Shenzhen 2021 fourth quarter, new construction project is concentrated

Shenzhen 2021 fourth quarter, new construction project is concentrated

Original title: Shenzhen 2021, the new starting project is concentrated on November 3, Shenzhen City, the fourth quarter of Shenzhen, the new start-up project centralized launch event was held. Wang Weizhong, secretary of the Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee, attended the event and announced its work. Wang Weizhong lives in detail the planning and construction of centralized work projects, listening to regional, Dapeng New District, and Shenzhen Special Cooperation Zone. He emphasized that it is important to play a key role in effective investment and is critical to completing the overall economic development target tasks.

All relevant departments of the districts must conscientiously implement the party’s central decision-making deployment and the management of the provincial party committee, according to the work arrangements of the Municipal Party Committee, pay close attention to major project construction, further improve the speed of promotion, pay more attention to the construction of industrial projects, pay more attention to education, medical, affordable rental The housing and other people’s livelihood is guaranteed, and the coordination is in place, the previous work is in place, forming a batch of starting work, putting a batch of benign circulation, and promotes high quality investment.

It is necessary to do not to launch the epidemic prevention and control, safety production, risk prevention, adhere to scientific construction, safety construction, civilized construction, green construction, and strive to create a boutique project to consolidate the foundation for urban high quality development.

  This start-up activity has a total of 224 new start-up projects, with a total investment of about 100 million yuan, annual plan investment approximately 2.2.3 billion yuan, including the national control industrial park, and the new national display of the R & D and production base, TCL advanced semiconductor display industrial headquarters and other major projects.

  In the first three quarters of this year, Shenzhen has organized two batch of new start-up project centralized launch activities, 463 projects, total investment of 591.8 billion yuan, annual plan investment about 99.9 billion yuan, providing strong support for economic and social development.

  Shenzhen City leaders Huang Min, Tao Yongxin, Wang Youpeng participated in the event. (Reporter Dawei) (Editor: Zhang Chenmuse, Chen Yizhu) Share more people see.

Tianjin Hexi District School receives an automatic exemptation vibrator guardian teacher and student life safety

Tianjin Hexi District School receives an automatic exemptation vibrator guardian teacher and student life safety

In order to in depth, "Healthy Tianjin Action Implementation Plan", recently, from the Tianjin Red Cross, "Handsome Chinese Intelligence, Saving, Saving, Significance"City experimental middle school was held.Automatic exemplary fibrillation (AED) is a portable, can be used by non-professional personnel, medical equipment for rescue sudden death patients, can effectively improve first aid success rate.

The Zhongke Smart Manufacturing (Tianjin) Co., Ltd. donated 10 automated exemplary vials for 5 schools in the Hexi District, will improve the treatment rate of campus sudden illness and ensure the safety of teachers and students.

Next, the Hexi District Red Cross will continue to do a good job in the use training and emergency rescue of the automatic body exemption, and promote the "Red Cross Saving" in the health of the health of the people. "The dedicated contribution.(Editor: Zhang Jingqi, Wang Hao) Share more people to see.

Stone House County held 2021 food safety emergencies (IV level) wisdom emergency actual emergency

Stone House County held 2021 food safety emergencies (IV level) wisdom emergency actual emergency

In order to further strengthen the emergency response consciousness of food safety emergencies, improve emergency disposal ability, and promote the level of food safety in the county, on the morning of December 10, Shilou County, on the second floor of the CDC, launched 2021 food safety Event (grade IV) Wisdom emergency actual exercise, and successfully succeeded.

The drill was hosted by the Stone House County People’s Government, the Office of the Stone House County Food Safety Committee, and the Stone House County Market Supervision Administration.

Deputy County General, Li Haiyan, executive deputy director of the county food and security committee, deputy director of the drill, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the County People’s Congress, Chairman of the General Assembly, the vice chairman of the CPPCC, Yang Baorong, director of the Finance Bureau, attended the exercise activities. County Party Propaganda Department, County Food Safety Office, County Emergency Administration, County Municipal Supervision Bureau, County Health Bureau, County Education Bureau, County Public Security Bureau, County CDC, County Head Media Center, County Medical Group, Vocational Middle School and related A total of more than 60 people participated in the drill.

