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Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University held a 2021 new school opening ceremony

Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University held a 2021 new school opening ceremony

Southeast Net November 18 (Xinji Chen Peiyuan correspondent Lin Su) On November 17, Quanzhou Vocational and Technology University held a 2021 new student ceremony in the main campus.

At the event, the program of the CCTV national defense military channel "Old Bing Hello" column "Love Painting Winning Ozang – Veteran Wu Jinying Wen Xinxi Liu Zhijun", using video methods to tell everyone the founder, Director Chang Wu Jinying and other two Quanzhou retired veterans love to win the vivid story.

"Don’t give life, everything is possible."

Wu Bin, president of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University, told you to Wu Jinying’s hard work history of the chairman of the school. "Wu Bin encourages new students to learn in the future, when they encounter difficulties, remember that the movie" Changjin Lake ", the tense line" does not believe in there is a task, I don’t believe that there is no difficulty, I don’t believe there. The enemy that can’t be defeated. "

He said that the future of newcomers is full of infinite possibilities, I hope that in the near future, teachers and students can also contribute their own youth in the business entrepreneurship. Ke Huiling, general manager of Jinjiang Wenbao Group, introduced in the opening ceremony. The industrial projects involved in the Wenzhou Vocational College are highly resolved. In the future, both sides will operate in vocational training, professional school operations, preschool education, sports events. Hold, scenic operations, activities, students employment, etc. further docking, give full play to their respective advantages, jointly explore cooperation models, and achieve win-win development. She appealed, Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University Young students can prefer Jinjiang, take the root in Jinjiang, "Love Jinjiang, Future!" It is worth mentioning that the founder of Quanzhou Vocational and Technical University, Chairman Wu Jinying also went to the scene and The guests participating in the ceremony, teachers and students share the original intention of the school, hoping that the new students will maintain physical and mental health, hard work skills, research innovation, master the skills of employment and entrepreneurship, and do "healthy longevity, strong entrepreneurial ability, benefiting society contribution ". That night, the school also held a conducing ceremony, issued award certificate such as innovation and entrepreneurship competition, vocational college skills competition, and organized a literary program performance.

Refuse "Political Traceability" China Bright Attitude and Program

Refuse "Political Traceability" China Bright Attitude and Program

Recently, the WHO Secretary has proposed the so-called second-stage traceability work plan to abandon the authority, scientific conclusions of China – WHO traceability joint research report.

In this regard, not only the Chinese side is not accepted, and the international community also has more politicized politics to new crown viruses. China has consistently adhering to the principle of open, transparent, scientific, and cooperation. It advocates that the next stage of traceability should respect the first phase of research results, adhere to scientists as the main body, oppose the politicalization of traceability, and appeal to the international community to actively launch multi-country traceability investigation and research. .

The media and experts in Russia, South Korea, the Philippines are frequently voiced, called for the development of the corresponding traceability of the United States. China has two invited WHO experts to investigate in the traceability issue. At the same time, China actively submitted the WHO to China’s China Program: Take scientists based on scientists, conduct scientific traceability based on evidence; non-repeated development of traceability research has been carried out, especially for clear Conclusion The work; fully borrowed from the first stage of viral traceability work practice, mechanism and method, promoting the order of traceability, success; the expert group should be based on the first phase of the source research expert, fully respect the professional level of the expert group member, International reputation and practical experience. In addition to opening and transparency, China also actively maintains the scientific and impartiality of virus traceability.

New crown virus traceability is a scientific issue, and can only be studied by scientists to find viral animals and to human communication pathways, thereby better preventing future risks, protecting all human life. Health.

The Chinese government attaches great importance to the scientific research work of virus traceability. As of July 19, 225 papers related to the foreign teams and other foreign teams such as the United States, the United Kingdom, 352 papers published, and the Chinese and American medical research experts also have epidemic. Prevention and control has carried out 6 video exchanges. China actively strengthens scientific research data and information sharing, relying on the National Biological Information Center to establish a global new crown virus information base.

China also advocates investigations in multicast multi-point traceability in the world.

Recently, Professor Dr. Yan Liya, Dr. Yan Li, Professor, Dr. Yu Liya, a Pastel Research Institute, is pointed out that from the perspective of new crown virus traceability, from the overall situation of new crown pneumonia, multiple sources, multi-outbreaks are already obvious objective facts.

