Lao Laner’s new article 丨 Luliangshan new thing! A family portrait is the "endorsement" of rice dumplings

  Xinhuanet, Taiyuan, June 2nd (Wang Liang) On the chopping board of the courtyard, glutinous rice and rice leaves are placed. Grandpa and grandma are teaching grandson to bags. A happy smile flowing in the eyes of the grandchildren … This is Zhang Xinqin a few years ago A photo taken, and today this photo has become the main promotional photo of "Qingsang Dang". When Zhang Xinqin, he called every two or three minutes, and he apologized to the other party: "There are too many orders in various places, they can’t produce, and they have stopped receiving orders for several days.

"This is a" sweet "trouble brought by Qingtang Zongzi.

    Qianqingtang Village is located on the west bank of the Laushui River. It has sufficient water throughout the year and bred a well -quality dense reed. Although it has the reputation of "asking Qingsang what is the best, reed sea eyes and fragrance", it has been " Holding the golden rice bowl, but to ask for food. "

  During the poverty alleviation period, with the help of the poverty alleviation team, Qianqingtang Village began to develop the zongzi industry. The village branch Zhang Xinwen mobilized Zhang Xinqin, the younger brother of the electric vehicle business in Yuci District, Jinzhong City, returned to his hometown to start a business.

  Zhang Xinqin, who has worked hard for many years, has the mind of a businessman: in the village, if you want to rely on rice dumplings, you must have a leading enterprise. There are innovative products suitable for consumer tastes. In the lobby of the Food Co., Ltd., there are multiple products such as yellow rice dumplings, Jiangmi dumplings, sugar -free, and hawthorn.

"We sell 6 million rice dumplings each year, revenue more than 30 million yuan, and the proportion of online sales has exceeded 30 %." Zhang Xinqin introduced while thinking, and also made the rice dumplings into the hotel. food.

  Regardless of how the rice dumplings "change", there are always Lu Liangshan’s reeds and dates on the Yellow River Beach in Qingtang.

After hard work, the "Honey immersed jujube" in Qingsang, Linxian County, was rated as the non -heritage project of Luliang City, and Zhang Xinqin became the eighth -generation inheritor of the non -heritage project.

  Qingsang Zongzi’s product packaging and brand shaping must reflect "culture" and "inheritance". The corporate image design of the cooperative company must not satisfy Zhang Xinqin. The family portrait stored in the mobile phone triggered him, "the reunion, happiness and inheritance in the photo matches the non -heritage temperament of Qingsang Zongzi." Qingtang dumplings, which is increasingly famous, walked out of Luliang Mountain and walked towards Taiyuan and even Beijing. Wait. Qianqingtang Village attracted many villagers who worked outside the village to run a factory or set up a family workshop. There were more than a hundred dumplings of the village’s dumplings.

  "Rural rejuvenation must have industries, and there is no industry without industries." In Zhang Xinqin’s view, in addition to dumplings, Qianqingtang Village also needs to develop and use its own water resources, red resources, etc., and make efforts in rural tourism. " In the future, the sesame will definitely be high.