The drill takes the simulation site and video recording, according to the accident and report, start IV level emergency response, incident investigation and emergency treatment, incident on the incident and public opinion response, response termination and subsequent processing (on-site drill) and other links, Exercise Simulation "Stone House County Vocational Middle School Canteen has carried out emergency works because a chef suffers from Salmonel bacterial infection. After the incident, the relevant departments reported step by step by step, quickly started the food safety emergencies IV response, and launched emergency rescue in the first time; county municipal supervision bureau and county emergency center, county public security bureau, county health bureau, county The relevant units such as the Teaching Bureau are closely collaborated, fasten quickly, and strive to do medical treatment work, comprehensively investigate the cause of incidents, and do a good job in tracking and disposal, and hold a press conference to publicize the incident disposal to maintain social stability.

After the situation is stable, the analytical assessment of emergencies and emergency disposal, check the insufficient supervision, improve the emergency plan, and further enhance the supervision efficiency, and the bottom line of the food safety. Li Haiyan has a comprehensive summary of the drill activities. It is pointed out that this drill is the latest requirement to implement the county party committee and county government on emergency management work and the prevention and control of epidemic, and effectively improve the importance of food safety emergency treatment and level in the county. It is also inspecting stone. A major test of the actual ability of food safety emergency response in the prefecture county.

Through the drill, we must implement the "three requirements". One is highly valued, serious discipline; the second is to strengthen cooperation, do a good job; third is to combine the actual situation, summarize the improvement.

All member units should closely combine the role of food safety protection, play a functional department, and continue to sum up experience, and further improve the ability of food safety, and effectively enhance the level of food safety emergency protection in the county. Through the drill, it is necessary to enhance the "three kinds of consciousness", that is, enhance the awareness of purpose, enhance the awareness of cooperation, and enhance efficiency awareness. All relevant food safety supervision departments should use important criteria for measuring work, consciously cultivate the work style of revolution, and strive to create a rapid and fast and efficient cadres.

Through the drill, it is necessary to reach "three purposes", one is to further improve the food safety emergency system in Shilou County, and the other is to further standardize the processing process of food safety accidents, and the third is to further improve the emergency response ability of food safety accidents.

I hope that everyone should cherish this unbelievable opportunity, with this major food safety accident emergency drill, further unify thinking, exciting spirit, strengthen measures, and strive to maintain the stability of the food safety work in Shi Tower County! [Edit: Liu Na].

Tianzhen welcomes work ready to enter the preparation state

Tianzhen welcomes work ready to enter the preparation state

The County Flood Control Headquarters set up four key monitoring areas and ten youth flood season rescue teams, and 24-hour tour monitoring for the county dam, reservoir, river, and road sections.At the same time, the townships of the county have set up 22 a total of more than 800 emergency rescue teams with young militia for the backbone.Since the rainfall on July 1, the fire prevention responsible person at all levels in the county has been in place. Effectively perform their duties, and the party and government of all sectors, the party and government of all departments, and the investigation of flood control work inspection, focusing on river, reservoir, dam, road inspection.At the same time, at the same time, the county flood control headquarters office re-revised the "Tianzhen County Flood Control and Drought Response Emergency Plan", and the townships according to the specific circumstances of different mortals, ensuring that the danger can be handled in time..

Formulate schemes in the development of various project projects, ensuring the safety of construction.

(Shiliang) (Editor: Zhang Tingting, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Risk "big gift package" to help the manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises warm "winter"

Risk "big gift package" to help the manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises warm "winter"

People’s Network Zibo November 18th "" Successfully paying the tax next year, better than our company has received an interest-free bank loan! Whenever we close the end of the season, we will always worry about the company’s funds, this time The delay policy is really mitigating our funding pressure! "Shandong Xinjing Machinery Co., Ltd. Finance, Meng Yinping said happy.

Recently, with the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Finance delayed the implementation of some tax and fees in the fourth quarter of the manufacturing industry, in order to ensure the precision of the staged bure policy, the State Administration of Taxation Zibo City Taxation Bureau first Establish mechanisms, strengthen publicity, classes, supervise and follow up, continue to strengthen the interpretation and counseling of slowdrop policy, and help the manufacturing of small and medium-sized enterprises to solve difficulties. After the "point-to-point" precision push policy, the Zibo City Taxation Bureau increased publicity, deepening big data analysis and application, and took the initiative to identify taxpayers who enjoy preferential policy conditions, and timely accurately push policy information, issue policy guidelines. Ensure that the preferential policy "should know".

