Lao Laner’s new article 丨 Luliangshan new thing! A family portrait is the "endorsement" of rice dumplings

Lao Laner’s new article 丨 Luliangshan new thing! A family portrait is the "endorsement" of rice dumplings

  Xinhuanet, Taiyuan, June 2nd (Wang Liang) On the chopping board of the courtyard, glutinous rice and rice leaves are placed. Grandpa and grandma are teaching grandson to bags. A happy smile flowing in the eyes of the grandchildren … This is Zhang Xinqin a few years ago A photo taken, and today this photo has become the main promotional photo of "Qingsang Dang". When Zhang Xinqin, he called every two or three minutes, and he apologized to the other party: "There are too many orders in various places, they can’t produce, and they have stopped receiving orders for several days.

"This is a" sweet "trouble brought by Qingtang Zongzi.

    Qianqingtang Village is located on the west bank of the Laushui River. It has sufficient water throughout the year and bred a well -quality dense reed. Although it has the reputation of "asking Qingsang what is the best, reed sea eyes and fragrance", it has been " Holding the golden rice bowl, but to ask for food. "

  During the poverty alleviation period, with the help of the poverty alleviation team, Qianqingtang Village began to develop the zongzi industry. The village branch Zhang Xinwen mobilized Zhang Xinqin, the younger brother of the electric vehicle business in Yuci District, Jinzhong City, returned to his hometown to start a business.

  Zhang Xinqin, who has worked hard for many years, has the mind of a businessman: in the village, if you want to rely on rice dumplings, you must have a leading enterprise. There are innovative products suitable for consumer tastes. In the lobby of the Food Co., Ltd., there are multiple products such as yellow rice dumplings, Jiangmi dumplings, sugar -free, and hawthorn.

"We sell 6 million rice dumplings each year, revenue more than 30 million yuan, and the proportion of online sales has exceeded 30 %." Zhang Xinqin introduced while thinking, and also made the rice dumplings into the hotel. food.

  Regardless of how the rice dumplings "change", there are always Lu Liangshan’s reeds and dates on the Yellow River Beach in Qingtang.

After hard work, the "Honey immersed jujube" in Qingsang, Linxian County, was rated as the non -heritage project of Luliang City, and Zhang Xinqin became the eighth -generation inheritor of the non -heritage project.

  Qingsang Zongzi’s product packaging and brand shaping must reflect "culture" and "inheritance". The corporate image design of the cooperative company must not satisfy Zhang Xinqin. The family portrait stored in the mobile phone triggered him, "the reunion, happiness and inheritance in the photo matches the non -heritage temperament of Qingsang Zongzi." Qingtang dumplings, which is increasingly famous, walked out of Luliang Mountain and walked towards Taiyuan and even Beijing. Wait. Qianqingtang Village attracted many villagers who worked outside the village to run a factory or set up a family workshop. There were more than a hundred dumplings of the village’s dumplings.

  "Rural rejuvenation must have industries, and there is no industry without industries." In Zhang Xinqin’s view, in addition to dumplings, Qianqingtang Village also needs to develop and use its own water resources, red resources, etc., and make efforts in rural tourism. " In the future, the sesame will definitely be high.


"Party Construction leads together" is the fundamental guarantee of high-quality development in the new district

"Party Construction leads together" is the fundamental guarantee of high-quality development in the new district

Original title: "Party Construction leads together" is the fundamental guarantee of high-quality development in the new district. In recent years, in the new era of high-quality development process, Binhai New Area has continuously improved the up and down, implementation of a strong organizational system, actively exploring practical decision-making, developing a total construction, Bin City co-management, the results of the party building leading to the achievements. Creating a work system, fully implementing the "three focuses", give full play to the first test advantage, providing strong protection for high-quality construction, "Bin City", condense the strength, serving the "Shuangcheng" development pattern, promoting Beijing Tianjin Cooperative development shows the Binfucheng.

  "Party ‘s leading joint creation" is a solid guarantee for high quality development.

Binhai New Area adheres to the "party construction leads to jointly create", strengthen the ideology, strengthen the political function of the party organization, give full play to the "leading sheep" of the party members, and the main leaders of all departments, leading to the front command, strengthen cooperation The powerful organization mobilization advantage promotes the depth participation of the broad masses of the people and society, and gives full play to the "binders" role in the party building.

Looking for breakthroughs from the masses, enterprises, and grassroots demand, I have gone out of the city with the characteristics of Bincheng, for the enterprise, for the grassroots, and carry forward the spirit of "secondary entrepreneurship", immediately do, nail, dare to take, If you don’t want to do it, you don’t wait until you are on your own hoof. If you don’t reach your purpose, you will be able to build a beautiful "Bin City" construction with high enthusiasm. "Party Construction Leading Communication" is the source of the power of high quality development.

