Agricultural origin and civilization origin

  "Rice · Source · Enlightenment – Zhejiang Shangshan Culture Archaeological Exhibition" is exhibiting in China National Museum.The early remains of the Shangshan Culture, which are distributed in the Zhejiang Jinyu Basin, and the archaeological discovered the site, column cave, red-saving surface, gray pit, etc.Drop and processed stone and stone chisel.

A large amount of carbonized rice husk was found in the red-baked, and the carbonized rice shell was found. It was observed from the sections of the pottery to have a rice husk from the sections of the pottery. It can be speculated that rice has become an indispensable plant in human life at the time.The above findings revealed that Shangshan cultural ace should have begun to implement certain cultivation behaviors, such as felling and incineration, broadcasting rice seeds, settlement of rice fields, and use specific tools after ripening, and so on.If the origin of rice agriculture or the initial stage can be traced back to 10,000 years ago.

  The origin of agriculture is a synergistic process between human and animals and plants.

In this process, the mutual dependence between people and some animals is gradually strengthened. In the end, these plants and animal evolution becomes a special species that must rely on people to carry out special species of normal reproduction, namely cultivated crops and domestic animals; and human society It also evolved accordingly became the technical social stage of crops and livestock and poultry as the source of basic living materials, namely agricultural society.

The formation of agricultural society is a long evolution process, rather than sudden changes.

This process is the most typical in rice.

  Rice as a long period of thousands of years after thousands of years: about 10,000 years ago, ancient human beings in the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River began to settle and cultivate rice, marking the emergence of rice as farming; During the Liangzhu Cultural Period, 5,000 years ago, rice as farming production has finally replaced the collection of hunting activities to become the social economy main, marking the official formation of rice as a agricultural society. It is a key stage in the process of rice as an agricultural origin of rice.

At present, the relevant ruins of this stage of archaeological findings are: Hunan Province Peng Shushan Site and Eighty Dragonfly Site, Zhejiang Xiaoshan Crosshu Bridge Site, Zhangzhou Xiaohuangshan Site and Yuyao Life Mountain Site, Henan Dance Yang Jia The lake rule and the Dengzhou Bayiogang site. There is a certain number of rice remains in these sites.

In addition, the ruins of the system flotation are also unearthed with common rice fields such as grass, floating grass, and fluorurization. Weeds are special plant groups with artificial habitats, in which field weeds are accompanied by human cultivation crops, so the field weeds unearthed in the site can indirectly reflect the farming production. It is worth noting that the wild animal remains and plant remains are generally unearthed in these archaeological sites. For example, the number of non-winning fish bones, as well as the remains of wildlife such as deer, cattle, rabbit, floating out of rhodes, lotus roots, and fruits, etc. can be worried.

The quantitative analysis of flotation results showed that unearthed rice remains did not have obvious advantages compared to the acquired wild food resources.

In other words, the social economy main body is still collecting hunting (fishing and hunting), rice planting and pig breeding are only auxiliary, and the early stage of life morphological characteristics and social and economic development are in the early stage of rice agricultural society. . During the distance of 7,000 to 6000, it is still in the evolution of hunting to rice as agriculture.

The number of archaeological sites belonging to this stage is large, including the most representative of Zhejiang Yuyao Hemudu Site and Tianzhan Site.

The archaeological excavations of the river Zhadui and Tianwan sites have unearthed, including the number of amazing rice remains, including a large number 爱上海水磨价格 of edible wild plants, such as rhodes, truth, lotus seeds, and fruits.

Among them, it is the most worthy of concern.

As a starch, there are many similarities with rice, such as harvesting season, consumption, nutrients, storage functions, etc., these two types of foods are replaceable if one of them can be obtained. It is not necessary to obtain another category. The fruit contains bitter tannins, the removal process is complicated, the protein and fibers are also rough, the mouth is poor, and if humans can harvest enough rice, there is no need to collect sauce. A large amount of edible wild plant remains, especially the foundation of the fruit storage hibiscus, which has an important role in the industrial economy of the ancient age of River Zeng and Tian Wuhan sites, but the harvested rice is not 爱上海龙凤 enough to support the village residents. Still need to obtain wild plant resources by collecting. Until 5000 years ago, rice farming finally replaced the collection of hunting and became a socio-economic body.

