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Do practical users commented on the barbecue bar all night to disturb the relevant departments Reply

The message screenshot message originally text country trade second street "Hongzu Barbecue Bar", a pile of tables outside, a group of people drinking loudly in the evening. 1. Does the exterior stall pay a rent? 2, is it an self? 3. Does the rental or self-employed? Reply to the original Nets, the Dangdang, Longhua District, Haikou, respected netizens: Hello, your reflection has been received, will reply as 上海宝山新茶 follows: After checking, the Jinzhong Trade Law Enforcement Squadron will immediately organize the team on-site verification At the situation where the operating noise in the air, the operational behavior of the exterior stall is illegal. The law enforcement team members conduct education rectification on the spot, ordered the store to move the table and chair to the store, and inform them that it is strictly forbidden to operate the open air operation, and persuade the shop civilization operation, not Loudly embarrassed the work of the surrounding residents. The next comprehensive 上海新茶私人工作室 law enforcement squadron will arrange a team to inspect the department every day, strengthen the management of the noise disturbance, and protect the normal life of the public. What do you have to solve? Welcome to the People’s Network "Leader Message Board" 上海各区工作室新茶群 message to tell your difficult things and annoying.


Can you jump, can you run, can you run?

  Production: Science China Military Science and Technology Frontier Author: Weng Zongbo Planning: Jinhe Production: Guangming Net Technology Netizen Question: Can you jump, can you run, mine? As mentioned in the mines, the people will easily think of the scene of the domestic film "Mine" in the anti-Japanese war period, the mines of the Eighth Route Army, the mine war, the mines are shocked, the landmines are shocked, and the landlore is also Become an important flash point in our revolutionary war.

The mine is used as a defensive weapon to the war, and the earliest can be traced back to the Song Dynasty, and its price is low, which is extremely concealed. At the end of the 18th century, the development of the letter of tripes made the mines European countries have been widely used, and the anti-step mines, anti-tank mines became an essential weapon when they were fighting. However, in the impression of the average person, mine is "dead", is a passive defensive weapon. However, today, today, there is a smart mine that can be jumped, can fly, also known as the mines found, can automatically detect, identify and attack the target, especially when tanks and other armored vehicle targets are close. This mine can detect tracking tanks, armored vehicles, and then vertical attack tank armored vehicles, which have strong initiative. Can be jumped, can run smart mines, it sounds incredible, in fact, relying on high technology such as detection technology, sensor technology and microprocessor technology.

Intelligent mines consist of target sensors, data processing systems, launch devices, and struggles. Its workflow is: Once the goal is close to the thunder, the sensor captures information and confirms the target, and then transmits the data to the processor to calculate, draw the best intercept point. Standby. Only to go to the best intercept point, the light is immediately ignited, and the combat is lifted, and the scan is automatically founded, and the target is attacked.

  The smart mine sealing is large, the active attack is strong, and the infringement is high. When the intelligent landmine is put into the battlefield, it will greatly change the performance of local war.

Currently, the world is more typical 上海高端自带工作室 intelligent mine: US XM93 wide-area mines, American eram remote anti-armored mines, France’s "Mazack" sound control anti-tank mines, US AHM anti-helicopter mines, etc.

Among them, the US XM93 Wide Mine is a smart anti-tank mine specifically used to attack the top of the tank; the American ERAM remote anti-armored mine is the landmines found, mainly used to attack the top armor of the tank, kill the occupant, destroy the car Inner equipment, makes tanks lose combat power; France’s "Mazack" sound control anti-tank mines is also an automatic mine of the attack tanks, the radius of the tank can reach 200 meters, and the obstacle area of ??1 mine is equivalent to 60 ~ 100 ordinary mines; US AHM anti-helicopter landmines is the unique sound of the helicopter propeller blade through the acoustic sensor and the 上海品茶qm letterpress, the defense range is 400 meters radius, the height of 20 meters or less, the effective distance of the combat area is more than 100 meters or more It is available for artificial, rocket, army tactical missile or "volcanic" Bray system. In addition, there is a Bulgarian AHM-200 anti-helicopter mine, the UK "A Jack" anti-side mines, Russian TEMP-20 anti-helicopter mines, etc. Expert Profile: Weng Zongbo, military equipment science experts, mainly engaged in domestic and foreign high-tech equipment, various military species, joint operational strategy, etc. Class newspapers and magazines published more than 200 articles, personal employs three equal works.