The study of "European Epidemiology" shows that new crown viruses have emerged in Europe in November 2019; US CDC research report shows that new crown viruses have emerged in the United States in December 2019; Italy Milan National Cancer Institute Studies have shown that new crown viruses may have spread in Italy in the summer of 2019 … All of them are sufficient, and there are more descriptions of new crown epidemic.

The United States is actuated by the international public opinion speculation "laboratory leakage" and will trace the politicalization of the issue. However, so far, the staff and postgraduate students in the Wuhan Virus Institute do not have a new championship. The Wuhan Virus did not carry out the study of coronavirus gain function, and there is no so-called artificial virus.

According to the resolution 73th World Health Assembly, the next phase of the traceability work will be publicly transparent and should not be dominated by a few countries. Recently, the deputy director of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that when the Chinese side stated that there were no traceability of the virus traceability, China has never refused to carry out traceability cooperation, always support and will continue to participate in scientific traceability.

China is going to implement the relevant recommendations of China-WHO traceability joint research report, actively promoting reports involving subsequent complementary reunification in China. "We oppose political traceability, against the traceability of the resolutions of the WHW General Assembly, against the traceability of China – WHO traceability joint research report, supporting scientific traceability." China-WHO traceability The research report has gone recognized conclusions and recommendations of the international community and scientific community, and must be respectful and implemented by the parties including the WHO Secretariat.

The future global traceability work should only be further carried out on this report, rather than "other stove."

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Strive to go | My family lives in the Yellow River, here is a concentrated heating, natural gas enters the house …

Strive to go | My family lives in the Yellow River, here is a concentrated heating, natural gas enters the house …

The Yang Temple Community after the relocation of November, the reporter came to the Yang Temple community, and a clean and tidy building was reflected in the city, and the old people took the winter warm sun in the square, like a peaceful and peaceful painting.

But before, the Yang Temple community is not what is now seen.

After the Yellow River flows into Dongying, it has entered a long section "narrow alley", encountering flood or Ling Zhen extremely difficult to say.

In September 1971, the State Planning Commission officially approved the construction of Huanghe South exhibition project to fundamentally eliminate the threat of Linghong in the downstream of the Yellow River, guaranteeing the development and construction of life and property of the people along the Huang People. For flood control, it is a large-organizer, and the Kenli Nanzhan District is a storage area, the masses need to move newly built water-saving room.

In 1976, a big relocation of 80 natural villages, 76 brigade 48976 people were launched, including 11 villages that form the current Yang Temple community. In the relocation, the secretary of each village party branch plays a leading geese, the first-year-old, the first, the vast majority of the masses in the exhibition area, Guant, make a huge contribution to flood safety and national construction. With the development of the times, the old house gradually adapt to the growing life demand of the people, so local planning has built a new number of rural communities.

In 2013, the Yangmiao community in total investment billion officially started construction, and 11 villages, 1765 households, 5,306 were concentrated. At the end of 2016, the project was completed, and the Yang Temple ushered in the second big relief.

This time, it is a relocation from the happiness life.

Today, Yang Temple communities have implemented centralized heating, natural gas homes, sewage centralized treatment, supporting public service facilities such as people’s service center, the elderly restaurant, the youth home, divided 6 service management grids, establish a contradiction dispute Refuement the center of adjustment. Feng Jingjing, the fourth network of Yang Temple Community, told reporters that the current fourth grid contains 16 buildings, with a total of 252 households, her job is whether there is a security hidden danger every day, to the old man and the legs and feet are inconvenient. The masses, listen to their needs and talk about the good policies of the party and the country.

Yang Temple Community has always adhered to the party construction as a leading, established a community party support, and the original 11 villages resettled. The respective characteristics are all characterized. While working on various affairs of the community, they will overtield industrial development, community governance, resident services. Work.

Among them, for the people’s service center, the civil service station, grid center, and community party total support, the masses can handle relevant business, enjoy convenience services.

In order to enable the old age life of the community to enjoy healthy and happy, the Yangmiao community has also built a senior restaurant and the elderly activities, mainly for the 60-year-old elderly.

"Most of their children are in the city, no one cares at home during the day.

The elderly restaurant and the old age activity center solve the worries of their children.

Our recipes are developed in Week, taking into account the health of the elderly, equilibrium, rich nutrient, all the dishes are less oil.