In recent years, archaeological discovery shows that the number of archaeological sites in the Liangzhu Culture, which is 5,000 years ago, suddenly increased dramatic, and the Liangzhu cultural site of the Hangzhou Bay area is unusually intensive. This shows that in the Liangzhu Culture, a population has grown sharply in the lower reaches of the Yangtze River. In the history of human development, the population growth rate is regulated and restricted by the growth rate of basic living materials. If in a historical development phase, the population in a particular area suddenly grows significantly, generally in the fundamental transformation of basic living materials. closely related.

Therefore, the phenomenon of population growth during the Liangzhu culture should have a certain causal relationship with the establishment of rice agricultural society. Only by relying on relatively developed rice agricultural production, it can maintain a large number of people accumulated in a relatively narrow region.

  Archaeological also revealed a magnificent Liangzhu ancient city and a regional ancient social group from 5,000 years ago. It can conduct a large number of labor to engage in building workers with basic living materials. From a side, the rice agricultural production during the Liangzhu culture has developed to a considerable level. The labor efficiency of farming production is improved, and the production of rice is increased, and only some members can engage in rice farming. Provide sufficient food.

  After thousands of years of rice agriculture, China’s rice has gradually formed a unique rice agricultural system, including waterfield cultivation technology, hollow and calendar, cereal processing methods and cooking grain habits, and corresponding social structure, ideological concepts and cultural traditions. .

Thus, from the process of agricultural origin of ancient China, it can be seen that agricultural origins and civilization origin are inhabited.


Do practical users commented on the barbecue bar all night to disturb the relevant departments Reply

The message screenshot message originally text country trade second street "Hongzu Barbecue Bar", a pile of tables outside, a group of people drinking loudly in the evening. 1. Does the exterior stall pay a rent? 2, is it an self? 3. Does the rental or self-employed? Reply to the original Nets, the Dangdang, Longhua District, Haikou, respected netizens: Hello, your reflection has been received, will reply as 上海宝山新茶 follows: After checking, the Jinzhong Trade Law Enforcement Squadron will immediately organize the team on-site verification At the situation where the operating noise in the air, the operational behavior of the exterior stall is illegal. The law enforcement team members conduct education rectification on the spot, ordered the store to move the table and chair to the store, and inform them that it is strictly forbidden to operate the open air operation, and persuade the shop civilization operation, not Loudly embarrassed the work of the surrounding residents. The next comprehensive 上海新茶私人工作室 law enforcement squadron will arrange a team to inspect the department every day, strengthen the management of the noise disturbance, and protect the normal life of the public. What do you have to solve? Welcome to the People’s Network "Leader Message Board" 上海各区工作室新茶群 message to tell your difficult things and annoying.


Construction intellectual property strong country is the call of the new era

  On September 22, 2021, "The Construction Outline of the Intellectual Property" (2021-12035) "(hereinafter referred to as" Outline ").This is the programming document for the construction of strong countries in the new era, and the call of the new era of implementing the new development concept.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era.

Innovation is the first motivation to lead the development, and the protection of intellectual property is the concept of protecting innovation and gradually being deeply rooted.On November 30, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the national governance system and the modernization of the national governance system and the modernization of intellectual property protection work, relations, relations, relations, relations, relationsThe overall situation, related national security.This important discussion further reveals an important role in intellectual property in economic and social development.In fact, since the reform and opening up, my country’s economic and social development has been complementary with intellectual property system construction.

Since the 1980s, the basic framework of intellectual property system has gradually formed the basic system that adapts to the international rule system, which has promoted my country to become a foreign country, and promoted my country’s science and technology, trade, industries, economic and cultural. Progress and development in the field. But we should be soberly 上海黄浦油压浴室kb recognized that my country still faces the situation of intellectual property "more and not excellent, big and not strong", in the fields of industrial manufacturing, agricultural production, commercial activities, cultural development, technology development and scientific research, etc. The overall quality of property rights is not high enough, and international competitiveness is not strong enough.

