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The first day of the second-hand car trading "cross-provo" is 35,000 related business

The first day of the second-hand car trading "cross-provo" is 35,000 related business

(2) When the business window is transferred to the registration of the registration. When the vehicle is transferred to the ground vehicle management, it is necessary to pay the motor vehicle, submit a certificate, voucher according to the regulations, and return to the original motor vehicle driving license, number plate. Vehicle Management Institute confirms that the motor vehicle is determined, and the new motor vehicle number license is identified, and the transfer matters are signed on the motor vehicle registration certificate, revisit the number plate, driving license and inspection.

What needs to be prompted is that the vehicle management office will pre-accept the business, and check the motor vehicle, after the motor vehicle is used, and the motor vehicle file is transmitted. Re-audit, re-issued motorized license license will be sent to the motor vehicle owner by mailing or self-timing. In order to facilitate the future to register the registration business, it is recommended to give priority to the public security traffic management Internet service platform to apply for the transfer vehicle file. After receiving online notice, go to vehicle management.

Transaction, transaction, used car transfer registration process, the second-hand car is transaction to the used car, the existing motor vehicle owner should apply for transfer registration to the transfer of the vehicle management, submit proof, voucher, and pay the motor vehicle. Transferring the land vehicle management, registered registration according to regulations, and the electronic motor vehicle archives are made, and transduced to transfer to the ground vehicle management office. Transferring vehicles management shall apply for motor vehicles according to regulations. What needs to be prompted is that the motor vehicle archives will transfer all electronic online, and the existing motor vehicle does not need to extract and carry paper files. If you apply for the transfer registration of the second-hand car across the transfer registration certificate, the exit car owner shall submit the following certificates: (1) The identity certificate of the existing motor vehicle; (2) used car sales Unified invoice; (3) Motor vehicle registration certificate; (4) Motor vehicle driving license; (5) Motor vehicles belonging to customs supervision should be submitted to the Administration of Customs Regulatory Vehicles of the People’s Republic of China or the transfer of customs approval; 6) A motor vehicle that is exceeding the validity period of the test, and should be submitted to the motor vehicle safety technical inspection certificate and the traffic accident responsibility for the insurance certificate. If the agent agent applies for motor vehicle transfer registration, it should also submit the identity certificate of the agent and the approved by the agent (via "traffic control 12123" mobile app to entrust others to handle it, do not need to issue a Paper Party).

The agent shall submit the identification certificate of the manager.

(Editor: Wu Nan, Deng Zhihui) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

Urgent expensive | Message is fast! Arrears salary arrived

Urgent expensive | Message is fast! Arrears salary arrived

Netizen Message: "I am digging on April 18th, 2021 to May 4th in the G315 community intersection of Ruoqiang County, the road renovation project of Yamaguchi Power Station has worked for 8 days. At the time, he said that Checkout, but always dragged now, call the boss and do not pick it up.

The excavator should also hit the consumption, do not hit consumption in early August, the excavator company should deduct the excavator, there is no way, can only help local leaders. "Official reply: About your report has been received, I have been promoted to the County Transportation Bureau in time on July 25, and the county transportation bureau is coordinated, and the person in charge of the Chinese Highway Group is understanding. Details, through the company’s person in charge, the parties have been agree with the parties. At present, the parties will be prepared by the relevant documents and bank card numbers. The company will pay the payment fee for the first time, and the parties are satisfied with the results.

The interests of the masses are not small, what do you need to solve? Welcome to the People’s Network "Leading Message Board" message, let your difficult things, and talk about it.

Shanxi Great Reform Demonstration Zone intends to create a hundred billion-level photovoltaic industry chain cluster

Shanxi Great Reform Demonstration Zone intends to create a hundred billion-level photovoltaic industry chain cluster

Symposium scene. Zhu Ziyang photo surrounded by the Shanxi Comprehensive Reform Demonstration Zone to build a hundred billion-level photovoltaic industry goals, adhere to high-top planning, full-industrial chain layout, quickly forming the technical highlands of the photovoltaic industry, cost depression and market treasure.