"We receive the telephone department’s call, remind us to enjoy the preferential policy of delaying tax payment in the declaration period in November, but also received the detailed operation guidance of tax workers, with the help of tax workers, we successfully apply The taxes and fees of nearly 700,000 yuan have played a small role for the company’s capital turnover, and the expansion of expansion has played a small role. "Meng Yinping, the financial person in charge of Shandong Xinjing Machinery Co., Ltd., said.

In the work, the State Administration of Taxation Zhoucun District Taxation Bureau took the initiative to attack, on the pre-service, in-depth interpretation of the preferential policy content, produce the list of policy enterprises, reminding and guiding business that meets the standards. Enterprises should enjoy. "Face-to-face" precision counseling around the policy enjoyment, difficult problem Counseling to ensure that the taxpayer "should enjoy enjoy".

"Since October, the price of building materials has risen sharply, and the construction period is tight. Thanks to the rendering policies issued by the state. This month is more than 200,000 yuan in this month." The finance manager of Zibo Xinjiayuan Building Technology Co., Ltd. said.

Huantai County is a nationally famous building, recent cement, sand, etc. The price increase has increased greatly, so that the building industry has been greatly affected. In the first time, the State Administration of Taxation, the Taxation Bureau of the State Administration of Taxation, issued the payment of tax documents, and the listing of the payment of the customer’s consultation team, on the one hand, the tax expert consultant team, to enjoy taxes Extension payment policy, on the other hand, through tax enterprises, WeChat group, Rum Tailong, mobile phone text messages, etc., to help companies solve the urgent need.

"One-to-one" precision verification In the process of policy implementation, the Zibo City Taxation Bureau established accounts in the jurisdiction, close track of the implementation of policy implementation, screening "should enjoy" doubt data, Conditions, but not enjoyed the preferential taxpayer carefully carried out review, ensuring that the taxpayer "should enjoy". "High-tech Taxation Bureau reminds you: Your company can enjoy the tax-paying policy of manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises, please return to pay for the whole, we will provide full counseling." On November 2, Zibo Botte planetary reducer limited The company’s Law Amway Army’s mobile phone suddenly received the reminder SMS of the Taxation Bureau. He is guilty of the financial personnel to contact the Tax Office immediately to consult and smoothly handle the tax.

"Staged bure policy has been replenished for the company in the short term, which is a major advantage for our technology-type small and medium-sized for manufacturing enterprises, so that we are more firm to invest in scientific research, do product confidence, just like winter Like the spring breeze, bringing our businesses. "Amwayjun said happily.

Next, the Zibo tax department will further increase the accurate counseling efforts, fully solve the problem in the process of policy implementation, further alleviate the difficulties and operational pressure of manufacturing small and medium-sized enterprises, and better play the macro-regulating role of tax service, and help economic and social and healthy developing. (Zhang Chengcheng) (Editor: Gong Xing, Xing Manhua) Sharing Let more people see recommendation reading.

Three grass two wooden x-known peace, co-sponsored forum focused multi-dimensional skin repair

Three grass two wooden x-known peace, co-sponsored forum focused multi-dimensional skin repair

Know almost debate, focusing multidimensional repair three grass two wooden explore the natural and scientific products is always the first place, and always pay attention to the multi-dimensional performance of the product. Hold on natural science skin care brand position, so that three grass two wooden consumer trust and become well-known brand of excellent power. Recently, three grass two wooden joint know peace, dialogue 9 large coffee industry authority, covering controversy dermatology, recipes, plants and many other areas know almost, opened the first online round-table forum for skin for about science and the natural response options analysis, and strive to provide consumers with a maximum dimension, the most authoritative security sKIN Rec. Know almost has also rigorous, science quiz, known for knowledge class platform, the three grass two wooden and know almost jointly launch scientific knowledge on the skin, can be said to be from natural, scientific skincare source to guide consumers to avoid detours, refused to step on mine.

9 experts, the depth of interpretation nine leading experts in natural sciences skin participate in the dialogue, according to a topic every time expanded, in-depth analysis, and ultimately give consumers a valid conclusion.

Multidimensional repair, and scientific discussion for multi-dimensional repair whitening, anti-hwan bright skin plus program, the nine experts, without exception, expressed high praise for the three grass two wooden non-red-white combination. Red and white non name implies, is used Quartz series day, day antioxidant achieve skin lightening, and the evening with a red crystal series, repair functions of overnight aging.