Building a new pattern of grassroots social governance of "Five Causes and Renained", promoting the modernization of governance systems and governance, is a major strategic task of the whole party.

There is no foundation, which is more solid ratio of the people; no power, more powerful than the masses. The new district is widely condensed together, stimulating the whole society, the people ‘s matters discuss, everyone’s things are involved, and the co-creation concept is deep into each corner. Decision-making, people’s livelihood problem village residence, governance problem block seek, development topical parking park; development, forming a joint construction, organizational department attacking, social strength, coordination, residential group, residents City co-management, build full-time conventional network, crack the "difficult disease" of the people’s appeal; the effect of the results, the people are happy and unhappy, satisfied as the evaluation criteria, so that the people really become a "went person"; The achievements are shared, and the "National Civilized City" is successfully selected to the masses, the enterprise, the grassroots look "" urgent expensive "is solved, and everyone will share the results of high quality development and share high quality happiness.

  Struggling new era, dreaming of new journey. In the future, the Binhai New District will continue to play the party building leads to jointly create the strength of the "Bin City" system advantage, and use your heart for the masses. For the enterprise, do practical things for the grassroots. The masses really feel the party organizations, and the party members and cadres are in the side of the people, the warm people, the ecological, wisdom, and Hong Kong-producing city. (Editor: Li Dan, Cui Xinyao) Sharing let more people see.

[Health Intelligence Agency] Deze redenen om osteoporose te veroorzaken, moeten vroeg worden vermeden

[Health Intelligence Agency] Deze redenen om osteoporose te veroorzaken, moeten vroeg worden vermeden

Aanbevolen lezen 2021-11-1211: 40 bugs van White Heroni Foeragage in Hutang County, Jiujiang City, Poyang Lake, Habitat. In de vroege winter daalde Poyang Lake onder het fijne waterniveau, werd de assemblage van allerlei migrerende vogels.

2021-11-1210: 122021-11-1111: 122021 Yuxi County katoenplanting oppervlakte van 1,02 miljoen MU, waarvan 990.000 MU van implementatie van katoenen cultivatiemodus, gezaaid, chemisch dak en gemechaniseerde mijncollectie, na de productie, deze Het zaadkatoen van het jaar heeft 426 kg / mu geproduceerd, die kilogram / mu verhoogt, en het niveau van katoenwetenschappelijk groeimanagement wordt continu verbeterd, en de katoenteelt is gemechaniseerd.

2021-11-1111: 11 China Baowu Ouya Chain Gold in de eerste groene slimme fabriek ingebouwd in de metalen regeneratie resource-industrie, blijf oefenen "dubbele carbon" -verbintenis, introduceer het project van Solar Photovoltaic Power-generatie, kan schone energie 14 miljoen voor nationaal aanbieden Roosters elk jaar KAUCHING TIJD. 2021-11-1011: 01 In de afgelopen jaren heeft de provincie Guizhou, de provincie Guizhou, de ‘medische combinatie’ actief gepromoveerd door integratie van pensioen- en medische hulpbronnen en het cre?ren van een medisch centrum integreren van pensioenverzorging, medische rehabilitatie, vrije tijd en entertainment . Geef ouderen om de oude man te bieden om van zijn ouderdom te genieten. 2021-11-0911: 222021-11-0811: 10, Fuyang City, Hubei Province, "pleiten voor renrensporten, cre?er een beter leven" "100 miljoen" -series van evenementen – 2021 Het spel werd gehouden. Deze competitie is onderverdeeld in drie categorie?n Personal Racing, individuele bloemmonsters, groepscompetities, twee groepen volwassen groepen en jeugdgroepen, gericht op het passeren van springtouwactiviteiten, het besturen van nationale fitness-giek, het cre?ren van mensen in de stad, mensen houden van sport, iedereen Een goede sfeer van liefdesfitness.

2021-11-0810: 02 Fujian Province Substation Corporation Sea Cable Decoration Team Om het rescue-team van de party leden te organiseren om naar het eilandonderzoekspunt te gaan, de wind is regen, niet bang voor kou, neemt u drie klassen omgekeerde continu gebruik De hele dag en nacht wordt de zeekabel gesneden en defect, de isolatiemeting en de reparatie van de zeekabel en de interne vezel, die naar verwachting vóór 8 november wordt voltooid. 2021-11-0810: 00 4 november, 2021, Xiaogan City, Hubei Province, Yunmei County West Ring Road, de Shadow Hall speelt een prachtig wolkdroomleer, "Yang Jia Will", veel van middelbare leeftijd en ouderdomspubliek gezien 津 津.