In particular, the fourth industrial revolution in the world has arrived, and the scientific and technological rapid development, the new technologies represented by big data, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, etc., the new international competition is more and more reflected in innovation capabilities. At the same time, the international situation facing my country has become more complex, the uncertainty of instability is significantly increased, and the 上海美女经纪工作室 economic globalization encounters the countercurrent, and the trade system and international relations related to intellectual property are being rebounded and shaped. Intellectual property is increasingly becoming an international competition. The core elements of the force and the focus of international disputes.

  Fundamentally, my country’s intellectual property system needs to further systematically complete system, the management of intellectual property sector needs further improvement, the management ability needs to further improve, the social environment of innovation culture and intellectual property culture needs further cultivation, China’s intellectual property, international status and The role needs to be strengthened.

Solve these issues, on the one hand, depending on how we know the relationship between China and the world; on the other hand, on the way we do its own intellectual property construction.

  "Outline" is guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, through the rule of controlling method, using market means, aims to build my country from a "intellectual property country" into "intellectual property", and promote economic society through intellectual property rights Comprehensive advancement and high quality development.

  According to the "Outline" plan, the intellectual property strong country construction is divided into two phases: the first stage to 2025, intellectual property protection is stricter, social satisfaction reaches and maintains a high level, and the value of intellectual property market is further highlighted, and some intellectual property basics Continuous rise; the second stage to 2035, my country’s intellectual property comprehensive competitiveness ranks among the forefront of the world, intellectual property system system is complete, intellectual property promotion innovation and entrepreneurship flourish, the whole society intellectual property culture consciously basically, all-round, multi-level participation in knowledge The international cooperation pattern of property rights global governance is basically formed, and the Chinese characteristics, the world’s intellectual property is basically completed.

  On the one hand, the "Outline" is based on the domestic, from the intellectual property system, the protection system, the operating mechanism, the public service system and the human social environment. On the other hand, it is placed in the world, and it is involved in global intellectual property management. The intellectual property governance system has developed toward more justice.

Specifically, the main tasks of my country’s intellectual property strong country construction include the following six aspects: First, build the intellectual property system for socialist modernization.

On the one hand, we need to build a complete door class, strict structure, internal and external coordinated legal system, improve the three levels of basic law, special legislation and supporting legislation, and adapt to scientific and technological progress and economic and social development; on the other hand, construct adaptation The Intellectual Property Management System and Policy System of Modern Development. Second, build the intellectual property protection system that supports the international first-class business environment. my country’s intellectual property protection system should be under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, establish a large-protected pattern of judicial, administrative, arbitration, mediation, etc., realize the government’s performance, the law enforcement department strictly supervised, the judicial organ justice, the market main body Cooperative Protection System of Standardizing Management, Industry Organization Self-discipline, Social Public Integrity. Third, the construction of the intellectual property market operation mechanism incentive innovation and development. From a dynamic, the intellectual property value chain includes three links of "Science and Technology Driving-Industrial Support-Business Integration". Accordingly, the operation mechanism of building intellectual property market is also launched from three perspectives: First, the company is the main body, the market-oriented high quality creation mechanism; the second is the use mechanism of efficient and valuable implementation; the third is the order, full Vitality market-oriented operation mechanism. Fourth, the intellectual property public service system of the construction of the people. Strengthening the supply of intellectual property public services, improving the ability of intellectual property public service, and is the two main dimensions of the people of the people.

The core work is to implement the intellectual property public service intelligent construction project, build the intellectual property public service system of government guidance, multi-participation, interconnection, and integrate resources, standardize, standardize, information, information, and network, Intelligent.

  Fifth, building a humanistic and social environment that promotes high quality development of intellectual property.

Including three aspects: First, intellectual property culture, respecting knowledge, advocating innovation, integrity, and fair competition; second, intellectual property cultural dissemination matrix of innovative, form, integration development; three is to create more open and more active , More energetic intellectual property talent development environment. Sixth, in depth, participate in global intellectual property management.

Further expand the external open and maintenance of intellectual property rights in the field of intellectual property rights, strengthen international cooperation between intellectual property review business, and create an international intellectual property litigation, improve the international dialogue exchange mechanism related to intellectual property. In general, the "Outline" is designed to build a system perfect, protected strictly, operate efficient, service, cultural consciousness, open win-win intellectual property, support my country’s comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness, is an innovative country And Important Guarantees to achieve socialist modernization. The Director of the International Intellectual Property Studies Center of Peking University, Professor Law School, Beijing Xi Jinping New Times, China Characteristic Socialist Thoughts Research Center.