Take the three grass two wooden red crystal cream, the doctors of medical science Philip, recognized red quinoa extract has anti-collagen glycation, and has a repair UV damage, soothes sensitive and reducing multiple functions, etc., which make it a hexagonal rare fighters, skin effect having a plurality of dimensions, and then by co Haematococcus, transdermal fibronectin and other ingredients, can effectively help the skin to achieve robust, antioxidant, shells run, radiance, filling five-dimensional young state.

Three grass two wooden heavy launch non-red-and-white multi-dimensional repair combination, can effectively achieve scientific whitening effect, many industry experts validated scientific skin does not step on mine.

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China’s property insurance violations of consumer rights were notified by the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission

Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, China’s property insurance violations of consumer rights were notified by the Silver Insurance Regulatory Commission

Original title: The Bank of China reported the Shanghai Pudong Development Bank, the China Financial Insurance Infringement Consumer Rights Case Xinhua News Agency, Beijing April 16 (Reporter Li Yanxia) China SMINFC Consumer Rights Protection Bureau 16th info Shanghai Pudong Development Bank Co., Ltd. and China Cases of Joint Property Insurance Co., Ltd. infringes consumer rights. "Notification on the Pudong Development Bank, China Financial Insurance Infringement Consumer Rights" pointed out that in September 2018, the private equity of private equity products sold by Shanghai Pudong Development Bank had extensive exchanges, which triggered a number of consumers complaints.

After investigation, Pudong Development Bank has the following violation of consumer rights: First, the admission link is not fully analyzed, the due diligence is not in place; Second, when selling the products sold to some customers, did not follow Regulatory requirements sell a single-print product in the outlets and record video recordings, but use the on-site service mode; the three-way mobile phonology of the product contract, it is easy to make consumers mistakenly believe that the product is self-managed financial products for Pudong Development Bank; Fourth, the risk disclosure is not included in the product type, product risk rating and customer rating, customer equity instructions, etc. Bulletin pointed out that since May 2019, the China Financial Insurance guarantees an insurance complaint to explode. After investigation, the Chinese property insurance Shanghai branch in the underwriter network lending information intermediary credit loan guarantee the insurance business, there is the following behavior of the following infringement of consumer rights: First, notify consumer claims and place after receiving the consumer claims Need materials, nor did it make the approved for compensation within the contract; second, credit loans guarantee insurance business with network loan information intermediary institutions that do not meet the Internet finance; the third is not in accordance with the provisions of approval or filing insurance Terms.

  According to the report, the behavior of the two institutions infringed the fundamental rights of consumers, fair trading rights, and claims to be legally claimed, and harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Bulletin requires all bank insurance agencies to cause warnings, and conduct business activities in strict accordance with relevant laws and regulations and regulatory regulations, and earnestly protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers.

(Editor: Tang Wei, Zhang Xin).

Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University held a 2021 new school opening ceremony

Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University held a 2021 new school opening ceremony

Southeast Net November 18 (Xinji Chen Peiyuan correspondent Lin Su) On November 17, Quanzhou Vocational and Technology University held a 2021 new student ceremony in the main campus.

At the event, the program of the CCTV national defense military channel "Old Bing Hello" column "Love Painting Winning Ozang – Veteran Wu Jinying Wen Xinxi Liu Zhijun", using video methods to tell everyone the founder, Director Chang Wu Jinying and other two Quanzhou retired veterans love to win the vivid story.

"Don’t give life, everything is possible."

Wu Bin, president of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University, told you to Wu Jinying’s hard work history of the chairman of the school. "Wu Bin encourages new students to learn in the future, when they encounter difficulties, remember that the movie" Changjin Lake ", the tense line" does not believe in there is a task, I don’t believe that there is no difficulty, I don’t believe there. The enemy that can’t be defeated. "

He said that the future of newcomers is full of infinite possibilities, I hope that in the near future, teachers and students can also contribute their own youth in the business entrepreneurship. Ke Huiling, general manager of Jinjiang Wenbao Group, introduced in the opening ceremony. The industrial projects involved in the Wenzhou Vocational College are highly resolved. In the future, both sides will operate in vocational training, professional school operations, preschool education, sports events. Hold, scenic operations, activities, students employment, etc. further docking, give full play to their respective advantages, jointly explore cooperation models, and achieve win-win development. She appealed, Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University Young students can prefer Jinjiang, take the root in Jinjiang, "Love Jinjiang, Future!" It is worth mentioning that the founder of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University, Chairman Wu Jinying also went to the scene and The guests participating in the ceremony, teachers and students share the original intention of the school, hoping that the new students will maintain physical and mental health, hard work skills, research innovation, master the skills of employment and entrepreneurship, and do "healthy longevity, strong entrepreneurial ability, benefiting society contribution ". That night, the school also held a conducing ceremony, issued award certificate such as innovation and entrepreneurship competition, vocational college skills competition, and organized a literary program performance.