2021-11-0511: 29 Wuhu, Anhui Province, ik vond een prachtig lichaam, sleepte lange staart, veren en foerageer van tijd tot tijd van het bos.

Na identificatie door professionals is de vogel wit en behoort tot het nationale secundaire beschermde dier. 2021-11-0511: 20 Om nieuwe Coronal Pneumonia-epidemische reguliere preventie verder te versterken, werkt Huzhou City deqing County Zhongtu Town Party Lid Desinfection Small Team actief samen met het busstation om een ??goed werk van desinfectie, temperatuurmeting, propaganda, en Implementeer de bushalte "Eén is gesteriliseerd", een ventilatie-tijd is niet minder dan 15 minuten, terwijl we passagiers eraan herinneren, moeten we een masker dragen en zijn eigen bescherming doen. 2021-11-0511: 17 Dit jaar richt Qingdao Qianwan Bondang District Taxation Bureau zich op "Uitgaan" Enterprise Tax-gerelateerde vraag, met Intelligention Tax Building als een doel, volgens "Credit + Intelligent" -modus, "Zelfhandel" Omverarmde belasting "Nieuwe formaten, om ondernemingen te" uit te gaan "om buitenlandse markten uit te breiden om belastingintelligentie en kracht te leveren. 2021-11-0511: 17 Persimmon in Wuyuan County, Shandong Province heeft het verwerkingsseizoen ingeleverd, lokale boeren stapten met het zonnige weer op gepelde, drogen en verwerking en de verwerking van Persimmon werd een speciale industrie in het late herfstseizoen. Een.

2021-11-0511: 07 Op 3 november 2021 speelden Jiangsu Huai’an, universiteitsstudenten op de spellen. 2021-11-0411: 28 november 3, 2021, de eerste basisschool in Luoyang Road, keek Qingdao de viervoetige machinehondenpresentatie in de kunstmatige intelligente tentoonstellingshal. 2021-11-0411: Op 30 oktober 2021, gelegen in de navigatie van Nanjiang County in Pakinische stad, provincie Sichuan, de beste kijkperiode, de herfstkleur, zijn de toeristen in het prachtige landschap van de gouden herfst. 2021-11-0411: 26 Nanpi County, de provincie van Hebei, van Gu Jiwu, zoals de Erlang Boxing van het immateri?le culturele erfgoed van de provincie van Hebei, is meer voorbijgegaan, het ERLANG XIALU-prestatieteam van de provincie, in "Russisch-Chinees Cultuurjaar" , enz. Meer dan 1400 awards werden verkregen, waardoor een felle kleur aan het land wordt toegevoegd.

2021-11-0317: 0517, 2, de basisschoolstudenten in Xinyu City, provincie Jiangxi, gekleed in nationale kostuums en dansten om deel te nemen aan het sportfestival.

2021-11-0311: 29.

[Evaluation Line] Southeast Network Review: Direction of the rejuvenation, build a job in the hard work

[Evaluation Line] Southeast Network Review: Direction of the rejuvenation, build a job in the hard work

"Based on the new journey in the new era, the goal of Chinese youths and the direction of the movement is one point, which is a newcomer to unswervingly listening to the party and walking with the party, and striving to grow into the rejuvenation of the Kandang national rejuvenation.

”在五四青年节即将到来之际,习近平总书记来到中国人民大学考察调研,对全国广大青年提出殷切希望:“牢记党的教诲,立志民族复兴,不负韶华,不负时代,不负The people, struggling to run on the track of youth, strive to run out of the best results of contemporary young people! "Young people are prosperous, and young people are strong and strong. Youth is the most positive and angry force in the entire social force. The responsibility of the times gives youth, and the glory of the times belongs to youth.

Whether in the revolutionary era of war, the construction period in full swing, or in the process of reform and opening up in innovation, Chinese youths have always been a pioneer for the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.

Today, in the new era, Chinese youths are the best time for the development of the Chinese nation. They have a better development environment and broader growth space. Time mission.

The majority of young people must unswervingly listen to the party and follow the party to achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. In the new era and the new journey, they strive for the first time and build their careers. Those who are not strong are wisdom and wisdom, and those who do not speak.

The ideals and beliefs of youth are related to the future of the country.

During the Revolutionary War, Comrade Mao Zedong wrote "On the Live War" under the dim light in Yan’an Kiln Caves, and the teenager Zhou Enlai’s vows to "read for the rise of China" was unhappy … Dreams, courage to chase dreams, diligent in dreams, have set a glorious role model for youth growth.

