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Global exhibitors see the general manager of Bo Diyaji 闵行会所论坛 European Director: Bringing new products to the Expo, sustainable action helps China’s high quality openness

Consumer on-site attempting to trial rational drinking simulation experience 2020, Diagrament released "2030 Social Vision: Society 2030: SpiritofProgress" "Sustainable Action Plan, promise to achieve 25 goals before the end of 2030, in the next ten years, can fit the United Nations Continuous development plans, focus on 上海新区桑拿按摩 deep cultivation of alcohol, diversification and inclusiveness, and three major areas from the sustainable development of cereals to the wine glass. Under the guidance of the program, Emiaho has invested 500 million yuan in the RMB of RMB, which invested 500 million yuan in Yunnan. And zero discard. Anehua said that the scale and value of the Chinese wine industry market leads.

上海千花mm自荐 With the continuous advancement of China’s market, Diagio is committed to investing in a large scale, more in-depth investment, firmly expressing the determination in the Chinese market, helping China and the world economic interconnection and common development.

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Blue-green intertwined "letter"

Original title: Blue-green intertwined "letter" Jinnan (Figure) Green screen green screen · Xinzhuang Bay Zhang Yuanrui photo gold autumn season, Tianjin Jinnan green ecological barrier, green onion, flowers, rice fragrance, flying bird gathered, It is presented in a full of vitality.

In the past three years, the high-rise, high standards and high quality of Jinnan District have implemented green ecological barrier construction. The newly adding forest greening area is 10,000 mu of economic benefits, social benefits and ecological 上海按摩店推荐 benefits, showing "blue green intertwined". The ecological picture has become a new promotion of the general public to nature. The monitoring data shows that the green ecological barrier construction affects the climate change in the district and even the city. In 2020, the environmental control quality of the Jinnan District is 244 days, the year-on-year increase is 30 days; the temperature drop in the southeast of Tianjin City is – ° C, humidity increases by 2-3%. Effectively block the formation of the double city "super large heat island" and "ultra-large dry island". At the same time, big green water, lush, full of wild natural environment, attracting more than 40 wild birds such as swan, egret, gray magpie here, enriching the biological varieties, enhances water quality water.

In addition, compared with 2018, the 2020 green ecological barrier carbon discharge capacity increased, providing powerful support for the "double carbon" first demonstration zone and Tianjin city to create a "double carbon" target in Jinnan Province. While improving the ecological environment, the integrity, accurate and comprehensive implementation of the new development concept in Jinnan Province is to build a green ecological barrier as an opportunity to promote the transformation of production methods. A group of industrial leaders and benchmark companies have injected strong power into the green high quality development.

The Jinnan District also enhanced the concession and action consciousness of the whole district, and consciously and consciously of the whole district support, "I have a good ideology, and consciousness of" I have a good ideology and consciousness and consciousness of "I have to participate in the green high-quality development" theme and "I have contributed to the contribution of the contribution to the South". The development atmosphere improves the urban civilization quality.

  In addition, the Jinnan District also actively promotes the joint interaction between the green ecological barrier construction and the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) exhibition. During this year, during the "11" period, to the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin) exhibited and to Jinnan green ecological barrier, tourist scenic spots, beautiful villages, etc. The number of tourists has accumulated by 1.6 million, and the popularity of the region has gathered, and it has played a good promotion effect. Next, the Jinnan District will unswervingly advance the green ecological demonstration zone, innovate and develop gathering districts, the exhibition economic functional area, 黄浦区419娱乐会所 and the "double carbon" work in the first demonstration zone construction, so that more people share development results.

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Guizhou Provincial CDC expert solution health code changed red and yellowed?

The health code is turned into yellow, what should I do? Experts from the Provincial Disease Control Center how to let the health code "green" as a health code is red and yellow, should we apply? "Yellow Code" personnel have made nucleic acid detection and have not yet, can you go home? Can you go to work? For the doubts of the public, experts from the Provincial CDC made an acknowledgment. It is reported that the health code is discolored, divided into two cases, one is red, one is yellowing.