Chinese Reporter Association (214)

  Approved by the sixth executive council of the ninth Council, I would be adjusted to: First, the main news unit (18 households) 1. People’s Daily 2. Xinhua News Agency 3. Central Radio and Television Taiwan 4. The Journal of Journal of China 6. Guangming Daily 7. Economic Daily 8. China Daily 9. Science and Technology Daily 10. People’s Political Consultative Agency 11. The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection National Supervision Press Communication Center 12. China News Agency 14. Worker Daily 15. China Youth News House 16. China Women’s Newspaper 17. Farmers Daily 18. Rule of Law Japan Second, National Industry Media (105) 1. Voice of Straits Radio Station 2. People’s Navy News 3. People’s Army News 5. Rockets News 6. People’s Armed Police News 7. Strategic Support News 8. People’s Court News Media Total 9. Procuratorate Daily 10. Chinese Cultural Media Group 11. China Construction Newspaper 12. "People’s Railway" News Co., Ltd. 13. China Social Newspapers 14. China Organization Personnel News 15. Health News 16. People’s Public Security News 17. China Audit News 18. China Traffic News 9. International Business News 20. China Education Newspapers 21. China University of Finance News 23. China Water Resources News 24. China University of Education 26. China Electronic Newspapers 27. China Poponics News 20. China Natural Resources Newspaper 29. China Labor Guarantee News 31. China National Reform News 32. China National Newspapers 34. China Civil Aviation News 35. China Sports Reporting Industry 36. China Market Supervision News 37. China Information News 38. China Green Times 39. China Emergency Management News 41. China Quality Newspapers 42. China Intellectual Property Newspapers 43. China Environment Newspapers 44. China Archives Newspaper 45. China Post Newspaper 46. China TCM drug newspaper 47. China Meteorological Newspaper 49. China Economic Times 50. China Children’s News Publishing Total 51. Huaxia Times 52. China Trade News 53. China Business News Agency 54. China Business Times 55. China Art Newspaper 56 Sarns Newspaper Media Group Co., Ltd. 58. China Automobile Newspapers 60. China Textile Newspapers 61. China University of Building Materials 62. China County Economic News 63. China Computer Newspaper 64. Computer World News 65. China’s Old Adult News 67. China Red Cross General Meeting 68. Consumer Daily 69. China Industrial Newspaper 70. China Enterprise News 71. China Consumer Newspaper 72. China Tourism Newspaper 73. China Chemical Newspaper 74. China Metallurgical Newspaper 76. China Photographic News 77. Charity Public Welfare News 78. China Building Newspaper 79. China Food Safety News Co., Ltd. 81. China Cooperation Times 82. China Electricity Media Group 84. China Petrochemical News 85. China 上海松江品茶联系 Aviation Newspaper 86. China Space Newspaper 87. China Ship Newspaper 88. China Ocean Petroleum Newspaper 89. China Railway Architecture News 90. China Bank Insurance News 91. China Real Estate Newspaper 92. China Food Newspaper 93. China Three Gorges Publishing Media Co., Ltd. 94. China Ocean Shipping News 95. Xinhua Book Temple News 96. China Immigration Management News 97. Writer Works Workshop 98. British Media Investment Group 99. Public Welfare Times 100. China Publishing Media Business Newspaper 101. China Social Science Newspaper 102. China Mining News 103. China Gold Newspaper 104. Economic Reference News 105. China Post Express News, National Journal, Publishing House, Film Factory (29) 1. China Youth Magazine 2. China Women Magazine 3. Taisheng Magazine 4. World Knowledge Publishing House 6. Beijing Week 7. People’s Chinese 上海夜生活论坛最新 Magazine 8. Today China Magazine 9. China Report Journal Society 10. People’s Pictorial Magazine 11. Ethnic Unit Magazine 12. Ethnic Pictorial News Agency 13. Party Construction Magazine 14. 望 周 社 15. Changan magazine 16. Huasheng newspaper 17. National Women’s Federation Network Information Dissemination Center 18. China Rural Journal Society 19. Democracy and Legal Magazine 20. China Financial Magazine 21. China Economic and Trade Guide Magazine 22. Youth Abstracts Magazine 23. Overseas Digest Magazine 24. China-English Mid-Month Monthly 25. 集 邮 志 社 26. National Defense Magazine 27. Central News Record Movie Production Factory 28. Township Forum Magazine 29. Finance and Economics and Magazine IV, National News Association (30)1. China Evening News Workers Association 2. China News Photography Association 3. China News Comics 上海gm会所 Research Association 4. China Newspaper Association 5. China Industry News Association 6. China Enterprise News Association 7. China Tree Market Research Association 8. China County Municipal Reports Research Association 9. China National Farmers Association 10. China Wen Reporting Report 11. National Newspaper Self-Service Development Association 12. China National Petroleum News Worker Association 13. China Posts and Telecommunications Journalists 14. China Railway Journalist Association 15. China Electric Power News Association 16. China Auto Journalists Association 17. China National People’s Congress News Association 18. China National Legal News Association 19. China Sports Journalists Association 20. China Environmental Journalists Association 21. China Science and Technology News Learn 22. National Business Publishing Association 23. China Traffic Provisional Association 24. China Medical News Information Association 25. China Economic Media Association 26. China Coal System Journalists Association 27. China National Defense Technology Industry Journalists Association 28. China Broadcast Movie TV Social Organization Federation 29. China Youth News Association 30. China Education TV Association 5, Provincial Department of Education (32) 1. Beijing Listeners 2. Tianjin Listeners 3. Hebei Listeners 4. Shanxi Corporation 5. Inner Mongolia Records 6. Liaoning Records 7. Jilin Society 8. Heilongjiang Listeners 9. Shanghai Listeners 10. Jiangsu Mission 21. Zhejiang Listeners 12. Anhui Listeer 13. Fujian Listeer 14. Jiangxi Listeners 15. Shandong Lisco Association 17. Hubei Records Association 18. Hunan Records Association 19. Guangdong Listeners 20. Hainan Lisco 21. Guangxi Listeners 22. Chongqing Listeer 23. Sichuan Listeners 24. Guizhou Corporation 25. Yunnan Lisco 27. Tibet Listeners 27. Shaanxi Listeners 28. Gansu Listeners 29. Qinghai Missing Association 30. Ningxia Mission 31. Xinjiang Listeners 32. Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps Remember Responsible Editor: Zhang Shuang.