Practice has proved that young people have great ideals and firm beliefs, and a country and a nation have an indestructible motivation.

The majority of youths must establish great ambitions, Mingda virtues, talents, and responsibility, and take the initiative to integrate the personal ego into the self -ego of the motherland and the people. The track of the track can better realize the value of life, sublimate the realm of life, and break out of its own gorgeous sky. The juvenile is strong, and Fen Lie sometimes. Youth is used to struggle, and the youth is the most beautiful.

Along the way, a generation of Chinese youths are full of hearts of the motherland and the people, incorporating youth into the cause of the party and the people, fighting for the people, devoting their lives to the motherland, and fighting for a happy life. song of.

Li Xia Gan struggled youth at the grassroots level in the most difficult and remote township, and the poor household praised him to "be more kiss than his own children"; Huang Wenxiu gave up his job opportunities for a large city, resolutely returned to his hometown, and devoted himself to the front line of poverty alleviation. Dedication … In the new era, Chinese youths are not afraid of storms and bravely, so that youth blooms gorgeous flowers in the place where the party and the people need are most needed. The majority of youths should shoulder historical mission, pave the way for ethnic rejuvenation to pave the way for the national rejuvenation and the construction of the motherland, and live up to our great era.

Time created youth and achieved a youth in the prosperous age. The younger generation has ideals, the original leader, and the responsibility. The country has the future, and the nation has hope. Today, we are closer to at any time in history, more confidence and ability to achieve the goal of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. At the same time, we must prepare more difficult and difficult efforts. Facing the magnificent journey of national rejuvenation, the stage of contemporary youths is extremely broad, and the prospects of dreams are very bright. On the way forward, the majority of young people should take the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation as their mission, and consciously integrate the patriotic conditions, the power of the country, and the country to the country to adhere to the development of socialism with Chinese characteristics, build a socialist modern power, and realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. Use youth and sweat to create a new miracle that brings the world to the world, and write a youth chapter worthy of the times and history! To.

[Review Line] Zijin E Review: Set up the network "E" line, do practical things for the masses

[Review Line] Zijin E Review: Set up the network "E" line, do practical things for the masses

  On October 23, Suzhou City Network Reporting E-Tong "I have a practical thing for the masses" online service activities officially launched.

At the launching ceremony, Suzhou network illegal and harmful bad information reported WeChat applets officially launched. The small program sector sets clear, rich, including 9 entrances such as political classes, horizontal terrorism, fraud, and specializes in telecommunications network fraud, special report entrances such as minority, which helps to consciously resist bad information. Enhance the consciousness of participating in the network.

  China Internet Information Center (CNNIC) released the 48th "China Internet Development Statistics Statistical Report" in Beijing (hereinafter referred to as "Report"). "Report" shows that as of June 2021, my country’s netizens Daily is worth 25,000, an increase of 21.75 million in December 2020, and the Internet penetration rate is reached.

Network technology penetrates in various fields, from industrial manufacturing to logistics industry, managed from urban management to financial technology, from daily life to various learning … We have never been like today, such a break in the Internet space. At the moment, the online information fish is mixed, good, Lin Lin’s total "health secret", "said" "Talk", and the true "hook and secret", very easy to mislead to people’s awareness. Solving the existing "pollution" of the network space cannot shout slogan, but to fall in practical action. The communication of bad information, establish a strict content audit system, requiring Internet practitioners to be self-contained, and also need to set up a report system, and launch the huge power of netizens to supervise and report.

  General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed at the party history and education mobilization meeting: "To do practical understandings for the masses.

It is necessary to combine the learning party history, observe reality, and promote work, and transform the learning results into work and achievement, prevent learning and work ‘two skin’. "For this reason, the relevant departments online illegal and harmful bad information report WeChat applets, on the one hand, report illegal and bad information is an important part of the Qinglan network space; on the other hand, innovative initiatives are convenient for the masses" one button "to complete report It is also in "I do practical things for the masses". In the long run, network illegal and harmful information Report WeChat applets are online, and it is also always warning netizens, the Internet is shared, and it is necessary to co-management, must be strict Obey laws and regulations, social morality and ethics, do not release illegal and bad information; The net, according to law, the bottom line, condense the whole society, can make the "maximum variable" becomes "maximum increment".

  Since this year, the Netcom Department across the country has a good practical thing for the masses in the form of "net" "net" "net" "Warm net".

Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Network Office organizes "E Cupping can play live", training for e-commerce companies and the aquares, helping rural resolution; Sichuan Provincial Party Network Network Office gives full play to the "empowerment" role of informationization, Solidly promote the construction of network comprehensive management system, vigorously promote the new infrastructure construction, so that the people have effectively felt the interests of information development; the Kunshan Municipal Party Committee Net Letter Office is committed to "the people’s interests", focusing on the network "people", Adhere to the "People’s Guide", do a good job in the construction of online communication interactive platform, listen to the voice of netizens, and bring together netizens. Building a service platform for Limin Huimin, creating a clear network space, every piece is to "real", in order to make the masses have more feelings. Set up the network "E" line to do practical things for the masses, but also let the masses play a subjective initiative in the "practical" to do, to coexistrate the network civilization.

Only by forming a benign loop can only draw a larger "concentric circle", contribute to the construction of a strong country.

(Li Qun).

"Innovation Development Capital Energy" Hebei Province Private Enterprise Topics Training Course held in Shenzhen

"Innovation Development Capital Energy" Hebei Province Private Enterprise Topics Training Course held in Shenzhen

He said that entrepreneurs ‘landscape, the eyes determines the realm of enterprises, and entrepreneurs’ learning ability is related to the development speed and life and death of the company.

I hope that entrepreneurs will cherish learning opportunities, improve their political stations, learn more knowledge, master more information, continuously emancipate their minds, advanced, find gaps, and constantly improve their self, and stronger enterprises to serve society.

After the opening office, the general manager of the National Energy Group will conduct a special teaching on the "Company Listing Practice", and the company is listed, how to list, and share the Chinese Shenhua case.

Training also arranged "Huawei Strategy and Executive Practice" "Enterprise Equity Incentive Mechanism and Case" "Enterprise Listing Path Planning and Top Design" "Before the Key Financial Issues, Tax Planning and Problem Treatment" "" And investment on gambling protocol trap prevention "and other special courses.

It is reported that this training uses the combination of "theoretical interpretation + case analysis + interactive discussion", closely combined with market hotspots, regulatory policies, and practical cases, and its content is closely related to corporate and capital markets, and capital operations commonly used by the enterprise. The actual operation issues involved in tools, methods, ideas, etc. are teaching.

At the same time, training courses focus on strengthening exchanges with benchmark companies, regulators, financial institutions, and students, also organized BYD, and on-site teaching for BYD, and on-site teaching in Friend, Shenzhen, Shenzhen. (SME, SME Development and Promotion Center, SME Development and Promotion Center, Hebei Province, SMEs) (Editor: Li Zhe, Shi Jianzhong).

"Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Overall Plan" is released for the second anniversary: anchor a magnificent blueprint for the waves

"Hainan Free Trade Port Construction Overall Plan" is released for the second anniversary: anchor a magnificent blueprint for the waves

  The history of Hainan Daily’s commentator is always at some important nodes, causing people to look back and think.When the whole province keeps in mind and implement the spirit of the eighth party congress in the province, we ushered in the second anniversary node of the comprehensive launch of the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.Building Hainan Free Trade Port is a major national strategy that General Secretary Xi Jinping personally planned, deployed, and promoted himself.

Dialing the time clockwise to June 1, two years ago, with the care and support of the Party Central Committee and General Secretary Xi Jinping, the "General Plan for the Construction of Hainan Free Trade Port Construction" was released publicly.The major measures of spirit reflect the firm determination of the Party Central Committee to pursue the strategy of mutual benefit and win -win and opening up, marking the entry stage of Hainan’s free trade port.

As a result, Hainan stood at a new historical starting point, and a magnificent and magnificent era scroll opened slowly in the south of the sea.

  Along the way, the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port, full of cordial care of General Secretary Xi Jinping.

We will always be unforgettable. On April 13, 2018, at the 30th anniversary of the Special Economic Zone of the Hainan Provincial Office of Hainan, General Secretary Xi Jinping solemnly announced that the Party Central Committee supported Hainan to build a free trade pilot zone to gradually explore and steadily promote the freedom of freedom with Chinese characteristics. Construction of trading port. Since April 13th, the General Secretary has always been dedicated to Hainan’s development. In important speeches of important occasions and time nodes, it has made important discussions on the construction of Hainan Free Trade Port.

From April 10th to 13th this year, at a critical moment when the operation preparation of the sealing of the island is accelerating, General Secretary Xi Jinping inspected and delivered an important speech in Hainan, in order to entrust Hainan to emancipate the mind, pioneer innovation, work united, overcome difficulties, speed up difficulties, speed up Building a free trade port with world influence has given Hainan a more important historical mission. The entrustment, which has always brought a steady stream of strong momentum to the construction of the Hainan Free Trade Port.

  The annual round of time records the development of development.

Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, the Provincial Party Committee united and led the people of the province to keep in mind, know the weight, and always adhere to high -quality development, unswervingly implement the new development concept, and accurately grasp the target positioning of the three districts and one center. Calculating the serious impact of many challenges in the process of reform and the epidemic of new crown pneumonia, unity and hard work, promoting comprehensive deepening of reform and opening up to achieve major breakthroughs, remarkable economic transformation and development, the national quality of ecological environment is first -class, and the level of people’s livelihood protection has continued to improve. The construction of democracy and the rule of law has taken a solid step, the risk prevention and control is effective and effective, the party’s leadership and party building have been strengthened, and economic and social development has achieved historic achievements.

The first single historic national first -class & hellip; & hellip; looking back at the process of forge ahead, one by one, the exciting vocabulary spreads throughout the fields of economic and social development, highlighting the vigorous vitality of Hainan’s free trade port, showing the bright prospects of Hainan in the future.

  Sweat pouring and harvesting, practicing dreams. At present, Hainan, the construction of free trade ports is progressing obvious, and the overall promotion of the hoof is steady, strong and orderly; the enthusiasm of the officers in the province is high, and the quality of cadre capabilities has been significantly improved; the quality of development has been continuously improved; the development environment has continued to optimize Super and booming joy. This flourishing momentum, this dazzling achievement lies in the helm of General Secretary Xi Jinping’s pilot, lies in the scientific guidance of Xi Jinping’s new era of socialist thought with Chinese characteristics. This also strengthens people’s confidence. As long as we keep instructed and maintain a constant force, we will move along the direction of the general secretary’s guidance, and we will be able to overcome difficulties, split waves, and promote the construction of free trade ports to the other side of victory. Qiongzhou land writes a new era of glory. At present, Hainan is at a critical moment when the preparation of the operation of the closure is accelerated. The Eighth Party Congress of the Provincial Party will deeply go to the spirit of General Secretary Jinping’s important speech. The system has planned the development blueprint for the next five years. In keeping our minds in mind and practice of our mission, we will not be able to implement the decision -making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, and provide a roadmap for promoting Hainan’s high -quality development. I do n’t treat it when I do it, just fight for the night! We should be firm in confidence, take advantage of the potential, stimulate the aspirations, promote the hard work of work, and seek the effects of development. The construction of Hainan Free Trade Port is pushed to an irreversible development track.

  Take advantage of the chapters, keep in mind the entrustment, and go forward in the correct direction. General Secretary Xi Jinping’s series of important speeches and instructions on the work of Hainan’s work is a guide to promoting the high -quality development of free trade ports. It is the fundamental follow that we must keep in mind at any time.

We must firmly defend the two establishment and resolutely achieve two maintenance, and to be loyal to practice leaders’ entrustment. Those who are big in the country are clearly cherished, accurately grasp the core essence of Chinese characteristics, anchor a book, three bases and four, and four bases and four. The strategic framework of Liang Ba Zhu was not shaken, and when the mountains opened and met the water, they went all out to promote the construction of a free trade port to stabilize and stay in the correct direction, and strive to create more solid performances that make the party and the people satisfied. Take advantage of the chapter to enhance the strategic determination and steadily move forward step by step. Promoting the construction of a free trade port is a complex system project. It is by no means easy to complete. It must be prepared and prepared for long -term struggle. We must anchor the goals, concentrate on conservation, and always adhere to the steady progress, scientifically grasp the rhythm of work, actively practice the scientific methodology based on the tone, stability as the basis, the combination of far and near This most critical variable is not rushing to achieve success, no rush to profit, and no need to achieve success in my spiritual realm and achievements. A blueprint is painted to the end, one after another, and one after another. The construction of the free trade port has been promoted. Take advantage of the chapter to take the initiative to take the initiative to make good work and good work. The Eighth Party Congress of the Provincial Party clarified the roadmap and construction maps of the next five years, and for progress towards the grand goals, we must do a good job of implementing it. We must keep the urgent sense of urgency at all times, and we only fight for the urgency of the night, combined with the ability to promote the construction year and the rush of learning, and other activities. Iron shoulders, emancipating the mind and bold innovation, creatively grasped the implementation of various tasks with a vigorous and spiritual state, and went all out to promote a three -base, four beams and eight -column strategic framework in Hainan to take root. Every time I look back on history, it is for new departure.

The anchoring direction and motivation, and unswervingly follow the direction of the general secretary’s guidance. Demonstration and demonstration of beautiful business cards of Chinese style.

The Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission of the Central Publicity Department of the Central Propaganda Department jointly deployed and carried out the "Most Beautiful Retired M

The Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission of the Central Publicity Department of the Central Propaganda Department jointly deployed and carried out the "Most Beautiful Retired Military" study and propaganda activities of 2022

  Xinhua News Agency, Beijing, April 21st. Recently, the Central Propaganda Department, the Retired Military Affairs Department, and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission jointly issued a notice to deploy and carry out the 2022 "Most Beautiful Retired Military" study and propaganda activities. The notice emphasizes that learning and propaganda activities should adhere to the guidance of Xi Jinping’s thoughts of socialism with Chinese characteristics in the new era, in -depth study and implementation of important discussions on the work of General Secretary Xi Jinping on the work of retired soldiers, vigorously promote the spirit of the great party building, and adhere to the core values ??of socialism. Carry out learning and propaganda activities, promote advanced typical deeds, tell the story of retired soldiers, show the retired soldiers’ pro -, respectable, cute images, sing a new journey, build a new era in the new era, and welcome the party in a good state and solid work. Twenty victories were held. The notice is clear that according to the in -depth mining of typical examples, selection of excellence step by step, holding a release ceremony, extensive publicity and reporting, carrying out theme activities, deepening learning practice, etc. Come out and publicize.

The Central Propaganda Department, the Department of Retired Military Affairs, and the Political Work Department of the Central Military Commission will select and determine the advanced models of 20 "most beautiful retired soldiers". By carrying out various forms of publicity and rich content, it will further set off a wave of learning and propaganda. The notice pointed out that the implementation of the "most beautiful retired soldiers" learning and propaganda activities is an important carrier for cultivating and practicing the core values ??of socialism, and a specific measure to strengthen the ideological and political work of retired soldiers. It is necessary to integrate the in -depth integration of learning and propaganda activities with promotion and implementation of the party’s 20 major work, and organically organically organically organically organically organically combine with party history learning and education. Advanced deeds that can be learned.

It is necessary to deepen learning practice, actively guide the "most beautiful retired soldiers" to actively participate in the practice of civilized practice in the new era, practice mainstream value, and promote the new style of the times; The whole process of the new era has promoted the "most beautiful retired soldiers" to study and propaganda activities.

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Food Safety Supervision and Samples of Taiyuan City is not qualified

Food Safety Supervision and Samples of Taiyuan City is not qualified

  Original title: On December 23, the city’s food sampling was found out. On December 23, the Taiyuan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau issued an announcement to announce the recent food safety supervision and random inspection. Among them, 782 batches of qualified samples and 17 batches of unqualified samples.

  It is understood that the Taiyuan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau recently organized food safety supervision and sampling inspections, and extracted 28 large foods such as feasters and foods and nuts, catering food, food and agricultural products, grain processing products, fruit products, wine, and soy products. Sample. After inspection, 782 batches of qualified samples and 17 batches of unqualified samples. Among them, the melon seeds sold by Louzhixianxian Life Supermarket, of which the peroxide value does not meet the national standard of food safety; Sodium salt does not meet the national standards of food safety; the fritters sold in Yanhong Nutrition restaurants in Yingze District, the residual amount of aluminum does not meet the national standard of food safety; the red bean cake sold by Zhou Ripau pastry stores in Yingze District, Taiyuan City, the residual amount of aluminum is not To comply with national standards for food safety; noodles sold by Xia Zhang fast food restaurants in Yingze District, of which benzoic acid and sodium salts do not meet national standards for food safety; jelly sold in Yankai snack bar in Yingze District, aluminum residue does not meet national national standards for food safety ; Yang Jianfei’s celery, of which poisonous deaths do not meet the national standards of food safety; self -disinfection dinner used in Golden Key Kindergarten in Gujiandong City, the value of the colonic flora exceeds the standard; The volume does not meet the national standard of food safety; a batch of cold skin sold in the small Liu Xiaoliu snack bar in the shop area, of which benzoic acid and sodium salt do not meet the national standards of food safety; 1 batch of jelly, of which the sore acid and potassium salt and benzoic acid are And sodium salt does not meet the national standards of food safety; those sold in the Guling Food Store in Xinghualing District, nominal apricot bar produced by Chengde Hualang Food Co., Ltd., of which sulfur dioxide residues do not meet national standards for food safety; The wide noodle skin produced and sold in the noodle shop, of which benzoic acid and sodium salts do not meet the national standards of food safety; the narrow noodles produced and sold in Zhangteng food stores in Xinghuaying District, of which dehydrogen acetic acid and sodium salts do not meet the national standard of food safety; apricot The white noodle skin produced and sold in Qinji Noodle Skin Spicy Store in Hua Ling District, of which dehydrogen acetic acid and sodium salts do not meet the national standards of food safety; grass cakes produced by sister cake houses in Xinghualing District, of which aluminum residues do not meet food safety National standard.