Guizhou Disease Control Center-related experts said that the red code needs to isolate local, do not go out, and timely report to communities and medical institutions, waiting for staff to go door to conduct nucleic acid detection and transport management. If it is a yellow code, don’t excessive anxiety, there may be only some exposure risks. This time you only need to report the nearest nucleic acid detection agency after you have been reported to the community.

It should be noted that do not take public transport during the way.

  According to the provisions, it is generally used 爱上海1314品茶微信号 to gave the health code to the health code within three days, and the sampling time is 24 hours (ie "three days and two inspections"), after the nucleic acid results are negative, after passing The relevant department confirms that the health code will automatically turn into a green code.

  Everyone care is that after the "yellow code" personnel have done nucleic acid detection and 阿拉爱上海乌托邦 have not yet, can you go home, can you work normally? Guizhou Provincial CDC related experts said that "yellow code" personnel should be divided into two categories.

One is a simple "yellow code". There is no symptom of neoguanponic pneumonia, and such patients can go home. However, it should be noted that first, you can’t take public transport; secondly, you can’t go to public places; the third should be included in community management and conduct health monitoring.

  Another "yellow code" person is accompanied by patients with new crown pneumonia, such as fever, pharyngeal pain, cough, runny, etc., it is necessary to stay in the heating clinic. After the nucleic acid test results, it is clear. For negative to go home, the treatment after home is the same as the "yellow code" patient with no symptoms. At the same time, the disease control experts pointed out that it can be divided into two situations. First of all, if there is no symptom of neoguan pneumonia, it is possible to go to work under the conditions of personal protection, but only two lines of work and place of residence, avoiding public transport to avoid entering the crowd gathering public places. Wear masks should be wear masks in the workplace, minimize contact with colleagues, do not participate in aggregated meeting training. Secondly, if there is a symptom of neogign pneumonia, such as fever, sore throat, cough, runny, etc., should not go to work, need to stay in the hot clinic or home health monitoring, wait until the nucleic acid test results of "three days and two inspections" In the future, it is clear to go to work.

  Provincial CDC Tip After the county level and above are reviewed, the transcodation is reported.

  If it is a place where the foreign province has an epidemic, the province has no right to revise, it is recommended that WeChat search national government service platform applet, search for health information code in the small program, click to view, then slide to the bottom, you can see To various local health code service hotline, or call the provincial 12345 hotline complaint to make changes. (Reporter Zhang Mei).


Former Brazilian president and scholar highly evaluate socialism with Chinese characteristics and the Chinese Communist Party

Recommended reading "Previous examination of the health of the canteen, the administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing test and record the results in case, process cumbersome may be impossible.

"2021-12-1318: 52 Recently, Fudan University’s Intelligent Complex System Basic Theory and Key Technology Laboratory Professor I showed the dynamic brain when the human brain was executed and listened to music. Network complex kinetic characteristics.

2021-12-1315: 5213, my country’s Long March series launched rocket ushered in the 400th launch, the Long March 4 B-loaded rocket successfully sent Practice No. 6 05 group satellite into space, satellite will be used to carry out spatial environmental detection and New technology test verification. 2021-12-1315: 42 In the promotion of "carbon peaks, carbon neutronia" double carbon objects, China’s new energy vehicles have handed over the transcripts of the production and sales. 2021-12-1315: At 16 o’clock on the 9th, 16th, the teachers from the space – Shenzhou No. 13 Take the Astronaut Qi Zhigang, Wang Yaping, and Ye Guangfu are in the big screen, the "Tiangong Classroom" space teaching activities unveiled .

2021-12-1314: 53 National Computer Network Emergency Technology Processing Coordination Center (CNCERT), China Network Space Security Association Recently issued "APP illegal and illegal collection and analysis of personal information monitoring and analysis report".

2021-12-1314: 15 and the past, only give money to help the incubation technology, Weng Yong hit more about helping the research results to find the market, helping the company to find technology and let the tripartite form a community.

2021-12-1314: 05 Using renewable energy electrolyte hydrogen is considered to be one of the most feasible strategies of high-purity hydrogen production, but due to the shortage of fresh water resources, electrolysis seawater has become a research hotspot.