Implementing industrial chain long system, relying on leading enterprises to attract upstream companies to settle down, accelerate the formation of industrial clusters; set up jobs, form a professional investment service team to accurately dock, provide professional services; create a first-class business environment, fully implement "commitment System + Standard + General Act and "Three No Three Can" requirements, the elements resources are tilted to quality projects, increase policy support, and promote projects as soon as possible. Liu Feng, deputy secretary-general of the Shanxi Provincial Government, and Director of the Party Crafts Committee of the General Reform Region, said that the comprehensive reform area has created a hundred billion-level photovoltaic industry chain, which will open a new chapter in the development of Shanxi photovoltaic industries, which will also be the photovoltaic in the country. Industrial development has positively impact. The relevant departments will grasp the development direction of the industrial development, aim at the forefront of the technology, and accelerate the promotion of the international leading levels of advanced projects; adhere to a blueprint to the bottom, active layout and preemptive development technology content, new, new, development potential, high development, development potential; Using the "cost depression" advantage, forming "technological highland" "development treasure", constructing a photovoltaic industry cluster with core competitiveness. The various parties of the industrial chain actively grasp the opportunity, use the policy advantages, location advantages, talent advantages, and jointly build an industrial chain, share value chain, and jointly promote the development of photovoltaic industry. The guest consistently believes that the Shanxi General Reform Area has created a hundred billion-level photovoltaic industry chain clusters, which will become the landmark industry in the comprehensive reform of the energy revolution. It can promote "carbon-up, carbon neutral" to go out of the Shanxi path.

It is expected to build an exchange partnership mechanism of the industry chain to lay the foundation for the next deepening pragmatic cooperation. (Editor: Zhu Ziyang, Zhang Linshan) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.

South Africa local election registration week officially opened Ramado to carry out more election activities

South Africa local election registration week officially opened Ramado to carry out more election activities

People’s Daily, Johannesburg, September 18 (Reporter Wang Lei) South Africa local time September 18th to 19th, eligible South African voters will flock to 20,000 voting points to complete registration in November, in November, in the local government election in November Voted, all 23151 polling stations will be open from 8 pm to 5 pm.

The government encourages eligible voters to complete voting registration South African cooperative governance and traditional African African, Ensza Dramini Zuma, the chairman of the local government Election Interpretation (IMC), encourages all eligible South Africans, Especially young people and the first voters complete the vote registration so they can exercise their democratic rights in November 2021.

Through 2021 municipal elections, people can have a statement on local governance and ensure that local governments have committed their responsibilities. After the voter registration weekend, the Minister will announce on September 20, 2021 to the date of the 2021 local government election on November 1, and the law stipulates that the election must be held within 90 days after the end of the local government.

Innovative introduction voting management equipment to improve registration efficiency This year’s election registration process has great innovation in previous years, a total of more than 40,000 voting management equipment has replaced the scanner used in the past 15 years.

It is reported that these devices will greatly improve the speed, accuracy and integrity of voters and participation processes, and use multiple security checks to ensure the integrity of voters, including the use of disposable verification (OTP) and submitting the scan or photo of the electorate ID. Wait. These devices will instantly obtain the detailed registration information in the address, and help voters check if the network coverage is allowed to complete the registration in the correct location. More importantly, these devices will provide real-time voting rosters when the election date is coming, allowing officials elected to detect whether voters have arrived at the polling station, which will eliminate the possibility of dual voting.

In addition, these devices will assist the Independent Election Commission to track the ballot, manage the election staff attendance register and other management requirements. In order to encourage the eligible voter registration and voting, the Electoral Commission launched an online voter registration facility in July this year, allowing new voters to register, existing voters can easily update or modify their registration information at home or elsewhere else. Online registration has complement other existing registration methods, including voting registration at all local election committees, and various outreach initiatives such as school, higher education institutions and voters this weekend. At the same time, the campaign is synchronized to prevent and control the registration of voters. At the same time in the voter registration, the representatives of the South African political world will also hold a campaign in South Africa.