Hainan Party history 100 people Deng Hongxun

Deng Hongxun (1931-2019) Deng Hongxun, Jiangsu Wuxi City. In December 1947, Deng Hongxun participated in the revolution. In Jiangsu Wuxi, Kunshan and other places engaged 爱上海龙凤贵族 in underground work, joined the Communist Party of China in the same place.

After the founding of New China, Deng Hongxun has actively explored industrial development and corporate management in Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Benxi Iron and Steel Company and Jiangsu Province, and actively exploring industrial development and corporate management, contributing to developing state-owned enterprises. During the "Cultural Revolution", it was decentralized to the "May Day". After 1972, Deng Hongxun has served as Director of the Zhenjiang Municipal Planning Commission, Jiangsu Province, director of the Zhenjiang Regional Administrative Office, Party Secretary, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Communist Party Committee. In June 1984, Deng Hongxun served as Director of the Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and resolutely implemented the party’s basic line, vigorously develop township enterprises to promote the comprehensive development of urban and rural economy; coordinate urban and rural construction, accelerate the pace of urban construction, promote social development Advance, constantly improve people’s lives.

In April 1989, Deng Hongxun served as Deputy Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee.

In June 1990, Deng Hongxun took the director of the Secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress.

He conscientiously implemented the policy and policies of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, actively promoting the reform and opening up, vigorously conducting food system reform, Daxing farmland water conservancy construction, accelerating development of trade, finance, 上海洗浴桑拿会所 etc., actively introducing talents, do a good job in ecological environment, strengthening The party’s construction, adhere to both hands to catch two hands, and promote Hainan better and faster development.

In October 1994, Deng Hongxun was organized by deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and organized research around my country’s rural economy, regional economy, old industrial base renovation and development of large northwestern and other aspects, published in the newspaper "Eastern economy: system conversion is still a long way to go" Economic Structure – Basic Viewpoint of China’s Development Strategy Research, etc., "China" "China’s cross-century development process" research "" Farmers employment and China Modernization "and other 上海品茶论坛419 books, which have effectively promoted policy consultation research. Deng Hongxun also served as Chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Insurance Development Forum, president of China Rural Labor Resources Development Research Association. He is the 13th Central Calligraphic Committee of the Communist Party of China and the 14th Central Committee. On December 21, 2019, Deng Hongxun passed away from Wuxi, Jiangsu, and was 88 years old.

Article Source: CPP Hainan Provincial Party Committee Party History Research Office (Hainan Provincial Local Local Office) Text Squiration: Cheng Xiaobin Review:.


Blue-green intertwined "letter"

Original title: Blue-green intertwined "letter" Jinnan (Figure) Green screen green screen · Xinzhuang Bay Zhang Yuanrui photo gold autumn season, Tianjin Jinnan green ecological barrier, green onion, flowers, rice fragrance, flying bird gathered, It is presented in a full of vitality.

In the past three years, the high-rise, high standards and high quality of Jinnan District have implemented green ecological barrier construction. The newly adding forest greening area is 10,000 mu of economic benefits, social benefits and ecological 上海按摩店推荐 benefits, showing "blue green intertwined". The ecological picture has become a new promotion of the general public to nature. The monitoring data shows that the green ecological barrier construction affects the climate change in the district and even the city. In 2020, the environmental control quality of the Jinnan District is 244 days, the year-on-year increase is 30 days; the temperature drop in the southeast of Tianjin City is – ° C, humidity increases by 2-3%. Effectively block the formation of the double city "super large heat island" and "ultra-large dry island". At the same time, big green water, lush, full of wild natural environment, attracting more than 40 wild birds such as swan, egret, gray magpie here, enriching the biological varieties, enhances water quality water.

In addition, compared with 2018, the 2020 green ecological barrier carbon discharge capacity increased, providing powerful support for the "double carbon" first demonstration zone and Tianjin city to create a "double carbon" target in Jinnan Province. While improving the ecological environment, the integrity, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept in Jinnan Province is to build a green ecological barrier as an opportunity to promote the transformation of production methods. A group of industrial leaders and benchmark companies have injected strong power into the green high quality development.