2021-12-1313: 51 In July this year, Liu Yi team acquired the first global carbon flux data set and map of China’s carbon satellite. This marked that my country has the space of global carbon payments, and Japan, The third country after the United States has the country. 2021-12-1313: 41 Li Yanhong said that my country has leading scientific and technological talent bonuses, with rich artificial intelligent application scenarios, with unparalleled good policy environments, China’s intelligent transportation development must go in the forefront of the world. 2021-12-1309: 41 For example, you can sell equipment in the game, sell your identity, in the Yuancosian, the 上海湾区spa品茶 equipment and identity, we can understand the real estate of the Yuan Universe as an alternative equipment and identity .

2021-12-1309: 41 Ski Ski Daji, also known as "Xue Fei Tian", located in the new Shougang Park in Beijing Shijingshan, is the only snow competition in Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics in Beijing.

2021-12-1309: 31 Drinking your milk will drink probiotics into your stomach, 爱上海同城419论坛 these probiotics are actually "living biothermal", which is conducive to our gastrointestinal motility.

2021-12-1309: 24 According to a study published on the 10th of Nature · Electronics, Finnish researchers have developed a circuit that can generate high-quality microwave signals required to control quantum computers at temperatures close to absolute zero. . 2021-12-1309: 23 "In the past, the health of the canteen was healthy. The administrator should conduct body temperature inspection of employees, hand hygiene testing, wearing tests and record the results in case, and the process is cumbersome.

"2021-12-1309: 21 Protein Structure Prediction is an important" holy cup "of biology, is also one of the most hot research in the field of artificial intelligent falling life sciences. 2021-12-1309: 20 is located in Shijing Mountain, Beijing, China The Tilting is officially launched on the 12th. The Shougang Ski Large on Shijingshan District, Beijing officially launched snow work on the 12th.

2021-12-1313: 56 This study included two independent clinical trials, which were the 1-phase clinical trial of 18-59-year-old Health Adult Group II clinical trials in Jiangsu Province. Fu in the 6th healthy elderly group II clinical trial.

2021-12-1117: 33 In the previous study, the researchers found that small collide cells were able to regenerate 20% of cells per day by self-proliferation under the reminders.

2021-12-1010: 59 The study found that the opportunity to solve mathematics issues by 3 times.

The secret is to wake up in the transition phase between sleep and awake before deep sleep.

2021-12-1010: 56.


Educational thinking: Those years of teachers teach my "grass spirit" 上海哪里有水磨洗浴 grass spirit – young dynamics

[Abstract] In my study, I have three people with profound teachers. Every autumn is open, the dark fragrance floats, the character is elegant, just like these teachers’ words. Be a fragrant person, let the people around you like a spring breeze. In my study, I have three people with profound teachers.

Every autumn is open, the dark fragrance floats, the character is elegant, just like these teachers’ words. Be a fragrant person, let the people around you like a spring breeze. The first is the Chinese teacher in my junior high school.

Once, the teacher took us to learn the "I and Ditan" of Shi Tieheng, she reads every word, full of emotions, but read she is crying, immersed in writing, I can’t pull it in writing. At that time, we were too small, no one understood 上海夜生活按摩 why the teacher cried.

It’s just that we seem to understand: the teacher is not a whole-energy Iron Man, the teacher also has a fragile side.

Later, whenever I remembered this teacher, I always think she is like a slogan in spring, but the swing is very flexible with the wind swing. The second is the geography teacher in my high school. She is always very fashionable and stylish, slim.

Every geographic class is the teacher’s fashion show, she uses a wide denim horn trousers with all kinds of pointed high heels, swaying the geographical knowledge, and a boring geographical knowledge, this contrast is very interesting. She is like a bright sunflower, driving in the most spiritual sun, enthusiastic, bright, and is a forever visual center. The third teacher is a aesthetic teacher in our university. 上海品茶论坛sn At the beginning of the sun, he will ride a shabby motorcycle and ran to the high sugar cane look at the sunset, very romantic.

He gives us a movie "Dream Dream", which is the highest realm of the United States. He gave me a thick "Zhuangzi" and Zhou Guoping’s book, and he didn’t forget to hear a scorpion: "Be sure to give me!" In the poorest material life, the richest spiritual life This teacher let me see the firm and wisdom of the people who go beyond material wealth.