According to local media reports, South African is currently president, and President Ramaffessa will lead to a delegation of a senior party member in several regions of Sovo, and will go to Naredi and Other regions, then at least two community meetings.

EFF leaders Julies Malema is conducting campaign activities in Kwa Zulu-Natal, and his itine will include Phoenix.

Local Prosecutor John Senshausen will go to Western Cape, and his front colleague Herman Maba will bring his campaign to Johannesburg. Since the local epidemic situation in South Africa, the Independent Electoral Commission tried to postpone municipal elections until next February, but the Constitutional Court dismissed its application earlier this month.

At the voter registration site, people are required to strictly abide by the hygiene and epidemic prevention measures, wear masks and pay attention to disinfection. (Editor: Yang Mu, Liu Hui) Sharing let more people see.

Taking the beginning of the "Leopard Tail"

Taking the beginning of the "Leopard Tail"

Original title: Taking the situation, I received "Leopard Tail" before the opening of the "Leopard Tail", Sichuan Highway Water Road Traffic Construction Completed Investment, the second annual goal of the country, completed the new high-hit high, and the year, the annual completion of investment is expected More than 200 billion yuan, the new high-recorded high-recorded five projects (road sections) this year, adding a new high-speed highway, new 1 county channel highway ● Expected month, the province’s highway open mileage will break through From January to October 8500 km, traffic construction in the province’s road waterway has completed investment billion yuan, ranking second in the country, a year-on-year growth. On November 13, the reporter learned from the Provincial Transportation Department that the investment objectives of road waterway transportation construction in the provincial government will be 170 billion yuan, this goal has exceeded in October.

Chengde Epoch of the city’s major projects, Chengle Expressway, Guang’an Ring Expressway, Lexi Expressway, Yi Pan along the Yangjiang Expressway … The province’s major traffic construction projects are happing, and is doing a good job of epidemic prevention and control At the same time, fully promote the construction and promote more "physical quantity" landing. At present, it has completed billion yuan in investment. The highway has completed investment volume of about 90 billion yuan, accounting for half of "total trays"; ordinary national trunk lines, rural road construction, informationization, maintenance and other special investment completions have exceeded annual target.

"At the end of the year, the annual completion of the investment volume is expected to exceed 200 billion yuan." The person in charge of the Provincial Transportation Department Construction Department said that this data will create a new high.

This year, the Provincial Department of Transportation is closely covered by the provincial government’s work deployment, refining the program, decomposes the project annual target to the moon, watch the "board" management every month, and the progress of the completion of the quarterly; Realize the full coverage of on-site investigation, regular supervision, conduct pressure, and pressing the pressure and pressure. To do a good job in project construction, the Provincial Department of Transportation Department and the provincial direct department establish a normalized docking mechanism, coordinated the problem of solving problems with natural resources, forest grass, and water conservancy and other relevant departments; Supervise, crack the problem.

Since this year, the province has been newly built into Bazhong to Wanyuan, Xu Yong to Weixin, Chengdu Tianfu International Airport Expressway South Line, Emei to Hanyuan Expressway Emei to Hanyuan Expressway Emei to 224 kilometers, including, Added a new Sichuan Expressway (Syrian to Weishi), adding 1 county (边 county) to highway.

It is estimated that in the year, the province will also build a Chengdu Economic Zone Ring Expressway Deyang to Dujiangyan Section, Wangping to Tongjiang and other projects, accumulating the establishment of a traffic motorway more than 500 kilometers, complete the provincial government issued by the provincial highway to open the main mileage 8500 km "target task.

(Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Wang Meng) The previous three quarters revenue increased year-on-year growth in Sichuan high-tech industry continued to grow rapidly ● The average growth rate in the two years is increasing than the first half of the year. ● High-tech industry 5 industries realized rapid growth, Among them, the air aerospace industry and electronic information growth rate leads ● The city has maintained a wide range of growth, 11 cities (state) growth above the average of the province November 13, the reporter learned from the Provincial Science and Technology Department, from January to 9 this year Month, the high-tech industry in the industrial field of our province has achieved business income billion yuan, a year-on-year growth%, and average growth rate in two years, which increases a percentage point than in the first half of the year. Analysis of relevant person in charge of the Provincial Science and Technology Department From the perspective of industrial support, the high-tech industrial business income and total profits in the first three quarters, the total amount of profit, and% of the total industrial capacity, increased a percentage point and a percentage point than in the first half of the year, respectively, with the same period of the previous year. And a percentage point; the export delivery value increased year-on-year, accounting for 90% of the industrial industry. From the perspective of corporate benefits, since last year, there has been affected by new coronary pneumonia, and some of our provincial high-tech enterprises have some loss.

In the first three quarters, the efficiency of high-tech enterprises in our province was significantly improved, achieving total profit billions, year-on-year growth%, annual growth in two years. In the year, the loss of the company continued to decline, and the end of the third quarter and decreased and a percentage point in the last second quarter, and a percentage point decreased in the same period of the previous year. From the perspective of key areas, the 5 industries in high-tech industries achieve rapid growth.

Among them, the air aerospace industry and the electronic information industry continued for the first half of the year and continued to lead.

The an aerospace industry increased year-on-year, with average annual growth in two years; the electronic information industry increased year-on-year, with average annual growth in two years. The new material industry, advanced manufacturing, bio-medication increased by volume,% and% respectively.

From the state of the city, 19 cities (states) in the province are growing, and 11 city (state) growth is higher than the province. Chengdu Plain Economic Zone, Chuannan Economic Zone, Sichuan Economic Zone, Panxi Economic Zone, Sichuan Ecological Demonstration Area, increased by weight,%,%,%, and% year-on-year. Chengde’s eyebrows increased year-on-year growth. (Sichuan Daily Full Media Reporter Xu Lisa) (Editor: Yuan Yizhen, Luo Wei) Share more people to see.

The red romance behind Hainan red home wind Hong Jianxiong book: encourages his wife to strengthen learning for the revolution

The red romance behind Hainan red home wind Hong Jianxiong book: encourages his wife to strengthen learning for the revolution

– Rereading Hong Jianxiong martyrs writing to the wife’s home book, I feel that the deputy secretary general of Hainan Province will.

This is the warmth of the Qiongya Revolutionary Pioneer Hong Jianxiong left the world to the newlywed wife, and it is also the flame of the special era. Simple text, simple truth, profound thoughts, expressed the most deep love of a long-term struggle and the best partner with common goals and ideals, also expressed as an excellent communist constant pursuit of excellence Conscious attitude. The "Revolutionary Road, I always have you", "struggling to have a shot", "put the small family into everyone", the sentence is true, the sentence is very heartbeat, can It is called the classic classic of the Chinese revolutionary early proletariat. Hong Jianxiong 1899 was born in Chengmai County, Guangdong Province (now Chengmai County, Hainan Province, Chengmai County, Hainan Province, is the original Hongjun.

He is hard to study hard, serious, very strong, and a thumbs up to the folks. In 1917 he took advantage of excellent results. In 1919, Beijing broke out the May Fourth Movement, and the news came, he took the lead in the school response, and Wang Wenming, Yang Shanji and other revolutionary youths, organized the number of students from Haikou, Haikou, and the great revolutionary enthusiasm. It is one of the pioneers who have been involved in this great struggle to stand in the forefront of the revolutionary movement.

At the beginning of 1924, Hong Jianxiong introduced Tan Pingshan to join the Chinese Communist Party, and Xu Chengzhang and other contacts, and established the Qiong Cliff Revolutionary Comrade, and founded "Qiongya Review" half-monthly, and edited director.