The Jinnan District also enhanced the concession and action consciousness of the whole district, and consciously and consciously of the whole district support, "I have a good ideology, and consciousness of" I have a good ideology and consciousness and consciousness of "I have to participate in the green high-quality development" theme and "I have contributed to the contribution of the contribution to the South". The development atmosphere improves the urban civilization quality.

  In addition, the Jinnan District also actively promotes the joint interaction between the green ecological barrier construction and the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) exhibition. During this year, during the "11" period, to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) exhibited and to Jinnan green ecological barrier, tourist scenic spots, beautiful villages, etc. The number of tourists has accumulated by 1.6 million, and the popularity of the region has gathered, and it has played a good promotion effect. Next, the Jinnan District will unswervingly advance the green ecological demonstration zone, innovate and develop gathering districts, the exhibition economic functional area, 黄浦区419娱乐会所 and the "double carbon" work in the first demonstration zone construction, so that more people share development results.

(Reporter Li Guozheng) (Editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Sharing let more people see.


Former Brazilian president and scholar highly evaluate socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese Communist Party

Recommended reading "Previous examination of the health of the canteen, the administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing test and record the results in case, process cumbersome may be impossible.

"2021-12-1318: 52 Recently, Fudan University’s Intelligent Complex System Basic Theory and Key Technology Laboratory Professor I showed the dynamic brain when the human brain was executed and listened to music. Network complex kinetic characteristics.

2021-12-1315: 5213, my country’s Long March series launched rocket ushered in the 400th launch, the Long March 4 B-loaded rocket successfully sent Practice No. 6 05 group satellite into space, satellite will be used to carry out spatial environmental detection and New technology test verification. 2021-12-1315: 42 In the promotion of "carbon peaks, carbon neutronia" double carbon objects, China’s new energy vehicles have handed over the transcripts of the production and sales. 2021-12-1315: At 16 o’clock on the 9th, 16th, the teachers from the space – Shenzhou No. 13 Take the Astronaut Qi Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu are in the big screen, the "Tiangong Classroom" space teaching activities unveiled .

2021-12-1314: 53 National Computer Network Emergency Technology Processing Coordination Center (CNCERT), China Network Space Security Association Recently issued "APP illegal and illegal collection and analysis of personal information monitoring and analysis report".

2021-12-1314: 15 and the past, only give money to help the incubation technology, Weng Yong hit more about helping the research results to find the market, helping the company to find technology and let the tripartite form a community.

2021-12-1314: 05 Using renewable energy electrolyte hydrogen is considered to be one of the most feasible strategies of high-purity hydrogen production, but due to the shortage of fresh water resources, electrolysis seawater has become a research hotspot.

2021-12-1313: 51 In July this year, Liu Yi team acquired the first global carbon flux data set and map of China’s carbon satellite. This marked that my country has the space of global carbon payments, and Japan, The third country after the United States has the country. 2021-12-1313: 41 Li Yanhong said that my country has leading scientific and technological talent bonuses, with rich artificial intelligent application scenarios, with unparalleled good policy environments, China’s intelligent transportation development must go in the forefront of the world. 2021-12-1309: 41 For example, you can sell equipment in the game, sell your identity, in the Yuancosian, the 上海湾区spa品茶 equipment and identity, we can understand the real estate of the Yuan Universe as an alternative equipment and identity .

2021-12-1309: 41 Ski Ski Daji, also known as "Xue Fei Tian", located in the new Shougang Park in Beijing Shijingshan, is the only snow competition in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

2021-12-1309: 31 Drinking your milk will drink probiotics into your stomach, 爱上海同城419论坛 these probiotics are actually "living biothermal", which is conducive to our gastrointestinal motility.

2021-12-1309: 24 According to a study published on the 10th of Nature · Electronics, Finnish researchers have developed a circuit that can generate high-quality microwave signals required to control quantum computers at temperatures close to absolute zero. . 2021-12-1309: 23 "In the past, the health of the canteen was healthy. The administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing tests and record the results in case, and the process is cumbersome.