He church me, even when life touches the wall, it is still to believe in the poetic life of life, just like a plum blossom in cold ice and snow.

"Meet Tuesday" said: "A true good teacher, she regards me as a piece of jade, a original diamond, as long as the wisdom is mood, you can send a bright glory." A real good teacher, he / Her life will encounter a lot of qualifications, and the different students will be deprived of materials, and they will continue to subliminate in several tests in life. The teacher is educating people, is a silent process of moisturites, "Just like a tree is shaking another tree, a cloud touchs another cloud, a soul awakening another soul."

Education is between people and people, and it is something that happens between them, it never stops. (Peony).


Calculating the development of the business (new observation of cadre status, comprehensive promotion of rural residence)

Located in the Yellow River "a few" words Bay, the Khan Yanlier City, the Hengyan Autonomous Region of the Hengkui District, and the village party organizations have just completed the renewal. "For me, the first thing to be later is to find out, see the villagers’ needs." Yang Yong, the secretary of the new party branch of Xingfu Village, Linhe District, told reporters. In order to promote the revitalization of the country, Linhe District combined with the new village "two committees", in accordance with the requirements of the "support book, walk through the village group", the time organization launched the "big visit, promoting revitalization" work, with "sieve" The way the village is visible, "a village one policy", formulates account, and effectively solve the problem, and improve the ability of grassroots governance. Take the village "Targeting the needs of the masses, things are good", is the spring plow season, in the farmland in Wolf Mountain Town, Linhe District, only one excavator is working hard, flat land, renovation Road, digging the ditch … "According to the city arrangement, our village has completed high standard farmland construction, and the income of the villagers increased a lot." Looking at the scene in front of you, Yang Yong said. 1389 people in Xingfu Village, 69 party members, Yang Yong used 40 days, and I walked by home, and I asked in the field. In the visiting, Yang Yong found the problem of party members from the small things of "water-saving fees".

"In order to protect everyone can use water on time, even if there is a few people in the village to pay for water, the village group will also pay for it." Yang Yong told reporters.

He found that the party members of the village Han have arrears more than 10,000 yuan for 8 years, and they came to Han family, and they took a good water fee to Han. "Is there a water fee for 8 years, is it no money?" "" Nor, I feel no one, I want to take advantage of it. "" You are a party member, what to do, understand. "" I pay! "…" The water fee is the entry point, and we fully comb, solve many historical legacy issues.

Yang Yong said.

"The village garbage is not in time" "I want to make money, there is no need to go to the road" … After the entrance to the house, the party members brought back the villagers’ ideas. "From the opinions, we can find our efforts.

Yang Yong said with the village party members.

Next, rectifying a rural environment, establishing a mediation organization, and developing the village-level industry. "Aiming at the needs of the masses, things will be done." Soon, Yang Yong presided over the party membership meeting, divided the responsible area, and a party member contact a few people, and the upload of the policy. "Party members’ normalization contact service villagers, which is equivalent to the Village Branch set ‘information’ station, and there is a timely feedback, and the officer is active." Yang Yong said. Learn about the problem of the villagers, I can find someone to say "Zhang Sanming, 59 years old, has served as 20 years of cadres in Democratic Village, Danhe District, Linhe District, and after 2015, after the Secretary of the Village Party Branch, the village development Being better, this year, the village party branch changed, he was elected again.

Although I have been dried in the village for so many years, Zhang Sanming did not guarantee that every household is full. "There are more than 3,000 residents in our village, 16 village groups, 77 party members, the farthest group of two groups of 15 kilometers away, relying on me, I can’t run.

Zhang Sanming said.

In the past, in democratic villages, low-cost approvals, Hui farmers subsidies such as villagers’ application, the village-level organization was reported to the town, sometimes the public is not timely, the villagers have opinions.

In order to respond to the masses in time, the Democracy has implemented the "five-person group" work method. According to the size of the village group, a prestimated party member is the convener, absorbing several capable party members and villages join, with the village group Interpret relevant policies to the masses, introduce village transactions, collect and summarize opinions, and adjust contradiction disputes.