Shanxi Culture Travel Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips

Shanxi Culture Travel Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips

  Original title: New Year [warm place in the side] Wenxian trip Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips Chinese New Year approaching, getting stronger in flavor, epidemic prevention and control can not be ignored.

To protect the tourists enjoy a safe, healthy, civilized and peaceful Spring Festival, February 1, Sheng Wen Brigade Department released 2021 Spring Festival holiday travel tips.

  Jin leave non-essential, non-essential not to leave.

Advocate-place New Year, Chinese New Year small family home, online get-together, network New Year, the nearest feelings Shanxi Traditional Folk Culture, reduce unnecessary travel.

Non-essential not arrange overseas travel, do not go to high-risk areas, to reduce staff travel during the holiday season and liquidity risk.

  Spare protection, health travel. Before traveling, pay close attention to the risk of epidemic disease prevention and control department released information across, good self-protection, adhere to wear masks, wash hands, wash disinfection; when the tour, and consciously maintain a safe distance from other tourists, to develop "one meter line" good habits ; at dinner, opened the spacing of tables and chairs, Gongbiao use chopsticks; discomfort, high body temperature or other abnormal situations during travel, immediately suspended tourism activities, contact the nearest medical institution, and report to the district epidemic prevention departments. Avoid crowding together, travel peak load shifting.

Before traveling, to understand the latest destination epidemic prevention and control policies and return policies through authoritative sources, open inquiry scenic spots, limiting measures, in particular to understand the ticket reservation, discount tickets, tours and other sub-period policy. Rational consumption, to avoid the trap of low-cost travel. When Offered tourism, travel agencies select qualified; not rely on the streets, railway stations and other places of movement of persons distribute small ads, small card, so as not to fall into the trap of low-cost travel. Strengthen prevention, safe travel. When entering the scenic spots, hotels, museums, cultural relics protection units and other places, to strictly abide by safety regulations forest fire prevention, fire protection, security and so on.

When involved in high-risk projects, according to their own health status and capabilities, and obey safety scenic tour guides and staff reminder. Comply with the order, civilized travel.

Consciously abide by tourist destinations and along the high-speed, airports, railway stations, catering, accommodation, shopping and attractions epidemic prevention and control system, and accept measuring body temperature, check the health code, sub-demand timing streams.

Hygiene, denial game, implementation of the "CD action" to eliminate "wasted tongue" consciously reduce the use of disposable items.

  Properly respond to emergencies, according to the law rational rights.

Once the brigade involved in emergency occurs, be calm, self-help and mutual aid and actively take measures to quickly evacuate dangerous areas, for police assistance if necessary. In case of road travel service quality disputes, tours can dial phone. (Reporter Zhang Ting).

Roiled American fabricated facts to fight the opponent crime: "White Helmet" organized fake pendulum as a tiger

Roiled American fabricated facts to fight the opponent crime: "White Helmet" organized fake pendulum as a tiger

Manga: Lu Lingxing (People’s Network copyright picture, unauthorized, please do not reprint.) "White Helmet" is the Syrian folk defense organization, because its members often wear a white helmet in rescue activities, and is called "white "The helmet", the organization has repeatedly displaced the Syrian government with video fake.

A number of US media disclosed that the United States is an important supporter of the organization.

In November 2016, NGOs "White Helmet" admitted that the organizational staff from previously released in Syrian Aleppo wounded as a shot, and delivered an apology statement.

In September 2018, the Russian Ministry of National Defense issued a statement that the Syrian anti-government armed staff once again staged the fake play of "martial arts".

In 2018, as the Syrian government troops recovered more and more territories, the United States had negotiated with allies to help "white helmets" withdraw from Syria.

In 2019, the US President Trump is the public ordered to provide $ 4.5 million assistance to the organization. Fake, pending, playing, the United States directly commands this after the scene. However, it is not a class of books, and the performance is poor, and the horse feet are exposed. The so-called non-government civil defense organization is actually a group of American servants who fight the humanitarian flag. The United States attempts to interfere with his national government through funding non-governmental organizations, and its hegemonyism is really clear. Some information Source: Xinhuanet.