"2021-12-1309: 21 Protein Structure Prediction is an important" holy cup "of biology, is also one of the most hot research in the field of artificial intelligent falling life sciences. 2021-12-1309: 20 is located in Shijing Mountain, Beijing, China The Tilting is officially launched on the 12th. The Shougang Ski Large on Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched snow work on the 12th.

2021-12-1313: 56 This study included two independent clinical trials, which were the 1-phase clinical trial of 18-59-year-old Health Adult Group II clinical trials in Jiangsu Province. Fu in the 6th healthy elderly group II clinical trial.

2021-12-1117: 33 In the previous study, the researchers found that small collide cells were able to regenerate 20% of cells per day by self-proliferation under the reminders.

2021-12-1010: 59 The study found that the opportunity to solve mathematics issues by 3 times.

The secret is to wake up in the transition phase between sleep and awake before deep sleep.

2021-12-1010: 56.


Guizhou: Introducing more than 2,500 contract investments in industrial industrial projects increased by 81.35% year-on-year

People’s Network Guiyang December 8 (Chen Jingjing) December 7 The province has shown the total amount of industrial industrial industrial industries, the gradual optimization of the attracting structure, the project construction is accelerating, and the investment environment has continuously improved a good situation. It is understood that in the 2578 industrial industrial projects introduced by Guizhou, 1062 projects, the start rate rate, 1339 production projects, and the birth rate%.

The province’s new province’s foreign industrial industry has accounted for% in the province’s industries, and completed the target 上海老闵行油压店推荐 task of 50% of the year in advance.

Among them, the contract investment has a total of more than 10 billion yuan, with a total of more than 500 million yuan, and 122 items of more than 1 billion yuan.

Since 2021, Guizhou has urged industrial industrial industrial investment as a key to industrial investment work, focusing on new industrialization and promoting investment in industrial industry. Guizhou focuses on the top ten industrial industries, with 100 industrial parks as the main carrier, with the China International Data Industry Expo, Guiyang Industrial Expo, etc. Internal and foreign activities, with the interaction of the Cantonese East and West, Zhejiang?, Zhenghe island, private enterprise investment, central enterprise investment and other industrial investment "summer autumn offensive" 上海品茶上课群 action as the theme Industrial industry chain investment work.

In the top ten industrial industrial projects, 423 modern energy industry investment projects, 602 new building materials industry investment projects, 235 modern chemical industry investment projects, 218 high-quality tobacco and alcohol industry investment projects, 240 basic materials industry investment projects, Advanced equipment manufacturing industrial investment projects 232, 115 large data electronic information industry investment projects, 127 health medicine industry investment projects, 340 ecological characteristic food industry investment projects. In order to do a good job in industrial industrial investment, the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government mainly leads the investment. The major leaders of the county and government of each city directly go to the door to interpret the negotiation project, regularly dispatch industrial investment. At the same time, the Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau established an industrial investment project, which took the initiative to carry out research and analysis of the top ten industrial and light industrial industrial chain, completing the 89 sub-industrial chains of advanced equipment manufacturing, lithium electricity, automobile and new materials. "Two figures and two libraries Research on the pool.

In addition, the Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau jointly established an investment platform, the Guizhou Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau, etc. Industry investment activities such as "Zhenghe Island" are 40 times.

With the investment of energy in Guangdong, improve the effectiveness of industrial investment. As of the end of October, the Guizhou Provincial Consultation Tourism team invited the enterprise to visit 2,682, and signed 2,500 framework agreements, and signed a formal investment contract 1194.

(Editor: Pan 上海浦东品茶网 Jiaqian, Chen Kangqing) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.


Fujian Provincial Procuratorate’s holiday organs have been likely to

"The Fujian Provincial Procuratorate’s holiday organ is created, from saving a drop of water, a piece of paper, a spoonful of rice, one calm, one-liter oil, etc. The per capita power consumption, the per capita water consumption is more than the%,%, and% in 2019, and the three major energy-saving indicators exceed the superior energy conservation requirements. "On May 17th, as the directive organs of the Fujian Provincial Straight Organization 3 real estate One of the units, Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate ushered in the national organ affairs authority to create a field finding of work assessment groups.

Members of the Evaluation Group include the deputy director of the Ministry of Education, Director of the Ministry of National Power, and the Director of the Minister of China and the Director of the Ministry of Education and the experts of the Chinese and energy conservation consulting company.