Zhang Mai Rong, the Secretary of the Temple Community Party Community, said that here, "the old, the old, the old," is not an empty talk.

Shanxi Culture Travel Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips

Shanxi Culture Travel Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips

  Original title: New Year [warm place in the side] Wenxian trip Department released the Spring Festival holiday travel tips Chinese New Year approaching, getting stronger in flavor, epidemic prevention and control can not be ignored.

To protect the tourists enjoy a safe, healthy, civilized and peaceful Spring Festival, February 1, Sheng Wen Brigade Department released 2021 Spring Festival holiday travel tips.

  Jin leave non-essential, non-essential not to leave.

Advocate-place New Year, Chinese New Year small family home, online get-together, network New Year, the nearest feelings Shanxi Traditional Folk Culture, reduce unnecessary travel.

Non-essential not arrange overseas travel, do not go to high-risk areas, to reduce staff travel during the holiday season and liquidity risk.

  Spare protection, health travel. Before traveling, pay close attention to the risk of epidemic disease prevention and control department released information across, good self-protection, adhere to wear masks, wash hands, wash disinfection; when the tour, and consciously maintain a safe distance from other tourists, to develop "one meter line" good habits ; at dinner, opened the spacing of tables and chairs, Gongbiao use chopsticks; discomfort, high body temperature or other abnormal situations during travel, immediately suspended tourism activities, contact the nearest medical institution, and report to the district epidemic prevention departments. Avoid crowding together, travel peak load shifting.

Before traveling, to understand the latest destination epidemic prevention and control policies and return policies through authoritative sources, open inquiry scenic spots, limiting measures, in particular to understand the ticket reservation, discount tickets, tours and other sub-period policy. Rational consumption, to avoid the trap of low-cost travel. When Offered tourism, travel agencies select qualified; not rely on the streets, railway stations and other places of movement of persons distribute small ads, small card, so as not to fall into the trap of low-cost travel. Strengthen prevention, safe travel. When entering the scenic spots, hotels, museums, cultural relics protection units and other places, to strictly abide by safety regulations forest fire prevention, fire protection, security and so on.

When involved in high-risk projects, according to their own health status and capabilities, and obey safety scenic tour guides and staff reminder. Comply with the order, civilized travel.

Consciously abide by tourist destinations and along the high-speed, airports, railway stations, catering, accommodation, shopping and attractions epidemic prevention and control system, and accept measuring body temperature, check the health code, sub-demand timing streams.

Hygiene, denial game, implementation of the "CD action" to eliminate "wasted tongue" consciously reduce the use of disposable items.

  Properly respond to emergencies, according to the law rational rights.

Once the brigade involved in emergency occurs, be calm, self-help and mutual aid and actively take measures to quickly evacuate dangerous areas, for police assistance if necessary. In case of road travel service quality disputes, tours can dial phone. (Reporter Zhang Ting).

Rich Dragon Secret 1949 The People’s Liberation Army north will enter the city, the original North Ping City door has 10 keys! | Red Imprint Episode 56

Rich Dragon Secret 1949 The People’s Liberation Army north will enter the city, the original North Ping City door has 10 keys! | Red Imprint Episode 56

Burning a hundred years of memory with the sound, I am a revolutionary cultural relics telling people, actors rich dragons.

The cultural relics I want to tell are closely related to the history of Beijing City. They are the peaceful liberation of Beiping in January 1949, and the Kuomintang defended the city gate key to the people’s liberation army, existing in the Chinese People’s Revolutionary Military Museum. This kind of key is open, not only the city gate of Beiping, a new chapter in Chinese history.

Beiping opens the door during the day, and the door is locked at night.

The key of the door of this city, in fact, and now the door keys of households are almost.

There are 10 keys, some are Western-style keys, and there is a small wooden sign in every one, the wooden sign is written in the name and label of the city gate, including west straight, Fuxingmen, Fucheng door, etc. Chinese, no wooden sign. So how do these keys have been in the hands of the PLA … In the second half of 1948, the Chinese people’s liberation war has entered the final stage.