Construction intellectual property strong country is the call of the new era

  On September 22, 2021, "The Construction Outline of the Intellectual Property" (2021-12035) "(hereinafter referred to as" Outline ").This is the programming document for the construction of strong countries in the new era, and the call of the new era of implementing the new development concept.Since the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, the construction of socialism with Chinese characteristics has entered a new era.

Innovation is the first motivation to lead the development, and the protection of intellectual property is the concept of protecting innovation and gradually being deeply rooted.On November 30, 2020, General Secretary Xi Jinping emphasized that the national governance system and the modernization of the national governance system and the modernization of intellectual property protection work, relations, relations, relations, relations, relationsThe overall situation, related national security.This important discussion further reveals an important role in intellectual property in economic and social development.In fact, since the reform and opening up, my country’s economic and social development has been complementary with intellectual property system construction.

Since the 1980s, the basic framework of intellectual property system has gradually formed the basic system that adapts to the international rule system, which has promoted my country to become a foreign country, and promoted my country’s science and technology, trade, industries, economic and cultural. Progress and development in the field. But we should be soberly 上海黄浦油压浴室kb recognized that my country still faces the situation of intellectual property "more and not excellent, big and not strong", in the fields of industrial manufacturing, agricultural production, commercial activities, cultural development, technology development and scientific research, etc. The overall quality of property rights is not high enough, and international competitiveness is not strong enough.