The evaluation team visited the provincial procuratorate authorities to create a saving organ publicity and large screen and exhibition boards, and inspected the construction of the new energy electric vehicle charging pile construction, garbage classification facilities construction, canteen and the construction and use of energy saving facilities in the office building.

It is understood that under the strong support and care guidance of the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Organization Administration, the party group of Fujian Provincial Procuratorate attaches great importance to the creation of the saving organs, and always adheres to the creation of the conservation authorities into the new era prosecution to create a national civilized unit. Carrier, extensive launch, deepen education, vigorously promote, actively create a strong 上海海选油压会所 energy-saving and emission reduction, and the administrative equipment logistics management department continues to make efforts to save, oppose the concept of paving and waste, paying attention to saving energy resources management systems Construction. Each internal unit and the whole hospital have actively responded to the establishment of catering waste and energy saving, green office, garbage classification, etc.,上海油压资源群 continuously improve energy resources utilization efficiency, reduce the cost of operation, and scientifically build energy conservation system.

According to data, in recent years, the consumption of electricity, water, office supplies and vehicle fuel consumption, and the three annual energy conservation indicators exceeded the annual energy conservation indicator requirements of the Provincial Organization Administration of 2020, The overall creation of the organs is fully affirmed by the evaluation team. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Liuhua).


GFD articles: Dealing with O’K戎, don’t despise

On December 5, the French "Ferro" website published on November 28th article entitled "New Crown Virus Variable Strain: Candidates, Elected Less Less", the full text is as follows: In fact, it is a long time, but feel It seems that it is far away. On December 16, 2020, "Ferro" published title "New Crown: Will it be worried that the variants in the southeast of England? "The article. At that time, we remind people that virus variability is normal because they are always wrong during replication.

Sometimes the emergence of 上海找妹子 mutations makes the virus selective advantages, although this situation rarely emerges, even replacing the earlier strain. However, in thousands of variants 上海金莎丽娱乐会所 of the virus, only a few have a few spread, one hand has to come. The first one is the British variant strain, shocked the pretty optimistic UK in mid-December. Since then, the variabous strain and the vaccine begin to run. Since February this year, the vaccine leads with the help of home order.

The fading rate of this epidemic was as fast as the rise in December until January this year.

At the same time, in order not to make this unparalleled nationalization, the scientific community is looking for a way, no longer talking about the British variability. WHO has enabled Greek alphabet and replaces the British variants with Alpha.

Alpha cannot suppress stronger infectiousness to make it upset, but how long does it take? Although the alarm is pulled in mid-December 2020, from November, Alpha 上海浦东水磨娱乐会所 spreads throughout England, although there is no dominance. It became a mainstream strain in December, and came out of the country. By May this year, it replaced old strains in most parts of the world.


After restarting the country, the Japanese epidemic can continue to be stable

The vaccination effect has emerged so far, Japan has experienced a 5-wave epidemic, and the 5th wave of epidemic, the number of infected people and the number of deaths have reached the peak in late July.

However, enter from mid-September, the number of new infections, the number of cases, a number of newly increasing cases, the number of new cases fell, and only 232 infected in the infected number of October 31, the new crown virus Del Tower poisonous plant is sudden " Mysterious evaporation. " There is an analysis that the Japanese epidemic has been rapidly stabilized, mainly five reasons: First, the factors that cause infection expansion disappeared, the second is that the medical crisis has changed people’s epidemic prevention countermeasures, and the third is that the number of visitors in the night is reduced, and the fourth is vaccination. The effect is displayed, and the fifth is the reason for the weather.

The above factors play different roles in the process of epidemic mitigation, but the most critical factors have achieved substantial progress.

According to Japanese media reports, Japan’s current end of the two-needle vaccination accounted for 70% of the total population, and the proportion of the elderly in 65 years old has reached approximately 90%.

Some industry experts are estimated here, from March to September this year, about 650,000 people from infection, and the number of deaths is roughly 7,200. The spread characteristics of the Japanese new crown pneumonia epidemic is a wide range of activities in the activity range, and the elderly infected the old man will make a collective infection in the pension facility.