In May, he was admitted to the Huangpu Military Academy and became the first phase of the Huangpu Military Academy.

After graduation, Zhou Enlai left him in the military school political department, and he served as the editor of the "Friends of the Soldier", known as the "First Person of the Editors in the National Revolutionary Army".

In January 1925, Hong Jianxiong participated in the first east with the National Revolutionary Army.

In November of the same year, the director of the Political Department of the 14th Teacher of the National Revolutionary Army. In March 1926, he made a special branch of Meixian County, and founded the Temple of Meixian County. In July of the same year, the National Revolutionary Army was conducted in the Northern Expedition, and the General Political Department Northern Expedition . When the National Revolutionary Army wins in the Northern Expedition battlefield, it was also the 19th of this year. He led the publicity team and the staff of the political department to drive to the front line of Hunan. Disease, healing is died on August 3, only 27 years old.

At the end of the same year, all walks of life in Guangdong at the Tournament of the Northern Expedition, Hong Jianxiong ‘s name was listed first. This precious love letter is one of the pioneers who wrote to Guangdong Women’s Sports before Hong Jianxiong, and the people of the Guangdong Women’s Association of the Executive Committee of the Guangdong Women’s Association.

The two were in 1923 in 1923, until the second East Victory, the Guangdong Revolution is married when the land is unified.

After marriage, just a week, Hong Jianxiong was in order to go to Shantou to take over the first army of the first army, the first army, the first army, and the wife of the newlyweds, the two respectively put into their respective recruitment revolution. No one thought, this is nothing to do. "Love! We have to exercise yourself as a best-dry revolutionary talent! Don’t give up yourself! We don’t have to pay attention to the theory and the actual situation.

Theoretical is sufficient, naturally it is necessary to read more, actually, naturally pay attention to your work.

"Hong Jianxiong encourages these encouragements to have a will, become a lifelong regret that the couple will make up for lifelong regrets.

Today, today, we reread this "Declaration" of "Love", which is full of true feelings, still being calm, always love the party’s great cause, pursue the ambition of human progress, and incentives. Continuously enriching yourself in many ways, together into the vision of excellent talents, and it is awesome and emotional. How many clouds have become past, only the sound of the soul on this paper, and the sound of the soul collision, let people remember.

Early revolutionary uses life to write Communist beliefs and responsibility, selflessness, no me, fearless revolutionary spirit, is our precious wealth, and as an excellent political worker in the Chinese Communist Party, it is also a revolutionary youth with correct love. They did not hinder the revolutionary work because of love or family life, but they encourage each other between husband and wife, and unforgettable, unforgettable, the first line of the revolutionary thoughts and stabilized work, the same is worthy of our respect And learn from the spiritual enrichment of learning.

Hong Jianxiong used his life to fight in the flood of the Chinese revolution. He often encouraged his wife’s warm words and deeds in his own life, and he was very attached and accounted for a certain degree of theoretical height. He used his cultivation and product. Wen mining and emotional, writing a beautiful and awkward tall image, highlighting the revolutionary worker has the blood of the blood, and shows the era forging the hero of the hero and the tenderness.

When new married Del is, who doesn’t want to stay with your love? On the occasion of the horn of the battle, how many people can calm the excitement? The word short feelings, the words are concise, Hong Jianxiong this book also has some highlights worthy of collection and praise.

In the revolutionary tension and the upcoming new climax, his text is so calm, and the tone is so peaceful, and the writing is also the work and good fortune, which reflects the consistent quality and extraordinary stability of the Chinese Communist Party’s political workers.

Although there is endless concerns and acacia, even if you want to hug together and never separate, he did not let the text flooded, and did not let the emotions of the floodry, but to reason, let the truth from the heart slowly flowing into silence The stream of moist and loving people, and gives the other mental soothing, special sharing of the theoretical and practical work, just like a good medicine that will not be born, it is like playing people for the favorite people. A pair of alpine streams.