"When there is anything in the village needs to be negotiated, we first collect the village suggestions. After discussion, it has formed a plan, through the publicity resolution by the villager." The eight groups of "five groups" in the Democratic Village called Tang Xingtian. Tao Zhaowa, eight groups of villagers in Democratic Village told reporters: "The member of the" five-person group "lives close to us, some real cases are very clear. The problem of villagers care, I can find someone to say." Today, the democracy Development of forest fruits, tomatoes, watermelon and egg cultivation, etc., per capita annual income reached 27,500 yuan. "The work of the" five-person group ‘"has set up the party group dry group’, the ability of the grassroots governance is improved, and the working method is currently promoted in the city.

"Zhang Genshu, deputy minister of 上海新茶群 the Organization Department of Linhe District, said. Election of industries" Made in Qing Du Village "What is the lack of" What is good to make up the short board "" Our village is more than 1400 people, there is more than 4 acres of people, in the past Corn, wheat increased production without income, then I often think about where our place is poor? "The Secretary of the Party Branch of Yongsheng Village, Yongxiang Village, Baikodao Town, Linhe District has been working in the village for more than 20 years.

Today, Yongsheng Village has become a local famous green pepper village. In February this year, Qi Navy once again elected the secretary of the village party branch.

"Every stage, the development of the village is different.

To promote the development of 上海夜生活品茶 the industry, engage in the lack of the village ‘, so that the short board is completed.

"Qi Navy said. Ten years ago, Yongsheng Village trotted green pepper, lacking the lead farmer and planting technology; now the planting area continued to expand, the next step has to form a scale. Qi Navy said," Village Industry, the village branch must have a clear account, can do, bring everyone to do; do not do it, it must be completed, it is reflected to the superior, discuss solutions. "The whole village planned large-scale land concentrated on the green pepper, but there are still individual villagers who are reluctant to participate, Qi Navy leads the villagers in the day, at night and village party members go to the masses to solve the problem, absorb the village recommendations, Optimize the work plan. In October last year, the villagers He Hengxu returned to 上海水磨休闲中心 Yongsheng Village from the field and participated in the "two committees" work in the village.

"The Village Branch told me that only the loess of Yongsheng Village will only know how many chopsticks per family." He Hengxu said.

In the past six months, he walked at home, and the relationship between the villagers was closer to the villagers by carrying out a house investigation and the construction of two village groups.


Guizhou: Introducing more than 2,500 contract investments in industrial industrial projects increased by 81.35% year-on-year

People’s Network Guiyang December 8 (Chen Jingjing) December 7 The province has shown the total amount of industrial industrial industrial industries, the gradual optimization of the attracting structure, the project construction is accelerating, and the investment environment has continuously improved a good situation. It is understood that in the 2578 industrial industrial projects introduced by Guizhou, 1062 projects, the start rate rate, 1339 production projects, and the birth rate%.

The province’s new province’s foreign industrial industry has accounted for% in the province’s industries, and completed the target 上海老闵行油压店推荐 task of 50% of the year in advance.

Among them, the contract investment has a total of more than 10 billion yuan, with a total of more than 500 million yuan, and 122 items of more than 1 billion yuan.

Since 2021, Guizhou has urged industrial industrial industrial investment as a key to industrial investment work, focusing on new industrialization and promoting investment in industrial industry. Guizhou focuses on the top ten industrial industries, with 100 industrial parks as the main carrier, with the China International Data Industry Expo, Guiyang Industrial Expo, etc. Internal and foreign activities, with the interaction of the Cantonese East and West, Zhejiang?, Zhenghe island, private enterprise investment, central enterprise investment and other industrial investment "summer autumn offensive" 上海品茶上课群 action as the theme Industrial industry chain investment work.

In the top ten industrial industrial projects, 423 modern energy industry investment projects, 602 new building materials industry investment projects, 235 modern chemical industry investment projects, 218 high-quality tobacco and alcohol industry investment projects, 240 basic materials industry investment projects, Advanced equipment manufacturing industrial investment projects 232, 115 large data electronic information industry investment projects, 127 health medicine industry investment projects, 340 ecological characteristic food industry investment projects. In order to do a good job in industrial industrial investment, the Guizhou Provincial Party Committee, the provincial government mainly leads the investment. The major leaders of the county and government of each city directly go to the door to interpret the negotiation project, regularly dispatch industrial investment. At the same time, the Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau established an industrial investment project, which took the initiative to carry out research and analysis of the top ten industrial and light industrial industrial chain, completing the 89 sub-industrial chains of advanced equipment manufacturing, lithium electricity, automobile and new materials. "Two figures and two libraries Research on the pool.

