[Grasp the two overall plans to realize the opening of the door] Urumqi biomedical enterprises accelerate the running

On March 8th, in the three -dimensional warehouse of Jiuzhou Tong Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. in Xinjiang, the staff was putting in the warehouse.

(Photo by Reporter Mu Min) Xinjiang News (Reporter Mu Min) On March 8th, Xinjiang Uygur Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.’s pharmaceutical packaging workshop equipment was running in an orderly manner, and 8 production lines opened full horsepower production.

In January, the company’s drug output was nearly 5 million boxes, an increase of nearly 20%year -on -year, and sales exceeded 100 million yuan, an increase of 38%year -on -year.

Dong Yuwei, the assistant general manager of the company, said that the company has achieved the opening of the door, which is mainly reflected in several varieties of the layout. The core products include pomegranate blood syrup and nourishing Xinda Viromisik cream. It is expected that these two varieties will exceed 100 million yuan this year.

Dong Yuwei said that there are currently more than 10 varieties of the company and more than 10 reserves, which provides motivation for the development of the enterprise.

In terms of marketing, the company is based on Xinjiang, radiating the whole country, and has established branches in Uzbekistan. At present, it has obtained the registration of 6 products and achieved sales. This year, it will also enter the South Asia and African markets.

In the 30 -meter ultra -high three -dimensional warehouse of Xinjiang Kyushu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., workers are undergoing drugs to enter the warehouse. This ultra -high three -dimensional warehouse can automatically sort and store medicines throughout the process. When the pharmaceutical case enters the ultra -high three -dimensional library, which medicine is placed in which location, how to arrange the shortest time to pick the route, and how to remove it when picking up the goods. More and more smart. Tong Hui, executive director of Xinjiang Kyushu Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., said that in the first two months of this year, the company’s sales increased by 40%year -on -year.

Especially in January, sales were nearly 700 million yuan, creating a new high -month sales of the company. In the production workshop of Xinjiang Yindo Lan Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., workers will orderly send them into warehouses in an orderly pouring, box, and packaging from automated production lines, boxes, and packaging. Mu Xiumei, deputy manager of the company, said that in the past 5 years, the company has developed 6 new products, of which 4 products have entered the third phase of the clinical stage.

In the first two months, the company’s sales increased by 38%year -on -year, of which a compound artemisia was 20%, and the urine -intended Cark was 30%.

Since the beginning of this year, Xinqikang Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. has opened up full horsepower production, and sales have achieved more than 30%growth.

Li Keyan, deputy general manager of the company, said that the growth of sales is mainly reflected in the company’s three major varieties. Sipa solid gingival liquid, cold asthma Zopa granules and Zakumu particles. At present, the company has achieved full coverage of the national marketing network.

At present, high -tech zones (new urban areas) have 479 various biomedical and large health industry enterprises. In 2021, the overall size of the industry reached 40 billion yuan. A new biomedical large health industry park is accelerating construction to gradually realize the effect of the pharmaceutical industry cluster effect Essence