Liberation Beiping is the last step of the Battle of Pingjin, but it is the earliest start decision and deployment throughout the combat plan. Shu Jian, a history of the National Defense University, said that the year’s dialogue: Shu Jian: Attacking Tianjin, the Kuomintang’s Northern Northern Congress, the deputy commander called Deng Baoshan, he has a negotiation with our liberation army. Deng Baoshan said that you can play Tianjin, I am afraid that I can’t get it in 30 days; Nie Rongzhen can’t fight for half a year in 30 days, and I can’t fight for a year in half a year, I have to play you down.

But after you really play, twenty-nine hours, it’s a day, just hit it, and liberated Tianjin. Beita became a Lone City, Haidian, Qinglong Bridge, Xiangshan and other places, have been occupied by the People’s Liberation Army.

In order for this millennium ancient city from the gunfire, the Central Military Commission decided to take a peaceful manner by negotiating.

While hundreds of thousands of people’s liberation army soldiers in the city, one side is the patience of the Beiping Underground Party and the Kaigui people. The commander of North China "Corporation" commander finally selected uprising, and the Kuomintang forces were all withdrawn to the city, and he accepted the China People’s Liberation Army. Adaptation.

On January 31, the Liberation Army came into the city from Xizhimen, Deshengmen and Fuxingmen.

Sichuan Province launched flood control four emergency response

Sichuan Province launched flood control four emergency response

  ● It is expected that the Lijiang River and the Lijiang Dish flow will have a significant increase in water process, the dry flow is superior to the water level, some of the medium and small rivers will happen to the flood of the water. The river will occur close or more than the warning water level flood on September 13 to 14 days during the day, and there is heavy rain to heavy rain in the western Sichuan Basin.

Sichuan Meteorological Observatory continued to release heavy rain blue warning on September 14: 20 o’clock on the 14th to 20:00, Mianyang, Deyang, Chengdu, Meishan 4 City, most and Ziyang, Neijiang, Zigong, Yibin, Guangyuan 5 City West In the eastern part of Ya’an, some places in the north of Leshan have heavy rains, local heavy rain. Considering the current rainfall, murder and change trend, in accordance with the "Sichuan Flood Control and Drought Resistance Control Plan" The relevant market (state) flood control and drought relief headquarters shall be a good job in flood prevention and security.

  The reporter learned from the provincial flood control and mitigation work dispatching meeting, which was held on the afternoon of September 14, which is affected by this round of rainfall. It is expected that the Lijiang River and the Lijiang Dish will have a significant water supply process, the dry flow ultraphon is small, some small rivers There will be an over-alert water level flood; the Minjiang River, Tsing Yijiang and Jialing River will have a slight increase in water, of which the medium and small rivers in the Jialing River will take close or exceed the waters of the warning water. The relevant person in charge of the Provincial Water Resources Reminder that this strong rain is mainly concentrated in the northwest of the basin, the southwest, the central, southern southern part, due to the intensive rainstorm, some regional soil is saturated, the small and medium-sized reservoir and the small and medium-sized river are high. The defense of autumn in autumn is grim, and it cannot be removed lightly. According to the meteorological department, on September 15th to 16 days during the day, Guangyuan, Nanchong, Suining 3 City and Bazhong, Dazhou, Guang’an, Mianyang, Deyang, Ziyang 6 people have heavy rains, local heavy rain.

On the evening of the 16th to the 17th, Bazhong, Dazhou, Nanchong, Guang’an 4 cities have big to rainstorm, local heavy rain; Panxi area is small to medium rain, local heavy rain. On the 19th, most places in the basin have heavy rain, the northeastern, central, southern China has heavy rain, individual heavy rain; there are shots or thunderstorms in Panxi area, and the rain is generally small to medium rain, local heavy rain. (Reporter Shao Mingliang) [Responsible Editor: Xu Meida].

Roiled American fabricated facts to fight the opponent crime: "White Helmet" organized fake pendulum as a tiger

Roiled American fabricated facts to fight the opponent crime: "White Helmet" organized fake pendulum as a tiger

Manga: Lu Lingxing (People’s Network copyright picture, unauthorized, please do not reprint.) "White Helmet" is the Syrian folk defense organization, because its members often wear a white helmet in rescue activities, and is called "white "The helmet", the organization has repeatedly displaced the Syrian government with video fake.

A number of US media disclosed that the United States is an important supporter of the organization.

In November 2016, NGOs "White Helmet" admitted that the organizational staff from previously released in Syrian Aleppo wounded as a shot, and delivered an apology statement.