After the vaccination, the trend of the expansion of the virus in the elderly infection was effectively controlled. At the same time, the effects of news media reported further appearing. By continuous exposure of medical infection, the sharp increase in medical resources, the medical resources have to be treated, and the best treatment of medical treatment, the best treatment time, Japanese national national national investment risk The consciousness of known attitude and vaccination has undergone fundamental changes, unauthorized access to the bustling block, unwaffined in the external drink and the people who will go out of casual entertainment.

The Japanese epidemic is improved, and there is a direct factor that cannot be ignored. That is to be late in Japan’s large-scale vaccination and other developed countries. Therefore, the current vaccine is still in the peak of protection against Japanese people.

The epidemic prevention and control stress still existed to Japan’s current epidemic prevention and control situation, and experts from the Japanese National Infectious Synthesis Institute are still cautious and optimistic.

They believe that the number of people in Japan has stopped decline, and there are slightly rebound signs; the Japanese physician president, the president of the Japanese, said that when someone thinks it has now fully released limited, even if the number of infections increases, as long as the number of deaths and severe patients No increased. At present, this idea is still too late. And Japan’s research personnel predict that as vaccine protection is reduced by time, and the relaxation of various social management measures, Japan may still experience a new wave of epidemic in mid-February next year.

In this regard, the situation in Israel, the British epidemic, is a good example.

It has been reported that Israel has been the country with the highest vaccination rate in the world. Under the fast vaccination, the epidemic tends to be gentle, from the highest daily new plus in February to two digits, and lasted for several months time. However, with the relaxation of social management measures and the decline in vaccine protection, Israel’s epidemic in June is resistant to fly, and the daily new has soared to 10,000 cases in September. This wave of epidemic regrested, thanks to the inoculation of Israeli reinforced needles. The UK will be relieved in a first step in Japan, and the recent epidemic also has a substantial rebound. BBA analyzed that in most Western European countries, the United Kingdom has released various epidemic prevention measures. Although the UK started vaccination time, the penetration of vaccines in recent months began to slow down, and the protection effectiveness of vaccines continued to subside over time. Japan’s other large epidemic prevention and control pressure is that winter people work in indoor closed space, life, etc., this is undoubtedly increased the probability and risk of infection, especially in December, with Christmas Near The resignation of the New Year’s new year, which causes the risk of viral spread due to personnel in contact.

Anti-rebound: The introduction of follow-up of follow-up should prevent the epidemic from re-emergence, the Japanese government will introduce the countermeasures.

First, inoculate the reinforcing needle. The Japanese government has decided to implement the new crown vaccine third-pin reinforced needle inoculation.

Japan’s Thickness Labor and province finalized a third-pin specific inoculation plan, and recently entered the implementation phase.

In the voluntary principle, anyone who has finished the second needle vaccine for more than 8 months, regardless of the age, gender can apply for a third needle vaccine.

Different from the first needle of vaccination, the third needle of vaccination does not preferentially face health care workers and severe patients as the first time inoculation, but considering the problem of low-illnesses and seniles, providing related physical status The certificate can be reserved as soon as possible.

The appointment of the inoculation phone can be dialed for free and make sure the line is smooth by increasing the number of calls.

At the same time, expand the size of the commutation, ensuring that people who want to vaccinate 上海会所论坛 can be inoculated.

The second is to accelerate the listing of Japanese domestic vaccines and "new crown tedings".

Japan Yanfei Pharmaceuticals will conduct clinical trials of new crown vaccines in this month, and plans to mass production in January next year.

At the same time, Japan’s "New Crown Take Pharmaceutical" will also be put into use soon.

According to Japanese media reports, new crown viruses developed by Japan Yanfei Pharmaceutical Company will be put into use in the next few months. According to this, this is a drug that can be orally in home, which has an effect on all viral strains currently appearing. The third is to expand the scope of application of new crown prevention drugs. The Japanese Housekeeping Labor Provincial Expert Team recently applied 上海黄埔品茶水磨 to expand the application of "antibody cocktail therapy" in patients with mild and moderate symptoms.

This is the first new crown prevention drug in Japan, although it is impossible to replace the vaccine, but it is primarily for patients with adaptors and invisible infections, and those who are not vaccinated or considered to be inoculated. . (Our reporter Ma Yu’an) (Editor: Zhao Wenbo, Zhang Wei).