In particular, the fourth industrial revolution in the world has arrived, and the scientific and technological rapid development, the new technologies represented by big data, artificial intelligence, biotechnology, etc., the new international competition is more and more reflected in innovation capabilities. At the same time, the international situation facing my country has become more complex, the uncertainty of instability is significantly increased, and the 上海美女经纪工作室 economic globalization encounters the countercurrent, and the trade system and international relations related to intellectual property are being rebounded and shaped. Intellectual property is increasingly becoming an international competition. The core elements of the force and the focus of international disputes.

  Fundamentally, my country’s intellectual property system needs to further systematically complete system, the management of intellectual property sector needs further improvement, the management ability needs to further improve, the social environment of innovation culture and intellectual property culture needs further cultivation, China’s intellectual property, international status and The role needs to be strengthened.

Solve these issues, on the one hand, depending on how we know the relationship between China and the world; on the other hand, on the way we do its own intellectual property construction.

  "Outline" is guided by Xi Jinping’s new era of Chinese characteristics, through the rule of controlling method, using market means, aims to build my country from a "intellectual property country" into "intellectual property", and promote economic society through intellectual property rights Comprehensive advancement and high quality development.

  According to the "Outline" plan, the intellectual property strong country construction is divided into two phases: the first stage to 2025, intellectual property protection is stricter, social satisfaction reaches and maintains a high level, and the value of intellectual property market is further highlighted, and some intellectual property basics Continuous rise; the second stage to 2035, my country’s intellectual property comprehensive competitiveness ranks among the forefront of the world, intellectual property system system is complete, intellectual property promotion innovation and entrepreneurship flourish, the whole society intellectual property culture consciously basically, all-round, multi-level participation in knowledge The international cooperation pattern of property rights global governance is basically formed, and the Chinese characteristics, the world’s intellectual property is basically completed.

  On the one hand, the "Outline" is based on the domestic, from the intellectual property system, the protection system, the operating mechanism, the public service system and the human social environment. On the other hand, it is placed in the world, and it is involved in global intellectual property management. The intellectual property governance system has developed toward more justice.

Specifically, the main tasks of my country’s intellectual property strong country construction include the following six aspects: First, build the intellectual property system for socialist modernization.

On the one hand, we need to build a complete door class, strict structure, internal and external coordinated legal system, improve the three levels of basic law, special legislation and supporting legislation, and adapt to scientific and technological progress and economic and social development; on the other hand, construct adaptation The Intellectual Property Management System and Policy System of Modern Development. Second, build the intellectual property protection system that supports the international first-class business environment. my country’s intellectual property protection system should be under the leadership of the Party Central Committee, establish a large-protected pattern of judicial, administrative, arbitration, mediation, etc., realize the government’s performance, the law enforcement department strictly supervised, the judicial organ justice, the market main body Cooperative Protection System of Standardizing Management, Industry Organization Self-discipline, Social Public Integrity. Third, the construction of the intellectual property market operation mechanism incentive innovation and development. From a dynamic, the intellectual property value chain includes three links of "Science and Technology Driving-Industrial Support-Business Integration". Accordingly, the operation mechanism of building intellectual property market is also launched from three perspectives: First, the company is the main body, the market-oriented high quality creation mechanism; the second is the use mechanism of efficient and valuable implementation; the third is the order, full Vitality market-oriented operation mechanism. Fourth, the intellectual property public service system of the construction of the people. Strengthening the supply of intellectual property public services, improving the ability of intellectual property public service, and is the two main dimensions of the people of the people.

The core work is to implement the intellectual property public service intelligent construction project, build the intellectual property public service system of government guidance, multi-participation, interconnection, and integrate resources, standardize, standardize, information, information, and network, Intelligent.

  Fifth, building a humanistic and social environment that promotes high quality development of intellectual property.