In addition, the Guizhou Provincial Investment Promotion Bureau jointly established an investment platform, the Guizhou Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, Guizhou Provincial Energy Bureau, etc. Industry investment activities such as "Zhenghe Island" are 40 times.

With the investment of energy in Guangdong, improve the effectiveness of industrial investment. As of the end of October, the Guizhou Provincial Consultation Tourism team invited the enterprise to visit 2,682, and signed 2,500 framework agreements, and signed a formal investment contract 1194.

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Bazhong 松江足浴会所 City Wine Mountain Nuke River Culture Fusion Development Demonstration Zone is set up

  On November 3, Bazhong City Wine Mountain Nuo River Wenxao Fusion Development Demonstration Zone (referred to as "Wenxin New District") The ladiered film is held in the vagus mountain, marking the official landing of Wenxin New District, Nancheng North Travel The space layout has been protothered, and the city breaks through the development of culturally supported the first industry.

  Wenxin New District is across the Nanjiang, Tongjiang 2 counties, 7 towns and towns, with a large number of people 1656 square kilometers, with a total population, and the scale is equivalent to a small county city.

The "management committee + company" leadership system under the leadership of the party’s work 松江大学城学生微信群 committee, the management system and the administrative regions are closely related to the management system. The new district focuses on the development of the cultural 上海品茶群 rearing industry, and strives to build a "two mountain" theory district, international leisure resort tourism destination and Chinese inland health blessings.

  In September this year, the International Collection Qualification Executive Executive Executive Executive Executive Examination will be held around the Wenxin District, a high standard of high-standard planning and conceptual planning and design. After 8 hours of repeated discussion, experts from 64 domestic and foreign conspired units and the consortium "five strong".

At present, the "Five" team has conducted the first site survey on the scenic spots and towns of the Wenxiong New District, and is preparing the next round of competition.

(Tan Xiaolong reporter Zhong Li) [Responsible Editor: Li Tingyu].


Do a good job of effective connection to promote rural resolution

  After winning the poverty battle, after building a well-off society, we must further consolidate the expansion of the poverty achievements, and do a good job in revitalizing this country.

Recently, the "Central Committee of the Central Committee of the CPC Central Committee on achieving the effective connection of the country’s revitalization of the resulination", "is just that it is necessary, very necessary, significant. The comprehensive victory of extracting the poverty, marking our party’s unity and leading the people to create a better life, which means that "three rural" work is historically transferred to comprehensively promote the revitalization of the country. .

Implementation of consolidation and expansion of poverty achievements with rural revitalization, is one of the most important tasks of "three rural" work in the current and future. "Opinions" focusing on the poverty reduction, clarifying the guiding ideology, basic ideas and target tasks, main principles, deployment doing a good job of poverty and rural revitalization leadership system, working system, development planning, policy measures, assessment mechanism, etc. It has provided important follows to continuously promote the development of the povertygraduate region and rural comprehensive revitalization. Do a good job of effective connection, promote rural residence, must deepen understanding and improve station.

The nation must revitalize, and the village must 爱上海贵族宝贝 revitalize.

General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized: "Comprehensive construction of socialist modern countries, realizing the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, the most difficult and heavy tasks are still in rural areas, the most wide and deeper foundation is still in rural." Effective connection, related to the construction of new development patterns that are the main body of domestic circulation, domestic and international double cycle, is related to the overall construction of socialist modern countries global and the second hundred years of struggle. The whole party must stand in practice the initial mission, stick to the political height of the essential requirements of socialism, fully understand the importance, urgency, urgency, urgency, urgency of the party and the whole party, the whole party, 上海喝茶论坛 the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party’s strength, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party, the whole party Promote, let the broad masses of the people, including the poverty, continue to move forward towards the goal of gradually realizing the common prosperity of all people. Do a good job of effective connection, promote rural residence, must clarify the task, implement responsibilities. General Secretary Xi Jinping pointed out: "The poverty poverteh is not the end, but the new life, the starting point of the new struggle.

