Four -year -old boy stepping on the sliding car on the road to duty police warning and warning

On May 10th, in Li Gang Road, Shawu City, a four -year -old boy playing skateboarding in a motor lane was very dangerous. After the discovery of the traffic police of the education, he brought him away from the dangerous area in time.

At 08:00 on the morning, Li Shifeng, the head of the city squadron of the Shawu Public Security Traffic Police Brigade, found that a boy was riding a scooter in a motor lane at the time. The scooter shuttles in the traffic, and the situation is very dangerous. The traffic police on duty immediately led the boy to a safe zone and asked his parents’ information.

However, because the boy was too young, he could not say that the parent and address information was not available. While Li Shifeng patiently comforted the child’s emotions, he led the boy to return to find along the original road. Finally, he met his mother who was looking for the child all the way. Parents.

After asking the parents, it turned out that the boy took the scooter to find his sister while the family was not paying attention. After the mother found that the child was not at home, he was looking for the electric car all the way. Fortunately, he was escorted by the traffic police on duty. Finally put it down.

Afterwards, the child’s mother thanked the traffic police for their help and escort. Traffic police tips: scooters, balanced cars, etc. are not transportation and cannot be driving on the road. Because it is fast and no brakes, it is necessary to control the balance and speed by the focus of the human body, which is easy to occur. In addition, the child is short, and the control is weak. Riding on a complex road is more likely to occur.