This is the color of the hero. This is noble quality, this is the light of human nature, this is the true feelings! The great revolutionary cause requires a long-emerging outstanding talent, the red Jiangshan of the Chinese nation needs a harmonious home. These revolutionary war years have a very personal wisdom, with a very taste of the home, quite positive energy, worthy of generations of people to remember and inherit. Looking back at history, it seems that a revolutionary Volder case wrote a book, and the body is the body of the social ideal career, and the shadow of a thousand family happiness in the light is a capital, They are the sculptures of big love, no matter what year, I always move! Related works reading:.

The young players have repeatedly returned to Zhang Tianyi, Jianghu, "5 Duan Wang"

The young players have repeatedly returned to Zhang Tianyi, Jianghu, "5 Duan Wang"

  Original title: The young players have returned the Jianghu Zhang Tianyi, "5 Duan Wang" Shanxi Province, the Gongsiyuan, who ended 19th, 2021, Mount Shanxi Province, the game, the end of Taiyuan. Zhang Tianyi, Liu Yuli, won the 5th group of champions by the seven-game winner, won the title of "5 Duan Wang", from Zhangzhou, Duan Wen Shuai, is ramping the runner-up, the Youth Palace, Zhang Yuyu With the advantages of "the opponent", we have obtained the quarter. Zhang Tianhao is a college player. In addition to gaining the first championship of Go career, this participation in the competition has encountered a partner in the childhood, "this time, with their same competition, as if returned again. Childhood era.

"In addition to Zhang Tianyi, the college player in this competition also has Li Yanbo, Wang Yuexue, Lu Yue and others. Li Yanbo said:" Let’s take a vacation, come to the competition, play, and look for the feeling of the year. "

"Primary school times, Li Yanbo, Wang Yixue is the top player of Shanxi Go, many times in Shanxi to participate in the National Intelligence Games, National Middle School Championships.

After entering the middle school, they gradually fade out of the chess and concentrate on their studies. Now, enter the university, they returned to the venue. "Many young people who have returned the rivers and lakes, or come to participate, or serve as a referee, which is the biggest highlight of this competition.

"The referee, the long Xiong Xiao said. Interestingly, with their at the same manner Fan Zefeng, Liu Jia, He Wei, also participated in this competition with the identity of the referee.

  Surprisingly, from the 5-year-old chessman, Yang Qianyi from Taiyuan Year, this competition is raised to 3, which is called "Go Xiaolan".

Zhang Yunxin from Linyi won the title of "1 King". Taiyuan players Liu Yutian and Cui Dongsheng divided "Level 2 King" "Level 1 King" title.

(Reporter Zhang Jie).

Shandong Traffic Technician College: Red Culture is rooted in the heart of education

Shandong Traffic Technician College: Red Culture is rooted in the heart of education

As a college rooted in Yimeng red fertile soil, Shandong Traffic Technician College puts red culture into teaching, combined with party history education, let students learn history, school history, study history, and study history.

In the party history, enhance patriotism, and courage to take a service in the new era of young people.

"The history of the Communist Party of China, writing history, is the struggle, telling the avenue, exploring the law, revelation is the case, the candle is the future.

We hope that every student in the college can clean the soul, enlighten the wisdom, to draw strength, facing the future, there is enough courage, Li Dehu people, seize every colorful opportunity, Rays. "The Dean of Shandong Traffic Technician College said.

Red Classroom Shot Red Seed Classroom as the main position of the College, Shandong Traffic Technician College Innovation Student Second Classroom, Organizing "Reading Red Classics Forever with the Party" Sunshine Morning Reading Observation Activities, Guiding students to actively read red classics, inheriting Chinese virtues, Carry forward the national spirit. "Chinese traditional culture itself has excellent genes such as’ knowing a ” Tiandao Remuneration ‘, so China is to understand the truth of’ empty talk.