In September 2018, the Russian Ministry of National Defense issued a statement that the Syrian anti-government armed staff once again staged the fake play of "martial arts".

In 2018, as the Syrian government troops recovered more and more territories, the United States had negotiated with allies to help "white helmets" withdraw from Syria.

In 2019, the US President Trump is the public ordered to provide $ 4.5 million assistance to the organization. Fake, pending, playing, the United States directly commands this after the scene. However, it is not a class of books, and the performance is poor, and the horse feet are exposed. The so-called non-government civil defense organization is actually a group of American servants who fight the humanitarian flag. The United States attempts to interfere with his national government through funding non-governmental organizations, and its hegemonyism is really clear. Some information Source: Xinhuanet.

Qingtongxia Reservoir Area Wetland: Swan Youth Dance

Qingtongxia Reservoir Area Wetland: Swan Youth Dance

People’s Network Yinchuan February 25 (tolerant, Liang Hongxin) After the rain and water, everything began to sprout.Nearly 100 white swans play on the open lake in the wetland Nature Reserve in Ningxia, Ningxia.

According to the Monitoring and Construction Management Bureau of the Qingtongxia Reservoir Area, last winter, to this spring, the white swan has been active in the bronze gorge reservoir area, and chooses the winter of the bird island.

In recent years, with the improvement of the ecological environment and the continuous increase in wild animal protection awareness, the number of swings in winter is increasing year by year.The wetlands of the Qingtongxia Reservoir area provide a rich food source and a unique habitat.At present, the protected area has found 187 birds, including 9 kinds of national-level protected birds, Chinese autumn sand ducks, gold carvings, jade sea carvings, etc., the national second-level protected birds have a white tonna,鸯, big swan, small swan and other 34 species.

Stick to the holiday post to show the most beautiful style

Stick to the holiday post to show the most beautiful style

Original title: Stick to the holiday position to show the most beautiful style "May 1" holiday, in the major project site, in the rural resulted first line, in the field of public service, the majority of workers stick to the festival, silently dedication, show the most beautiful style, constantly write new era The song of the laborer. Accelerated major project construction at 11:23, the Long March 5 B launched Rockets held the sky and the core cabin and opened the sky and opened the Chinese space station’s curtain; serving as the day and core cabin launch task "01 "The commander is Liao Guorui. For this day, Liao Guorui and colleagues have been fighting for 89 days.

"May 1" holiday, Liao Guorui put into new work.

  On May 1st, Beijing Huairi Science City, Beijing Chengjian Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. Project Manager Liu Xin Gang came to the project at the same time as usual; national major science and technology infrastructure project – Space Environmental Foundation Comprehensive Monitoring Network has entered indoor finishing and exterior wall construction stage. As the construction party, Liu Xinang and 140 workers are robbing the work period … 6:30 in the morning, Guizhou Shenshan, Long Wei got a hurry to finish breakfast, and colleagues opened the engineering car, rush to the construction site; in order to protect the flood season, From April 19th to May 3, the Southern Power Grid conducts a power outage maintenance operation in the whole line.

Temporary, the maintenance is large, Guizhou Sending Transformation Company puts 360 test team members to participate in this task. Drive the income of the masses to get rich "Yangko team, start!" Wearing a jacket, waist pinhoning, Heilongjiang Shuangyashan City, Shuangyashan City, Shuangyashan City, Xili Township Xiaodanhe Village, Cool Chrysanthemum The sixth "May 1" holiday spent in the work in the village.

  In the rice fields of Jiuyi, Jiuxi, Jijiang City, Fujian Province, Hong Laibin, the project leader Hong Laibin, is busy; through the introduction of technology and self-exploration, Hong Liangbin has developed a set of efficient and low medicines, and planting special plants. Combine the tourism industry to drive rural economic development. Decheng Chinese herbal medicine planting professional cooperatives in Wanyu Village, Dongjin Town, Guigang City, Guigang City, Guigang City, Guangxi Province, fully automated dust-free fleece equipment is working. "Country revitalization, focus is to have industrial support." The person in charge of the cooperative, introduced that the quality of the boutique, thunder moxibustion, etc. Income.