Including three aspects: First, intellectual property culture, respecting knowledge, advocating innovation, integrity, and fair competition; second, intellectual property cultural dissemination matrix of innovative, form, integration development; three is to create more open and more active , More energetic intellectual property talent development environment. Sixth, in depth, participate in global intellectual property management.

Further expand the external open and maintenance of intellectual property rights in the field of intellectual property rights, strengthen international cooperation between intellectual property review business, and create an international intellectual property litigation, improve the international dialogue exchange mechanism related to intellectual property. In general, the "Outline" is designed to build a system perfect, protected strictly, operate efficient, service, cultural consciousness, open win-win intellectual property, support my country’s comprehensive national strength and international competitiveness, is an innovative country And Important Guarantees to achieve socialist modernization. The Director of the International Intellectual Property Studies Center of Peking University, Professor Law School, Beijing Xi Jinping New Times, China Characteristic Socialist Thoughts Research Center.


A "reunion" across thousands of miles

Original title: A "reunion", "reunion", a "reunion", a lunar month, Karakun Plate, a car group in Xinjiang Military Region, a championship.

A Spring Festival "Polycom" across thousands of miles, let the officers and families separated by radio "reunion". "Dad, Dad!" 3-year-old Xia Dongyang shouted, while waving at the camera. Looking at the sons in the 上海奉贤新茶 lens, even the long summer is red.

Son of the son is born, he returned to the army.

When I go home, when I visited my relatives, my little guy got to be born. When he saw him hiding in his mother, he kept crying.

  "Are you okay on the mountain?" Wang Xiaohong hugged his son and looked at the husband in the lens.

Missing in my heart, she lowered his son: "Dad works in a far away, soon will go home.

Xia Chun Ying Ying has been running on the new Tibetan line for 14 years. Originally, he intended to receive his wife and children from Henan to the resident of the New Year.

Who knows, the task is coming. He didn’t say that he did not start from the Karakun Plateau. The big daughter Xia Xinyi stood at the mother and looked at the father in the camera, and 闵行区会所 the eyes were full.

  Xia Xinyi is going to school on the first day. It is a mother who is accompanying; "Dad, we have been wrapped in dumplings waiting for you!" Daughter’s words, so that Xiachun welcomed warmth.

  "You grow up, learn to take care of your mother and your brother." Listening to Dad, Xia Xinyi nodded. "I am proud, I am a military wife …" At this moment, the melody of the song "wife" sounded.

  I have never found the husband Liu Bo in the video lens, and Sun Hongli is anxious.

  At this point, Liu Bo is still rushing on the new line.

Knowing the news, she wrote to Liu Bo’s "home book" to the camera: "I am your eternal ‘deputy driving’, always your strong backing!" Sun Hongli has always had a wish, 上海学生品茶群 one day to husband rushing "Tianlu" new Tibetan line looks at it. "Waiting for the task, you will go home, I am waiting for you at home.

"Before the lens, Sun Hongli wiped tears and smiled and said:" That’s right … "(Li Lei, Zheng Qianglong, Yin Fuwen) (Editor: Wen Wei, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see.


2021 "Tianjin Safety Medicine Month" started

  Tianjin safe medicinal monthly activities are important brand publicity activities in the field of drug safety in Tianjin, which has played an important role in promoting social safety knowledge. During the event, the city’s drug supervision departments will organize the form of publicity activities, including Tianjin Medicine Safety Forum, enter the open day activities of traditional Chinese medicine label, drug safety network knowledge contest, drug safety public open 上海水磨裸选会所 day event, find the most beautiful pharmacist around you, Supervision of science and civilian scientific and technological resources exhibitions, reported to the public to report drug regulatory authorities, publicize the concept of safety and medication, and provide authority, precision, and scientific safety pharmaceutical prophet services for the public.