Zhao Junhui, Vice President, Shandong Traffic Technician, said, "So through the classics, let the students have poetry books, and this red culture is to let students feel in the heart, the Communist Party of China will start with the work, to work with the work, Dedish development.

"In this end, the Shandong Traffic Technician College also grasped the key courses of the Lidshu people, the teacher first studied the history of the party, and launched the" 100-year-old party history "into the intensive classroom collective preparation meeting, through collective discussion, continuous improvement of teaching content, innovate teaching carrier, Let students want to learn and learn party history.

"The History of the Party is magnificent, there is a powerful force, how to let students like the party history, learn such strength, we repeatedly discuss, put these thick books, become students like to listen Red story, let them remember.

Chen Jing, deputy director of the Basic Department of Shandong Traffic Technician College, said.

Through the intensive class, Shandong Traffic Technician College launched a "100-year-old party history" in the whole hospital.

In order to consolidate the results of learning, use the pre-class critical time before thinking before the class, integrate the party history and integrate the party history into the classroom, create the "Today’s Today" "Party History Knowledge Small Class" and other forms "Five minutes" Party history micro class. A five-minute lecturer in the class can be a teaching and political teacher, or it can be a student group, and everyone collects materials, thinking collides, and teachers and students. Through the depth of this student, the inner heart is deeply touched and continues to enhance the enthusiasm of students’ learning party history. Building the Internet + Shengzheng Class Teaching Platform, the college carefully recorded 6 "five-minute party history micro-class" and the first phase of "thinking and miya class", all Rongdened to study the platform.

At the same time, the selection of excellent thinking teachers form a red propaganda group into each second-level college, and organized the "celebration of the 100th Anniversary of the Party" and enrich the second class of students, listening to more than 1,500 students.


China’s urban digital economy: ranking second in the world, regional development is extremely unbalanced

  Shanghai December 14 (FAN Zhonghua) Currently, the digital economy has become a "high point" of the world’s multinational competition to seize the initiative of the future economic development. How is China’s urban digital economic development? What is the intelligent city to become an important support for the national economic operation system? On December 13th, a set of data presented by the China Urban Digital Economic Forum · 2021, hosted by the Central Radio and TV Station 上海龙凤网交友论坛 Shanghai Terminal, according to China Information Communications Research Institute, in 2020, China’s digital economy ranked second in the world The scale reached trillion (trillion), accounting for GDP specific gravity.

  In the forum, Hu Jiano, Vice President Hu Jiano, Vice President of China Communications Research Institute, is known as the "China Urban Digital Economic Development Report" (hereinafter referred to as "Report"), overall, my country’s digital economic competitive city is concentrated in the southern and eastern region , Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen is located in my country’s number of digital economic competitiveness first echelon.

  "Report" shows that in 2020, the digital economic competitiveness index is ranked, from the distribution of things, 12 in the top 15 cities, the eastern region, from the north-south distribution, 12 in the top 15 cities . Exhibits a large regional difference.

  Wu Zhiqiang, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, explained that China’s urban distribution is wide, and the resource endowment is different, so it is extremely unbalanced in digital fields.

Looking at the history of world urban development, it can be divided into four stages. The first phase of the city is a place to provide object transactions; the second phase of the city has become a resource aggregation, but it does not produce resources; the third stage is to enter the industrial revolution, city A large amount of material wealth is produced by means of chemical raw materials. Now, the city has entered the stage, the intellectual innovation of numbers and brains determines the quality of urban development.

How many cities can enter the "intellectual 松江大学城小妹 city", determine whether the entire country can move smoothly. Wu Zhiqiang pointed out that the current world, four stages of human cities, can be divided into trading cities, material type cities, physical (resource) cities, and intellectual cities.

"’Intelligence’ is a decision element of today’s urban quality, and all cities around the world will be screened." "Report" is divided into comprehensive leading, distinctive development and potential forces, "Report" kind.

