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Fusheng newcomer watching new stars

"21st Century Literature Star Book" General Feng Mu Yuanying’s modern literature in this century, with our own and more difficult nation, in patients with external diseases, thunder-electric wind, knife, wrote completely different from Past new chapter.

Modern literature inherits the long-growing literary heritage of five thousand years of civilization, the historical trend of the 20th century, the new life, new connotation and brand (whether novels, prose, poetry, script Up to commentary) Building a new literature.

In the past 100 years, through several generations of writers, I have a heart, my hands is full, I will go back, I am worried, I have plenty of hard, cultivate, pioneered, dedicated, and the literary Wanli is full of stars, cloud steaming Xia Wei, famous, famous, masterpiece, It has never been unprecedented, and it is among the forest of world literature. Since the 1980s, the reform and opening up as the main indication of the historical new era, the literature has been rampage and horses.

A large group of young writers took a brilliant painted scroll for the Chinese literary gallery of the 20th century.

When this is about to bid farewell to the new century, it will go back to a hundred years, it will not benefit from five flavors, and the homogenesis has been intertwined, but it also has a happy and proud of the heart. After the life of the literary, our literary career finally entered the world of unlimited vitality, infinite hopes, although its future is not necessarily full of flowers, Kangzhuang Avenue.

The green new seedlings broke out, with a newcomer with a new person, nature is our hunch, and happy.

However, we also see that because all of them have not been expected, and mainly from the cause of the authors itself, there are many young autists that do not necessarily have a moving and stand out. One of the important reasons is to block the difficulties.

The publication channel is not smooth, the cultural market is not good, so that they lose a lot of opportunities. Although they have published a compelling work, some have also won the award, showing their own literature and creative potential, but still do not have the first book. Perhaps this is an inevitable temporary defect in the market economy development and system conversion period, but it is impossible to have a certain degree of negative impact on the healthy development of literary careers. disturbed.

Of course, the first book time is too late, the growth of a young writer will not be a key or decisive step, and the phenomenon of the latency is not uncommon, but why we don’t have to take advantage of iterately and soon This step? So, there is this set of ideas and initiatives in the "21st Century Literature Star". The Chinese Literature Foundation is interested in developing a literary business, providing youth authors, has been many.

Fortunately, I am very enthusiastic, I have to circle this dream. Looking forward to the 21st century, long-distance, up and down, and the road has to go step by step.

"21st Century Literature Star", maybe it can be seen as a "hopeful project" in literature. However, it is different from the "Hope Project" in education. It is not a poverty alleviation. It is not to take care of "old and less poor" area, but focus on the paving of young literary authors who achieve excellent results, helping them smoothly. Bead, write more good works in the future.

We remembered that during the 1920s and 1930s, Mr. Lu Xun was printed "Unknown Congress" and "Slaizes", and supports some young novelists and translators to board the literary world; "Literature Series" 上海sh419交友网 hosted by Mr. Ba Jin It is uninterrupted for more than 100 months, and quite part of them is the pair of young writers at that time, and they become the backbone of the literary army in the next decades; Mao Dun, Ye Shengtao and other sirmen have been a young author. The emergence and growth cost, spare no effort. The predecessors carefully cultivated new people, and the performance made by the prosperity of modern literature is never erased.

I got the post-generation writer of the rain in the rain, until it was shaped, but also deeply remembered the unforgettable ridge. After 60 years, we still take advantage of their footprints today today. When we started to name the book, we have repeatedly speaking. We clearly recognize that the "Hope Project" of this literary career is a century of the future.

It may still be tender, but it is an infinite. 上海男士水磨养生会所 But it is not called "Star of Literature", and is the Star of 21st Century Literature? It is inevitable.

In recent years, the star is too too much, the movie star, the star, the star, the star, the laughter, the chess star … no one is unreliable. Starlights flash, colorful, unpredictable, dizzying.

There is a natural truth in the starry sky, let the wind turns cloud rolls, the light is still; but there is still a short long, and the stars, the fleeting star, maybe it is not a star, hard is holding it, fried. In people’s mind, the star gradually fell, so as to become a tuyed object.

Do we have a serious career to squeeze into a complicated starry sky? Or, this batch of young writers, can they become a similar star? When we have read a large number of newcomers recommended by all parts of work and other recommendations, repeated 上海外卖私人工作室 reading, brewing, reviewing, arguing, and finally, after the selection of the selected works of the series, the heart is finally condolence. replace. In the sun, we concentrated on a quiet place, far away from the dust, in the cool, Ningxiang atmosphere, stainful, harmoniously determined this year’s masterpiece, everyone is always the same as the same place, indifferent Pleasure.

"Do they really become a famous star?" Yes! We can affirm that it does not exaggerate: these authors, although there is still currently in a mature stage, they can accept the title of the Literary Star and have no color. Some of them come from the city, some from the country, some from the mountains, some from the urban bottom.

Their pen, ripple, colorful, cloudy, the real waves of the cloud, surging the midnual mood of all beings in the new era, also flowing with the author’s own heart, the dream, troubles and embarrassment. They have never been elected, but their life, literary talents and writing skills can be comparable to the young novelists and "Literature Series" of "Slave Series", and there is no necessarily in today’s book. Famous or even more than one author of authors.

Yes, they are the stars of literature.

This batch of young writers, like many outstanding young writers of the contemporary, can become the Queen Star of the 21st Century Literature, rising at the beginning of the century.

The star, that is, Venus, when Dawn appeared in the Eastern sky, people call it to the Queen star, at dusk appeared in the Western sky, people called it as Long Geng. Both are good names. The world gives a beautiful legend of distant celestial body, sending the thoughts, but the stars in the real world are completely expected. This series will go out of one year, 10 years, 20 years, 30 years, 50 years later, a batch of batch, generation of writers such as the Yangtze River, running.

Among them, there is a literary superstar that cars and exceeds the former person, is it not necessarily? The years are long, and the Milky Way can.

Looking up at the starry sky, the mind is difficult! (This article "The first" 21st Century Star Book "in 1994 is the preface).


Guangxi: close to the rescue actual combat forging fire troops

Climbing the cross-project competition site. Guangxi Fire Rescue Corps is awarded by Liuzhou 上海各区gm资源汇总推荐 November 12 (Wu Mingjiang) November 11th, the 5-day Guangxi Fire Rescue Corps 2021 full staff training "Zhuang Eagle" competition in Liuzhou fire training Base is closed.

The competition is one of the four competitions of the 6th Staff Job Skills Competition of Guangxi District. There are more than 300 players from 14 supporting systems of Guangxi fire rescue systems to participate, and the competition is divided into full-headed headquarters members. Single post skills than two types of rescue station, set a total of the theoretical exams, planning to develop 上海闵行598水磨店 assessment, physical project assessment and post skill competition and other subjects.

The competition is novel, the method is scientific, close to the actual fire fighting and rescue operational work, comprehensive inspection of the basic skills 上海周边洗浴按摩 and physical fitness of all positions of the guides, and has strong guiding and practicality.

At the same time, the party committee members of each detachment took the initiative to participate in the competition, played a first-character role, and laid a solid foundation for the effect of truly "everyone adapts to the position, a proficiency business, all the members of the responsibility".