  Launching ceremony, Wang Wong said that this year is the year 上海夜生活论坛 of the 14th Five-Year Plan, and is the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China. At the new journey of the second hundred years of struggle, the relevant departments of drug safety at all levels will further implement the party. The central government, the decision-making deployment of the State Council, does not relax well with the normalized epidemic prevention and control, and strive to create a highland of medicine industry, and resolutely keep the people’s medication safety. Safeguarding drug safety requires the whole society to actively participate, transmit safety medicines to the public, jointly promote the exchange of drug safety, enhance public drug safety scientific literacy, promote safety social treatment of drugs, and help healthy China construction.


Hainan Party history 100 people Deng Hongxun

Deng Hongxun (1931-2019) Deng Hongxun, Jiangsu Wuxi City. In December 1947, Deng Hongxun participated in the revolution. In Jiangsu Wuxi, Kunshan and other places engaged 爱上海龙凤贵族 in underground work, joined the Communist Party of China in the same place.

After the founding of New China, Deng Hongxun has actively explored industrial development and corporate management in Anshan Iron and Steel Company, Benxi Iron and Steel Company and Jiangsu Province, and actively exploring industrial development and corporate management, contributing to developing state-owned enterprises. During the "Cultural Revolution", it was decentralized to the "May Day". After 1972, Deng Hongxun has served as Director of the Zhenjiang Municipal Planning Commission, Jiangsu Province, director of the Zhenjiang Regional Administrative Office, Party Secretary, Deputy Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of the Communist Party Committee. In June 1984, Deng Hongxun served as Director of the Secretary of the Communist Party of China, the Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People’s Congress, and resolutely implemented the party’s basic line, vigorously develop township enterprises to promote the comprehensive development of urban and rural economy; coordinate urban and rural construction, accelerate the pace of urban construction, promote social development Advance, constantly improve people’s lives.

In April 1989, Deng Hongxun served as Deputy Secretary of the Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee.

In June 1990, Deng Hongxun took the director of the Secretary of the Hainan Provincial Party Committee and the Standing Committee of the Provincial People’s Congress.

He conscientiously implemented the policy and policies of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, actively promoting the reform and opening up, vigorously conducting food system reform, Daxing farmland water conservancy construction, accelerating development of trade, finance, 上海洗浴桑拿会所 etc., actively introducing talents, do a good job in ecological environment, strengthening The party’s construction, adhere to both hands to catch two hands, and promote Hainan better and faster development.

In October 1994, Deng Hongxun was organized by deputy director of the Development Research Center of the State Council, and organized research around my country’s rural economy, regional economy, old industrial base renovation and development of large northwestern and other aspects, published in the newspaper "Eastern economy: system conversion is still a long way to go" Economic Structure – Basic Viewpoint of China’s Development Strategy Research, etc., "China" "China’s cross-century development process" research "" Farmers employment and China Modernization "and other 上海品茶论坛419 books, which have effectively promoted policy consultation research. Deng Hongxun also served as Chairman of the Organizing Committee of China Insurance Development Forum, president of China Rural Labor Resources Development Research Association. He is the 13th Central Calligraphic Committee of the Communist Party of China and the 14th Central Committee. On December 21, 2019, Deng Hongxun passed away from Wuxi, Jiangsu, and was 88 years old.

Article Source: CPP Hainan Provincial Party Committee Party History Research Office (Hainan Provincial Local Local Office) Text Squiration: Cheng Xiaobin Review:.


Core value of hundreds of forums seventy-third

Professor Wang Chuanbao Political College, doctoral tutor.

杨浦油压店 China News History Society News Law and News Ethics Committee, Marxist Theory Research and Construction Project "News Review" Questions, military public opinion guidance experts, member of the army outlook expert, Jiangsu Provincial Party Committee Organization Department 333 talents.

Rongli three-class merit once, won the military prize, and the army outstanding professional talent prize.

In the People’s Daily, 上海可约的微信群 the Liberation Army News, "Seeking Digest", "Ziguang Pavilion", People’s Network, and other journal media issued more than 1,000 articles.One of the WeChat public account "First Military", "Taishin Army" founders, the Political Work Department of the Military Commission, the "正 平" boss main pen.