Research Center analyzed the network voice changes in the blue and green camps from April 1st to May 31st through "Quickseek Quick Analysis of Public Opinion Database" through "Quickseek Quick Analysis of Public Opinion Database". After the policies and vaccines, after the end of May, after the incident, Guo Yanjun strongly supported Guo Yanjun’s "many children gone". However, the Kuomintang chased all the way, and the gap between the volume of both sides was approaching 50 % to 31 % within one month. Not only that, the study also shows that the DPP’s negative sound volume in May was approaching 400,000, with the two key points of the positive sound and the most lethal. The fast screen reagent case is suspected; the second is that Guo Yanjun’s "many children are gone" incident, and the latter is 15 % more than the former’s negative voice. Especially after Su Zhenchang spoke, the DPP recruited as many as 20973 negative sound volume, even if even The next day, Su clarified that "it is not aimed at individuals", and it is still difficult to anger. This news caused heated discussion. Netizens poured into the link from "Zhongshi News Network" and social platform related links: "Rest assured, when the Taiwanese are forgetful at the end of the year, the DPP will definitely win again!" Existence, the DPP will always be ‘governing’! "" 1450 will soon work "," Selling a mango at the end of the year, and the young people are obedient. There are small people underneath "," a lot of loyalty, don’t worry about the Democratic Progressive Party "," Look at the results of the four major "referendums" last year, I can only be pessimistic "," Taiwanese are never rational. "

(News source: Zhongshi News Network) Responsible editor: Zuo Qiuzi.