  For those unqualified foods found in these sampling inspections, the comprehensive administrative law enforcement team of the Taiyuan Market Supervision and Administration Bureau and the relevant county (city) market supervision bureaus are conducting inspections and treatment in accordance with the law.

(Reporter Zhang Yong) Related link poisonous crickets, also known as clopidiate, are a kind of organic phosphoricate and pest killer, mate -killer, have good touch, gastric poison and fumigation.

A small amount of pesticide residues will not cause acute poisoning of the human body, but long -term foods that have exceeded the standard of poisonous death may have a certain impact on human health.

People’s Hot Comment: Improve the mechanism of accountability and firmly keep the bottom line of the work materials

People’s Hot Comment: Improve the mechanism of accountability and firmly keep the bottom line of the work materials

A few days ago, the Ministry of Education and other departments jointly issued the "Guiding Opinions on the Responsibility for Teaching Materials" (hereinafter referred to as "Guidance Opinions"). In response to the main responsibilities of the compilation, review, publishing, printing and distribution, and use of colleges and middle school textbooks. The "Guidance Opinions" emphasized that it is necessary to seriously investigate accountability, clarify the responsibility of teaching materials to undertake the main body and the method of accountability, and emphasize the establishment of a working mechanism for the establishment of division of labor and coordination. There is no trivial matter for textbooks. Textbooks are the core carrier of education and teaching activities in large, middle schools, and a strategic engineering and basic project related to the future. The quality of the textbook is directly related to the quality of talent training. Once the direction and content of the textbook will not only affect the national ideological security, but also affect the realization of the fundamental tasks of the Lideshu people. For a long time, the construction of textbooks for junior, middle and elementary school has achieved remarkable results, but there are also some problems that need to be solved. For example, some textbooks have political direction and value -oriented issues, scientific errors, some textbooks are implanted into commercial advertisements or commercial advertisements in disguise. Implementation of function.

In order to effectively strengthen the party’s comprehensive leadership of teaching materials and improve the scientific and standardized level of textbook construction, in January 2020, the Ministry of Education issued four textbook management measures such as the "Administrative Measures for the Management of Elementary and Middle School Textbooks" to focus The question of what to manage and how to manage it, clarify the principle of adhering to "who write who is responsible", "who choose who is responsible", and adheres to the principles of "compulsory compulsory review", "all selection must be trial", and "combination of management and construction". Combined with the characteristics of various types of textbooks in various types and fields, a targeted proposal of compulsory education schools must not replace national curriculum textbooks such as local curriculum textbooks and school -based curriculum textbooks. In innovation, the staff of college textbooks should have a good style of morality and morality, and the teaching materials of vocational colleges should absorb new technologies in a timely manner.

The release of the "Guidance" further clarified the basic principles of the work of teaching materials, the situation of accountability, and the way of dealing with it, and regulated the procedure of accountability.

It provides a basis for the implementation of the responsibilities of teaching materials in various regions, improving the implementation mechanism of responsibility, and increasing the investigation and punishment of illegal and illegal actions, and provides a strong guarantee for the construction of a high -quality textbook system. The ideological level, writing level, and academic level of textbooks directly represent the level of national talent training, which profoundly affects the future of the country. The fundamental task of the construction of the teaching materials system is the people of the Ende, lies in bacon to cast souls and enlighten wisdom. Good textbooks should have distinctive ideology and times. They should focus on the future. Fite the needs of innovative talents, technical skills composite talent training, should be convenient for teachers’ teaching and students to learn, and let teachers enjoy teaching and students.

To build a high -quality textbook system, we must not only encourage units with strength and advantages to organize writing, and support outstanding talents with strong political, business, excellent morality, and righteous talents. The excellent textbooks for inspection continuously raise the level of teaching materials writing; we must also improve the accountability system, comprehensively strengthen the management of compilation, review, publishing, printing and distribution, and selection of the use of the work of teaching materials to the unit, implementing it to the people Essence Forcing the staff of the textbook work to continuously improve their political standing, enhance the sense of responsibility and professional awe of work. Only in this way can we firmly keep the bottom line from writing to selection of various links to ensure that all kinds of textbooks are in the political direction, content quality, quality, quality, and quality, and quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, quality, content quality, and content quality, and content quality, and content quality, quality, content quality, and content quality of various textbooks. The quality and after -sales service quality cannot be issued. (Responsible editor: Wei Simin, Qu Yuan) Share let more people see it.