  In order to be safe and healthy "mountains, the people must be in place, and the people must be patrolled, and the problems will be reported immediately!" At 8:30 on May 1st, 220 kV Danjia line "three cross" (cross railway, cross-high speed, " Cross-Import Transportation Channel) Site, Jilin Electric Power Co., Ltd. Yanbian Power Supply Company Transmission and Transportation Inspection Music Yuan Shoubin strengthens the road inspection through the call … Shanghai Yangshan Port, every day, 10,000 container trucks across the energetic bridge of kilometers, Retrieve the goods. On May 1st, Zhang Peng, the opening meeting in the morning, the Shanghai Public Security Bureau Border Defense and Hong Kong Airlines Branch, Xiao Peng, director of the Public Security Police Station, first use the video inspection of the vehicle. "This bridge is the lifeline of port logistics, traffic safety is not half-slop." On May 1st, from 9:00 am, it entered the operating room until 1:30 at noon, Chen Liang hurriedly licked a lunch, drink a few mouthfuls. Hot water; Chen Liang is the Director of the Thoracic Surgery of the People’s Hospital of Jiangsu Province, today has 6 surgery waiting for him.

  At 12:30 on May 1, Liu Zhifang, director of the Department of President of Taiyuan College, and Liu Zhifang, director of the Ninth People’s Hospital of Taiyuan, is guiding students to vaccinate; from March to now, the hospital undertakes a lot of mobile inoculation points, Liu Zhifang and colleagues often do ten days. (Our reporter Wang Hao, Hao Yingcan, Cheng Huan, Zhang Yi opened, Liu Xiaoyu, Zhang Yunhe, Ju Yunpeng, Yao Shuqing, Fu Ming Li, Wang Xinyue, this newspaper correspondent Xu Binrui) (Editor: Li Zhongshou, Zhao Yi).

Qin Gang, a ambassador to the United States: Make the Consulate Always stay around China

Qin Gang, a ambassador to the United States: Make the Consulate Always stay around China

  Xinhua News Agency, Washington, November 10th China Ambassador Qin Gang, the United States, has visited Columbia University and New York University, meets two school leaders and visits Chinese students and Shanghai New York University International Student Representative.

When Qin Gang met with China’s international students, the Chinese resident in the United States has always been around for students.

  Qin Gang met with Columbia University President Bolinge, Columbia University and China’s friendship originated far, in recent years, in recent years, there have been extensive cooperation with Chinese universities. I hope that Columbia University will continue to strengthen exchanges in China, support Chinese teaching, protect Chinese students, scholars’ health and safety, to the American society to explain the essence of mutual benefit and win – win.

The Harbor of China will continue to support the mutual truth of Sino-US universities and enhance the friendship between the two peoples. Bolinge said that Colombian University attaches great importance to China, welcomes Chinese students, and Chinese students account for half of the total number of students in the school. Columbia University is committed to cultivating talents in contemporary China, is willing to strengthen cooperation with Chinese universities in the fields of climate change, looking forward to playing more active roles in Sino-US relations. When Qin Gang met Hamilton, the New York University, Hamilton, pointed out that the establishment of Shanghai New York University is a landmark results of New York University to exchange cooperation in China, and is also an example of China’s continuous expansion of education.

Shanghai New York University presents a good development momentum, and has played a positive role in enhancing Sino-US friendship.

China will continue to work with New York University to promote Shanghai New York University.

  Hamilton said that in the past two years, New York University is watching the help of Chinese partners, and strives to minimize new crown epidemic on the students, which proves the importance of unity and unity in the difficult period.

Next year is the 10th anniversary of the construction of the University of New York, New York University will maintain and strengthen communication cooperation with China, contribute to the health and stability of the United States.

  When Qin Gang said in the two school students, the motherland said that the motherland worried about every in the US student. I hope the students will be healthy and safe, learn from the people of China and the United States. The Chinese station has always been around the students and will try our best to protect everyone’s health, safety and justice. Qin Gang also exchanged with international students to communicate with their concern. When Shanghai New York University, international students said in exchange with Qin Gang, I look forward to embarking on Chinese land, understanding real China and the Chinese people. Qin Gang said, unfortunately, the new crown epidemic has led these international students to learn from the time of China, and the Chinese station has been working hard to solve this problem. Given the current number of criminal activities for Asian and Chinese in the United States, Qin Gang urged the two schools to pay attention to the safety issues of China’s international students, and reminded China’s international students to improve their awareness.

(Editor: Dai Xiaoyu, Jiang Jie).