"Opinions" clearly, after the completion of the destination, the target mission 上海水磨工作室 is completed, set up a 5-year transition period. For the counties that get rid of poverty, maintain the main supply policy overall stability during the transition period, and the adjustment of the classification, reasonable grasp the adjustment rhythm, strength and Time limit, gradually move from the solution to the establishment of the Poverty Poverty "two unfair three guarantees" as the focus of realizing the prosperity of rural industries, ecological and livable, township civilization, effectiveness, rich life, from centralized resource support to deplete the poverty to consolidate and expand the poverty Attacks and comprehensively promote the revitalization of rural villages. "Opinions" also clarified in 2025, to 2035 stage target tasks. We must adhere to the party’s comprehensive leadership, adhere to central overall leaders, save overall responsibility, city county and township Mechanism, give full play to the party committees of all levels to investigate the overall situation, coordinate the leadership role of all parties, and the provincial and county rural five-level secretary arrested to strengthen expansion of the poverty and the resulination.

It is necessary to persist in an orderly adjustment, a smooth transition to ensure that the poverty poverty is not regenerated.

It is necessary to adhere to the masses of the masses, inspiring internal and motivation, and encourage low-income populations with labor capabilities. It is necessary to adhere to the government to promote guidance, social market synergy, and form a strong synergy. "It’s hard to win, and it is difficult to hold.

"Effectively consolidate the expansion of the poverty" and the effective connection of rural revitalization, so that the poverty poverty base is more solid, the effectiveness is more sustainable, with more powerful initiatives, gather more powerful power, accelerate the pace of agricultural rural modernization, promote high agriculture High efficiency, rural shoulder, farmers rich, we must be able to paint the magnificent picture of the country’s revitalization!


Fujian Provincial Procuratorate’s holiday organs have been likely to

"The Fujian Provincial Procuratorate’s holiday organ is created, from saving a drop of water, a piece of paper, a spoonful of rice, one calm, one-liter oil, etc. The per capita power consumption, the per capita water consumption is more than the%,%, and% in 2019, and the three major energy-saving indicators exceed the superior energy conservation requirements. "On May 17th, as the directive organs of the Fujian Provincial Straight Organization 3 real estate One of the units, Fujian Provincial People’s Procuratorate ushered in the national organ affairs authority to create a field finding of work assessment groups.

Members of the Evaluation Group include the deputy director of the Ministry of Education, Director of the Ministry of National Power, and the Director of the Minister of China and the Director of the Ministry of Education and the experts of the Chinese and energy conservation consulting company.

The evaluation team visited the provincial procuratorate authorities to create a saving organ publicity and large screen and exhibition boards, and inspected the construction of the new energy electric vehicle charging pile construction, garbage classification facilities construction, canteen and the construction and use of energy saving facilities in the office building.

It is understood that under the strong support and care guidance of the Fujian Provincial Bureau of Organization Administration, the party group of Fujian Provincial Procuratorate attaches great importance to the creation of the saving organs, and always adheres to the creation of the conservation authorities into the new era prosecution to create a national civilized unit. Carrier, extensive launch, deepen education, vigorously promote, actively create a strong 上海海选油压会所 energy-saving and emission reduction, and the administrative equipment logistics management department continues to make efforts to save, oppose the concept of paving and waste, paying attention to saving energy resources management systems Construction. Each internal unit and the whole hospital have actively responded to the establishment of catering waste and energy saving, green office, garbage classification, etc.,上海油压资源群 continuously improve energy resources utilization efficiency, reduce the cost of operation, and scientifically build energy conservation system.

According to data, in recent years, the consumption of electricity, water, office supplies and vehicle fuel consumption, and the three annual energy conservation indicators exceeded the annual energy conservation indicator requirements of the Provincial Organization Administration of 2020, The overall creation of the organs is fully affirmed by the evaluation team. (Editor: Lin Dongxiao, Zhong Xia Liuhua).