Among them, Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen Sancheng has a high digital economic construction strategic position, is a comprehensive leading city of China’s digital economy, mainly is a huge number of digital economy, innovative elements, complete infrastructure, rich digital The numerical demand is strong, the 新爱上海龙凤论坛 policy is complete, and the digital economic driving effect is a pilot role in the development of digital economic development.

  What challenges are facing different types of cities in the development of digital economy? .


10 months of fragrant 10 months, very simple

The rose flower is a lot of flowers like many fellow friends, rich variety, different varieties have different characteristics, and there are many colors, and many faders like to raise a few pots at home. The rose flowers are not only high, but many varieties have a strong fragrance, and the maintenance can flow in more seasons. Today, Xiaobian will share 10 kinds of thick-shaped moon season flowers, and it is very simple to maintain, and the viewing value is very valuable, suitable for novice friends, friends who like mens, come and see it together. 1, Masad, this month, the month is very strong. Even the balcony can be planted, it is very 大龙凤419 easy to invade the news, the flowers are very big, it is very beautiful, there is a rich strawberry after flowering.

Masad doctor’s flower period is relatively short, and the summer needs to be cared, so as not to flow on the petals, you can bloom in more seasons, and the plants have no thorns, and it is not worried when it is maintained. 2, 黛 得 蒙 This moon season flower is also a variety of fairy, there is a rich fragrance, the flowers are all pink, it looks special romance, and it is still very diligent, and the disease is superior. There is a flower reward in many seasons, but it is afraid of sun, and the light is loose, and it will affect beauty.

3, the freedom spirit is a more popular moon, rich in flavor, the flower is relatively large, but also a multi-headed group, it takes more sun sun, and there must be sufficient nutrients to avoid affecting flowering Quality, pink flowers look beautiful, and you can also flow in more seasons, and we need warm measures in winter to avoid frostbite. 4, Xiang Yun This month, like its name, there is a rich tea flavor, it is a classic old month, the adaptability is super strong, the flower is also large, and the season can be blooming, the flowers are Coral red, very atmospheric, sunshine and cold, very good.

5, Po Roo This is a relatively classic white moon season, it looks full, very good, the flowers are pure white, and the edge of the petals has a touch of pink, which is really a fairy. And it is also very easy to abundantly, there is a strong fragrance after flowering, and it is very raffinized. 6, sweet horse has a small balcony must raise a sweet horse car, this monthly flower branching ability is very good, it is very easy to open, and the amount of flowers are very large, and the hanging conservation see the full flowers of dense Ma Ma. .

When you grow up, you need thin fat, and more sun, the purple flowers look very nice, and winter doesn’t have to worry about being frozen.

7. Mrs. Charlotte, this month, the month, the name is very advanced, the flowers are apricot, it looks very good, and the disease resistance is very good, the ability to adapt is super strong, after flowering, there are cloves and Apple fragrance mixes, very fascinating, can flow in the seasons, like the sufficient environment, special skin, cold resistance, strong resistance. 8, Eve Bluebao This monthly season flower is not very large, so it can be maintained in the balcony, rich in fragrance, usually more sunning sun, it is very good after flowering, and many seasons have a flower. The flow of half open is also possible to cut it to make insertions, and the viewing value is very high.

9. The palace has a very branched dry, which is purple, it looks very special, and there is a strong fragrance, can flow in more seasons, more cold, and almost no pests and diseases.

10, red double happiness said that the fragrance is rich in flowers, it must not be less red, this month’s seasonal flowers are not proper, but the amount of flowers is very, still a colorful, red and white color, it is very advanced, after flowering There is a strong fragrance, can flow in more seasons, superior to disease, almost no need to worry about the emergence of pests and diseases.

Today, Xiaobian will share these kinds of fragrance rich moon, each is very nice, maintenance is 上海贵族宝贝龙凤楼 relatively simple, even the novice fellow can also raise a good condition, friends who like the moon, you can try, everyone How many? .